Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 4

As they entered the antique store, Chrome had just finished touching the last bunch of antiques. He managed to find several more antiques that contained world essence and allowed Altyria to absorb them.

Although Altyria did not wake up, Chrome felt her move every once in a while. She would flick her ears, scrunch her nose, or paw his chest.

“Boss, did you find anything g—-?” Dylan asked while glancing around but was interrupted.

“Ah! I just saw Altyria move her ears!” Yilan screamed out loud.

Dylan looked over and stared at Altyria’s ears, but he did not see them move.

He asked skeptically, “Are you sure…?”

“I swear I saw them move. If I lie I will burn a can of my most precious tea leaves.” Yilan said confidently.

Chrome gazed down at his little soulmate wrapped in a cloth. He gently rubbed her ears and said, “There were some antiques that contained world essence. Alti was able to absorb them and that increased her recovery.”

“So, that means Sister is able to move now?” Dylan raised an eyebrow.

“We should find more antique shops, so Altyria could wake up sooner!” Yilan said excitedly as she walked out of the store.

Chrome did not say anything, but he followed Yilan out of the store. Dylan, who was left behind and forgotten, stood there for a couple seconds before kicking a chair and stepping out of the door.

At this time, the sun had already risen, indicating that it was about 8-9 in the morning. By now, everyone was already awake and noticed the changes in their surroundings. They noticed the silence and the horrible smell. However, people were still holed up in their apartment, not daring to take a step outside.

They could see zombies walking around from their windows. They had heard screams and cries for help. They had heard those monsters roaring and ripping the flesh of a person.

Many people tried calling the police, but the phone call could not connect. They tried calling friends and family. No matter whom they tried to call, the phone call never connected. However, there was one thing that kept them connected with the world. That was the internet. Strangely enough, everything stopped working, yet the internet was still fine.

[What’s going on? I’m seeing monsters outside my bedroom window!]

[Early this morning, I heard screams from my neighbor’s room! I was too scared to take a step out of my bed!]

[Does anyone’s phone work?]

[To the few upstairs, don’t you guys read novels? This is exactly like a zombie apocalypse!]

[Upstairs, I think you’re right!]

[I think you’re right! +1]

[I think you’re right! +2]

[I think you’re right! +3]

[Hey guys, you should check out the new post on the home page!]

[Hello, everyone! As you can see, there are monsters roaming around the streets that are similar to zombies in novels. The cause of this is unknown, but I know that everyone should prepare food and water. These two things are the most important for survival.

Phones are useless now since we can’t make any calls. However, the internet still works, and we are not isolated from other people in different cities.

I do not know why only the internet still works or what is happening to the world. I do not know when the police or military people will come and help, but I know that we should keep ourselves safe until help arrives.

As I mentioned before, food and water are essential to staying alive. Eat and drink wisely. Keep your doors and windows tightly shut. If you run out of food and water, you have no choice but to venture out of your house and search for food.

Many of our families, friends, and neighbors may have turned into zombies overnight. Unfortunately, there is nothing we could do to stop people from turning into zombies. Try to avoid contact with the zombies. Early this morning, I had seen one of my neighbors who came over to my house slowly turn into a zombie after being scratched by a zombie. We had been talking in my study room when he fell to the ground screaming in pain. He told me he was scratched by a zombie before he came to my house, so I had a hunch about what was going on. Luckily, I had already closed and locked my door before it managed to get outside.

I have already left my house about two hours ago. I brought all the food and water I could with me, along with my bat to use it to defend against those zombies. I was almost bitten by zombies a couple of times until I found their weak point: their head. From what I found out, beating their head would kill them. Also, they are attracted to noise, so keep as quiet as possible in order to not attract them to you.

I hope these tips would help people survive until help comes. If I ever discover anything new, I’ll make a new post! May we all survive this apocalyptic world.]

[Landlord, you went outside?!]

[Thanks for the tips. I don’t think I want to go outside though!]

[I live in the school dorms! I don’t know how many people are still left]

[I saw my parents turn into zombies. They tried to eat me!]

[There is a zombie outside my door. I can’t get out searching food.]

[I hope someone will come save us soon]

[I hope someone will come save us soon +1]

[I hope someone will come save us soon +2]

[I hope someone will come save us soon +3]

[I hope someone will come save us soon +4]


[I hope someone will come save us soon +10495]

Everything happening on the internet was not known to Chrome and his team. They were busy going to one store after another.

Going down the street, they stopped by a jewelry store. They took all the jewels inside the store and placed them in their space storage to sell them in the system mall for solstice coins later. The jade jewelries were first given to Altyria to absorb the world essence from them before they were put away.

The next store that they stopped by was a Chinese medicinal herb shop. Many of the herbs were ruined by the red rain that dripped through the ceiling of the storage room, but there were still some herbs that could be used.

Yilan rummaged through several boxes in the storage room.

“OMG, Boss! Look what I found!” Yilan carried a wooden box in her hands.

She carefully placed it on a table and opened it. Inside, there was a red ginseng that appeared to be at least 100 years old. Yilan ran back inside the storage and brought out several more wooden boxes. Inside those, there were three 100 year old ginsengs and five 50 year old ginsengs.

Chrome touched those ginsengs and felt the world essence from them.

“If I use these with some other herbs to make medicine, Altyria might be able to wake up.” Yilan said with a smile.

“Really?” Chrome asked. His face was expressionless, but the eagerness in his eyes was not concealed.

“I would need to take Altyria’s pulse first before prescribing medicine. I can’t do it when she’s in Lylin form though. I am not in healing spiritual beasts.” Yilan said as she closed the boxes of ginsengs and placed them in her space storage.

“We’ll do it at night in the RV.” Chrome said after thinking for a moment. Although he was very eager to wake up Altyria, they can’t set aside some time today because it’s the first day of the apocalypse. There was so many areas that they needed to stop by.

Dylan knocked on the door and came into the room. “Boss, I’ve already looked around. We pretty much got everything that was not ruined by the red rain.”

Chrome nodded, “Let’s head to the last store. It should be an antique store.”

They quickly walked to the antique store. There were several zombies nearby that had heard Yilan screaming earlier and were walking towards them. Chrome did not want to waste any more time and swiftly swung his sword. Several zombies were beheaded on the spot. The remaining 5 were hit by Yilan’s silver needles and Dyan’s lightning bolts.

“Boss is so OP at the beginning of the apocalypse.” Dylan said with wide eyes.

Yilan simply shrugged, “Boss is supposed to be stronger than us, but we shouldn’t always rely on the Boss. If we were stronger, then last time’s incident…”

Yilan did not need to say any more. Dylan had understood what Yilan meant. The twins had only traveled to 4 worlds, this world being their 5th one. Compared to Chrome, who had traveled to at least 9 worlds, they were really weak and dragged their Boss’ legs. Without them, Chrome would not have to deal with world restrictions and continue onto higher ranked worlds. He might have already reached that place and not have to travel to many worlds doing tasks anymore.

Dylan quietly sighed and glanced at his Boss.

After walking for five minutes, they arrived at the last store on this street. Just before entering, Chrome turned around and said, “Dylan, take out the RV and set it up. Yilan, help me see if there are any antiques hidden.”

“Got it.” Dylan nodded.

After Yilan followed Chrome inside, Dylan opened the team storage and pressed the RV icon.


<Would you like to use Anfalen’s RV?>

<Yes>     <No>

Dylan pressed the ‘yes’ button and the RV appeared in front of him. Luckily, no one was around to see an RV appear out of nowhere.

Anfalen’s RV was a very ‘fancy’ looking RV. Its exterior design made the RV look like it was something that came out of a sci-fi movie.

Dylan had black lines on his head.

Dylan: How the hell did an elf modify a normal RV into this?

Dylan opened up the control system for the RV. After searching through the options, he changed the exterior of the RV to make it look more ‘normal’ for this world’s era. This world only had high-tech laptops, but not cars, not to mention an RV.

After changing the RV’s exterior, the RV was now white-colored and some black stripes. The fancy ‘wheels’ were replaced with regular wheels. The fancy windows were gone; the huge front circular windows were replaced with square ones. Now it simply looked like an expensive RV that was used to travel.

After changing the RV’s appearance, he looked through the other options.

RV Control System

  1. Navigation
  2. Temperature Control
  3. RV Layout
  4. Customization
  5. Storage
  6. Upgrade

Dylan carefully read the instructions for all five options.

In the Navigation option, there was an auto-drive button and a map. To use the auto-drive function, all he had to do was to select a destination on the map. Auto-drive could be turned off at any time. Currently on the map, he could see a blinking green dot, which indicated the RV’s location.

Temperature Control was basically controlling the temperature inside the RV. The setting for heating up water was also in this option. Dylan set the temperature a bit cooler since it was during summer.

RV Layout was the option of changing the form of the RV. Currently, the RV could only expand half a meter on the sides for more space.

Customization was the option to design the exterior and interior of the RV. This was how Dylan had changed the exterior design of the RV, but Dylan left the inside the same. He was going to let Boss decide whether to change the design or leave it as it is.

Storage was similar to their space storage; however, it only had a space of 1 cubic meter at the moment. Items would not rot and would maintain the same temperature as it was before it was placed inside.

The final option was Upgrade. This was where the RV could be upgraded. Dylan read the requirements for the first upgrade.

Upgrade 1

  1. Low-leveled herbs (10/10)
  2. Beast skins (50/50)
  3. Spiritual bones (25/25)
  4. Energy stones of any type (0/35)

Energy stones? Dylan scratched his head. They collected most of the items that were needed, but he wasn’t sure what the energy stones that the RV needed to upgrade were.

Dylan shrugged. He would let Boss do the thinking.

After checking through everything, just as Dylan was about to walk towards the antique shop to see if Chrome and Yilan were done, he saw them walk out of the store. He quickly rubbed his eyes. He saw a little white, furry head peeking around in Boss’ arms. The gentleness and love was spilling out of Chrome’s eyes as he looked at the little bundle of white in his arms. Yilan had a big smile on her face as she followed behind.

“Sister?” Dylan’s eyes widened.

[Oh! Dylan did you finish setting up the RV?] Altyria’s voice sounded in Dylan’s mind.

“Oh…Ah…Yeah, I just finished.” Dylan pinched his leg and felt pain. He was not dreaming. He laughed brightly, “Morning, Sister!”

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