HAWRR Chapter 136

Chapter 136 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (21)

When Gu Shengyin saw Ming Shujia again, she was evidently shocked.

The Ming Shujia before her eyes had a pale complexion, and her makeup could not conceal her haggard expression.

Apparently, she had not been very comfortable during these past two days.

Moreover, if she was ultimately replaced after paying a high price to obtain this role, how could Gu Shengyin not understand her feelings.

“Truly pathetic.” Gu Shengyin lamented.

The system gave birth to the feeling of crisis. Just as it was about to remind the host not to be deceived by Ming Shujia’s appearance, it heard Gu Shengyin continue saying the next sentence.

“I really wanted to see her have an even more pathetic appearance.” Gu Shengyin clicked her tongue ruefully.

System: …

These past two days, Ming Shujia worked very hard and also spent a lot of effort. However…This was not useful.

“Cut!” Director Li wrinkled his brows and shouted.

He said to Ming Shujia: “Two days ago, I have already explained clearly. You can go. Don’t come tomorrow.”

Ming Shujia’s face was deathly pale. She almost cried requesting Director Li to give her another chance.

However, Director Li obviously saw this scene many times before and was not the least bit moved. He merely called people at the scene to take her away.

No one opened their mouth to plead for her.

Ming Shujia looked at each person on the site. There would always be a day where such a thing will happen. These people will kneel at the soles of her feet, crying and begging like she did today.

If Gu Shengyin knew what she thought, she would definitely ask: “In the end, where did your confidence come from?”

Ming Shujia’s role was finally received by an actress whose reputation was not bad and had solid acting skills. Contrariwise, there was no more slip-ups, causing Director Li’s expression to relax.

In the following days, Gu Shengyin had been running to both studios every day. Besides Ludwig, who persevered unremittingly, harassing her daily by phone call, she was practically too busy to communicate with other people during this period.

Until the film was finished.

“It’s finally over!” Xu Ruyun, from the same crew, said in a relaxed tone.

Everyone was emotionally touched. 《Divinity》, this film, involved a lot battle scenes. All the actors and actresses wanted to hang Wei Ya (author of Divinity), not to mention all kinds of scenes in the water and not too many on land.

Director Li also exposed a smile.

“Tomorrow, I will treat everyone at Yuntian Hotel!”


“Director Li is so generous!”

On the evening of the next day, the whole crew came to Yuntian Hotel.


“Prays that the office box has a huge sale!”

The ones who drank were picked up by their respective managers.

After getting some good sleep for several days, Gu Shengyin, once again, felt that she was finally alive.

Of course, it was mainly because she was shocked by a news.

Breaking news! Star Entertainment’s Shaodong has a new love!

Star Entertainment’s Shaodong Yu Siyang has new love, Ming Shujia had two or three past affairs!

Gu Shengyin read comments and posted her own comments on it: “Ming Shujia, this woman, is really a force that can’t be killed. Her past broke out like this and was still able to climb Star Entertainment’s Shaodong.

Whether Yu Siyang did not care about her past or Ming Shujia letting Yu Siyang believe that the news was false, it all proved that this woman’s means were extraordinary.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranqil library dot com.

Sure enough, the next day, Ruan Keyi saw Ming Shujia in the company.

Compared to a few days before, Ming Shujia’s overall temperament became different.

Gu Shengyin’s eyes swept over her. Her whole body had brand names, the makeup on her face was exquisite and appropriate to the occasion. Where did she look wan and sallow like before? 

Translator’s Corner:

What do you guys think happened? 😮

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10 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 136”

  1. How hilarious and stupid that she thinks that she is a big and great person just because she climbed over others using her body (sexually). She certainly does not know shame. Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. Oh! Money is on aphrodisiacs and a “I’ve got your baby” line. Thus she crowbar-ed her way into the spotlight! Yup,. Totally going for that line of thought.

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  3. If her temperament really did change, maybe there is another reincarnation/transmigration/timetravel involved?
    I mean, she could be just acting, but I woudn’t discount the possibility (however unlikely) just yet.
    We’ll probably see in the next chapter.
    Thank you for translating another wonderful chapter!

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