Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 4

The red rain did not stop until the next morning. When the group woke up, they did not hear the usual chirps of birds singing or sounds of cars passing by. It was eerily quiet.

Chrome checked the task menu as the twins went to wash and get ready to head out. Of course, they did not use the water in the house. Yilan had filled up several buckets of water using her power the previous night before heading to bed.

Main Task

  • Survive for 3 years in this apocalyptic world. Remaining time: 1095 day(s).

Branch Task

  • N/A

The only change shown on the screen was the countdown of how many days they had to survive in this world.

Dylan and Yilan checked around the apartment to see if they forgot anything. Chrome went to wash and wipe Altyria’s face.

“Boss, I just thought of this, but are you planning to carry Sister around the city like this?” Dylan asked when Chrome came out of the bathroom with Altyria in his arms. “It would be a bit inconvenient when fighting.”

Chrome frowned for a couple seconds before carrying Altyria into the bedroom. Five minutes later, he came out of the room.

Dylan and Yilan saw that Chrome was not carrying Altyria in his arms anymore. Instead, they saw that Altyria was changed back to Lylin form. Chrome used a long piece of cloth to tie her to him like a baby carrier.

“Let’s go.” Chrome’s expression did not change as he walked towards the front door.

This was the first time Dylan and Yilan saw Chrome like this. Their image of him was: cold, expressionless, aloof, and cold-blooded. But now, they got to see something amusing.

“Pff—Ahem, got it, Boss.” Dylan tried hard not to laugh and cleared his throat.

Yilan bit her lips to prevent herself from smiling, but failed to do so. Luckily, Chrome did not care so much for them and looked through the peephole of the front door. Dylan and Yilan grabbed the hiking backpacks and walked to the door.

“Should we put one of the backpacks in the space storage since Boss is not going to wear one?” Yilan asked as she faced Dylan.

Dylan shook his head. “Let’s just keep it out for now.”

At this moment, many people had woken up to discover that one or two people in their family had become monsters. Some families were not able to resist the virus from the red rain, and everyone turned into living corpses. Some people woke up not realizing that a family member was acting strange and got bitten by them. As a result, they also turned into those horrifying monsters. Once in a while, screams were heard from the nearby apartments.

Chrome had swept the surrounding area using his soul power. Since it was reduced down to rank C- he could only sense things within 3 meters. Currently, there were a couple people who were not affected by the red rain hiding in the apartments nearby. The rest of the apartments were empty and had only zombies inside.

Chrome opened the door and walked over to the street. Although it was only the first day of the apocalypse, the silence, with the occasional screams, and the empty streets made it seem like a month had already passed.

“Boss, where are we going first?” Yilan asked as she looked around.

“Wear your gloves first. We don’t know when a zombie might pop up.” Chrome said. “Although I can sense things within 3 meters, it’s better to be prepared. Remember, our enemies are not only zombies.”

Dylan and Yilan nodded and put on their gloves. Chrome caressed Altyria’s little white head as he started walking down the street with run-down buildings. It was around 7 in the morning, and nobody was on the streets. All the shops on this street were closed. They passed by several restaurants until they arrived at a pharmacy store.

Chrome did not sense any zombies inside, so he kicked down the door and walked straight in.

Without needing Chrome to say anything, Dylan and Yilan started stuffing things like medicine for fevers and stomachaches, pain killers, disinfectants, and bandages into the backpacks. However, they put most of them inside their space storage. They followed the old rules of not taking everything and leaving some behind for others. Chrome grabbed several packs of cigarettes and candy from the shelf and threw them into one of the backpacks.

“Boss, what are those for?” Dylan asked when he saw Chrome throwing them in the backpack. His expression seemed to say: Please forgive me for asking since we never bothered with this stuff in the other apocalyptic worlds.

“Bribing people.” Chrome said indifferently and walked out of the store.

Dylan: “…” You’re going to drag me into the pit, aren’t you?

Yilan heard Chrome’s answer and laughed, “Brother, you’re going to be a master at bribing by the end of this world.”

Dylan’s mouth twitched. He ignored his sister and followed Chrome out of the store after wearing the backpacks. Instead of holding one in his hand, he wore one in front and the other on his back.

After walking a couple steps, Chrome paused and looked towards the right.

“4 zombies are coming out of that building.” Chrome said.

Just as Chrome said that sentence, 4 figures emerged from the building on their right. The zombies were walking really slowly, just like the other two apocalyptic worlds.

During the first few weeks of the apocalypse, zombies moved slowly and were easy to kill. However, after time passed, zombies would begin to upgrade and become stronger. They would gain abilities, and if they got strong enough, they would have intelligence.

“I’ll kill them~” Yilan volunteered. She felt that she needed to more practice fighting, although, currently, these zombies were really weak.

Yilan immediately threw 4 silver needles at the zombies’ head. Those needles pierced their heads, and the zombies fell to the ground. Dylan and Yilan walked up to the zombies and confirmed that they were dead.

“They shouldn’t have a nucleus at this time, right?” Yilan used one of her needles to probe one of the zombie’s head. The stench from the zombies caused her to frown and wince.

Dylan shook his head. “They should have them when the zombies start upgrading, unless this world follows a different law than the previous apocalyptic worlds we have been to.”

Although he said that, Dylan still checked the other zombie heads. Chrome did not stop them and walked into an antique shop that was across the street from the building where the zombies came out.

Just as he stepped inside the store, Chrome took out his sword from his space storage, unsheathed it, and threw it towards the left side. This action only took one second. The sword penetrated the zombie’s head and pinned it to the wall, instantly killing it. After confirming that there were no more zombies and no humans were inside, Chrome went to grab his sword, swung off the blood, and sheathed it. He did not put it back in his space storage but tied it to his waist.

He walked around the store while touching everything. He did not have spiritual power, so he needed to have physical contact with these antiques in order to feel whether they contain world essence or not. He touched one antique after another until he came across a teapot set. He felt world essence emitted from this teapot set and immediately picked up a cup. He brought it close to Altyria to see if she would absorb the world essence.

Sure enough, he felt the world essence slowly disappear from the teacup in his hand. After the teacup’s world essence was depleted, he picked up another teacup. He repeated this until the whole teapot set’s world essence was all absorbed.

After Altyria absorbed all the teapot set’s world essence, she flicked her ears and pawed twice on his chest, as if she was telling Chrome that this amount of world essence was not enough.

Chrome’s eyes brightened and his heart became soft when Altyria pawed his chest. He lowered his head and placed a kiss on her forehead. Seeing that these antiques with world essence were very beneficial for her, he continued finding antiques that contained world essence.

Dylan and Yilan did not immediately head to Chrome. They had found several zombies walking down the street and decided to get rid of them.

“Too bad these zombies don’t have nuclei yet.” Yilan pouted as she threw a silver needle at a zombie.

“If these zombies already had a nucleus in their head, then we should be worried.” Dylan grunted after throwing several lightning bolts at a couple of zombies.

After zapping the last zombie, Dylan said, “Well, that’s the last of them. Let’s find Boss.”

Yilan dusted off her hands and walked towards the antique shop that Chrome had entered.

“I hope people don’t go walking around the city too early. I don’t really want to deal with them.” Yilan sighed depressingly. “Especially those self-righteous people, I don’t want to run into them at all.”

Dylan smirked, “Heh, we’ll run into these people sooner or later, especially since it’s just the beginning of an apocalypse. They don’t understand what’s happening yet.”

“Well, I’m just glad our Boss is not a kind-hearted person.” Yilan muttered and stepped inside the antique store.

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