HAWRR Chapter 137

Chapter 137 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (22)

“Keyi jie.” Ming Shujia took the initiative to come and greet Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin indifferently smiled at her.

Ming Shujia pretended to caress the hair on her right cheek. In the middle of that action, an exquisite ladies’ watch was revealed. It was a limited edition of a women’s wristwatch that was worth seven figures.

Gu Shengyin complied with her intentions. Her gaze paused on the wristwatch. 

Sure enough, Ming Shujia laughed very happily: “Keyi jie also saw this watch?”

Gu Shengyin exposed a perfect smile: “When I did not switch over to the film industry yet, I was a global spokesperson. Now, I still have a lot of custom-made items at home.”

Ming Shujia’s face turned ugly. Originally, she intended to show off, but she did not expect to be hit in the face instead.

“I still have a matter to attend to. Keyi jie will walk first.” Since she provoked her embarrassingly, of course she would not want to stay here.

Chen Rong’s mouth deflated with disdain: “This Ming Shujia still had not established a foothold, yet was so impatient to show off. It is difficult to become a big tool (難成大器).”

Gu Shengyin did not agree. Ming Shujia was not like this in the original story. Perhaps it was because she experienced too many blows, so she could not wait to prove herself.

“Let’s go.”

Ming Shujia went out and happened to see Yu Siyang waiting for her.

Yu Siyang was a well-known playboy in the entertainment circle. As a Shaodong of Star Entertainment, at least half of Star Entertainment’s female artists had a scandal with him.

Of course, he was quite a gentleman and paid particular attention to their feelings and wishes. If they really did not want to, he never forced them.

“Siyang.” Ming Shujia sweetly called out.

The other person did not embrace her like usual.

“Siyang, what’s wrong?” Ming Shujia was somewhat puzzled.

“You went to find Ruan Keyi today?” Yu Siyang looked at her, his expression somewhat unmeasurable.

He was undoubtedly very handsome. He had that type of sharp handsomeness. When he laughed, he would have an atmosphere that girls are attracted to.

But, at this moment, his profound face was somewhat scary.

Ming Shujia revealed a sweet smile: “Previously, I received the care of Keyi jie when we filmed together, so I went to greet her, that’s all.”

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Yu Siyang sneered: “Ming Shujia, those little tricks of yours, don’t show it in front of me. She, Ruan Keyi, is who? Even when I am facing her, I must be polite. You are a woman relying on my capacity at Star Entertainment to have a footing. What qualifications do you have to show off in front of her?”

“I warn you. Regardless of how you want to play, I don’t care. But remember, don’t take hold of an idea and calculate her!”

Ming Shujia’s complexion turned pale. After half a day1, she unsightly smiled: “I know.”

Yu Siyang saw her like this, lowered his head and smiled.

“That’s right. If you are obedient, I will naturally give you what you want.”

Ming Shujia cleverly stooped into his arms, hiding her eyes filled with resentment in his bosom.

The next day, Gu Shengyin had nothing to do. She directly turned off the alarm clock and went to back to sleep, not knowing what to do this evening.

Until a doorbell woke her up.

“Who?” She did not tidy herself up, knowing that there were a few people who lived in this apartment.

The door opened, revealing the handsome face of Ludwig.

Ludwig looked at the woman, whose hair was in a disorderly manner and had a drowsy-eyed appearance, and felt that she was adorable.

“What’s up?” Gu Shengyin and conveniently gave Ludwig a glass of water.

“I’m leaving the country.” Ludwig held the glass of water and looked at her.

Translator’s Corner:

Yu Siyang is not stupid, thank god.

1. an expression expressing that a long time had passed

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  1. What I think will happen: “okay, take care!” And pushes him of her room and goes back to sleep.

    … She’s somewhat became a bit sadistic? What happened to her, did the scheme (fatal bloodletting to cure female lead) in the previous world traumatized her? She no longer prioritized lotus hubby and bent on making female lead suffer… I’m not sure which I prefer, the fluffy moment with lotus hubby or the action-packed direction against female lead…

    Thanks for the chapter!

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    1. I prefer both but if you ask me which one I would want first then it would be to make the female protagonist suffer first then have snu snu with hubby so that way she won’t become too independent on hubby like XunMi

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  2. Thanks for the new chapter!
    Ming Shujia’s complexion turned pale. After half a day, she unsightly smiled: “I know.”
    half a day?


  3. Thank gosh no mindless slave for btchy FL, instead she’s the one who’s getting played.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Is ML trying to say “come with me, my wifey. Let us elope (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)~♡”?

    Pfft, so cute! (*≧艸≦)

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  4. For “something” when Keyi is talking to Ludwig, you should write “what’s up” instead because the Chinese word is closely retaliated and is translated to something by machine translating


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