HAWRR Chapter 135

Chapter 135 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (20)

The next day, speculations of Film Queen Ruan Keyi and supermodel Ludwig dating made the headlines.

However, neither side had clarified this speculation, and the media also did not block people.

“Host, when are you going to accept Ludwig’s pursuit?” The system asked curiously.

Gu Shengyin, who was applying nail polish, glanced at the system and said: “This thing, look at my mood.”

The system did not understand. Obviously, the host liked her lover. Why did she not be with him after knowing the identity of the other person?

Gu Shengyin did not want to explain what was called “ào(proud) jiāo(lovable)” to her system at all.

“You are the treasure that has been passed down in my God race. You should know that the Star Compass is related to my God race. If it falls to the hands of others, there will be serious consequences!” Queen Shen Yin’s face was frosty cold. Her hand ruthlessly slapped on top of the table as she stood up, and strictly stared at the Star Compass spirit standing in front of her.

This was the scene where the Star Compass spirit prepared to secretly sneak out of the God race’s forbidden grounds and go play, but was discovered by Queen Shen Yin, who became furious.

Ming Shujia knew that she should refute, but under Gu Shengyin’s raging momentum, she could not speak.


Director Li did not show a good look towards Ming Shujia. Just a moment ago, whether it was Gu Shengyin’s anger, facial expressions, or body gestures, it was quite in place. He could not help but cheer. Where did he know that Ming Shujia would unexpectedly cause the card to drop(stop filming).

Anyone would feel very angry.


“You are the treasure that has been passed down in my God race. You should know that the Star Compass is related to my God race. If it falls to the hands of others, there will be serious consequences!”

“I…I…” Ming Shujia felt so anxious that she could cry, but she really was unable to speak.

This time, she did not wait for Director Li to get angry and took the initiative to apologize.

“Trouble Director Li to give me another chance.” Her manner of speaking was very humble. She knew that if the director was dissatisfied with her performance, with his temper, it was very possible that he would change her.

Director Li gave her a chance, but Ming Shujia did not catch it.

“Cut! This scene is suspended first. Keyi, you go rest. Zhang Qiao, Xu Ruyun, you two get ready for the next scene.” Director Li directly pointed to the two actors standing on the other side.

He turned towards Ming Shujia and said: “These next two days, carefully ponder over the script. Two days later, I will let you try again. If you can’t do it, you don’t have to come again.”

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Ming Shujia bit her lip and nodded.

She walked to the side and faced Gu Shengyin: “Keyi jie, these two days, can I trouble you to help with the script?”

When she said this, several actors and actresses, who were preparing at the side, all looked over inconceivably.

Who did she think she was? Even dared to open her mouth and ask their grand Film Queen to accompany her to practice acting?

Gu Shengyin was also surprised. It seemed that Ming Shujia was at the end of her tether.

However, help a small 18th-line artist act? Ruan Keyi was not cheap-priced like this. She was not prepared to raise Ming Shujia’s value.

“I am truly sorry. These two days, I have a play. Moreover, tomorrow afternoon, I have an announcement to release. I’m afraid there is no time.” Gu Shengyin smiled very politely, and her refusal was also quite neat.

After Gu Shengyin left, someone at the side opened their mouth and laughed: “Some people, just because they have a gold master, did they genuinely believe that their face was so big? Still want to let our Film Queen help you act? Are you aware of how much our Keyi jie‘s value is?”

Ming Shujia entering through the back door1, this matter, was not regarded as a secret in the crew. Although she had worked hard and kept a low profile during this period of time, a few actors and actresses still disliked her.

Ming Shujia lowered her head. Her fingernails ruthlessly dug into the flesh of her palm, letting the pain stimulate her emotions.

These people looking down on her, one day, I will let you guys regret it!

1. to gain influence by pull or unofficial channels. Also known as unspoken rules in the entertainment circle

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14 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 135”

    1. But can she be rehabilitated? If she doesnt see where she is wrong how can she move forward. Though i agree that she hasnt yet started anything. Just having that arrogance is a problem especially since she cant back it up..

      Liked by 7 people

      1. But what does that have to do with me? It might be wrong, I guess? But who am I to judge? I shouldn’t have to sink to her level and bully her for it. At least, Thad my opinion. It’s like those people who scoff as the children of mistresses… as if being a bastard somehow automatically makes them a lesser human being. Anyway, that’s why I would only not feel bad when they’ve actually already done something to me or someone I loved. Sleeping our way to the top doesn’t exactly hurt anyone.

        Liked by 4 people

    2. Theres really nothing to rehabilitate. I did take into consideration the possibility of mc befriending her but then I realized from her last thoughts that ppl like ming would step all over you even if you are nice to her just because you are better than her.

      So while she hasnt done anything yet, she wants to be at the top so her bad intentions towards mc who is at the top are clear as day.

      Liked by 2 people

    3. Uh… entering the industry through the backdoor…? Though, it’s not as heavy as the crime she did in her past life.


  1. Thanks for the chapter! Btw, is this 傲娇 your ào jiāo? If so, it means tsundere. It’s a word which originated from Japanese manga that Chinese netizens use to depict “seemingly arrogant but kind and tender inside”

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Child of a mistress can’t choose his father or mother, it’s not his/hers fault that he/she was born in that kind of circumstances .
    But in a case of this “fl”, she knew how other people, actors, fans are looking at those who sold their bodies for a role. She knew that she’d be disdained if it goes public, yet she still chose that way.
    She could choose a “clearer” path but she focused on faster and easier way to get what she wants. Going that way, she should be prepared for the possibility of being condemned. Adding her character, with which it’s extremely easy for her to make herself a few enemies, I’d say that it would be only a matter of time before sh!t would hit the fan.
    No matter if at that time she’d be still an 18-tier actress, or well known star ¯\_(─.─)_/¯


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