HAWRR Chapter 133

Chapter 133 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (18)

《Divinity》narrated the era of ancient times. The human race, devil race, demon race, and the God race, in order to fight for qi and resources, every race continuously waged war on one another to the extent of plaintive whine of geese.1

The era was unstable and treacherous. Everyone possessed formidable spiritual power and were not afraid of the consequences of killing. To not abide by the law and kill made the Heavens furious, so much that they came down from Heaven and punished them as a warning.

However, every races that had already killed until their eyes turned red could not stop at all. If this continued, perhaps every race would disappear under the punishment of Heaven.

Finally, the God race’s Queen, Shen Yin, inherited the most valuable treasure of Wannian, the Star Compass, and cast a spell, using herself as a sacrifice.

Dissipated the spiritual power of the human race, deprived the demon race’s wisdom, exiled the devil race to the other side of the endless abyss, and the God race also eternally lost the qualifications to set foot on this land again. They built a beautiful city above the 9 Heavens, but could only look at their own homeland in melancholy.

Gu Shengyin, in this film, played the role of the God race’s Queen, Shen Yin.

Ming Shujia played the role of the spirit of Shen Yin’s spiritual artifact, Star Compass.

Star Compass was a spiritual artifact that already had its own consciousness. It was arrogant, yet naive. In the entire continent, she only obeyed the command of her master, the God race’s Queen, Shen Yin.

This role was actually not easy to perform. Director Li originally wanted to find a vivacious actress with good acting skills; however, Ming Shujia’s gold master gave the crew a huge investment, and also promised to let her play this role.

However, if Ming Shujia’s acting skills were really poor, Director Li did not mind changing her role.

The filming in the morning was quite smooth. At noon, after the crew had finished eating, took a break before starting to shoot.

Ming Shujia felt somewhat nervous. In the afternoon, there was a scene with the Star Compass and the Queen.

“Xing er, are you going to tease the clansmen again?” Gu Shengyin had a majestic appearance. Although her tone had reproach, it secretly contained a hint of…pet…as she looked at the spiritual artifact spirit.

“Each and every one of those clansmen’s courage are very…” Ming Shujia suddenly stopped speaking. She obviously remembered her lines distinctly. However, for some reason, under Gu Shengyin’s indifferent gaze, she stared blankly, unable to speak.

“Cut! Return in a swirl of dust2!”

Director Li frowned and looked at Ming Shujia, but did not say anything.

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“They all know that you are a spiritual artifact spirit, so they deliberately yield to you. You, ah, are a few ten thousand years old. How are you still so mischievous like this?”

Ming Shujia subconsciously opened her mouth: “Heng! Who wants them to yield to me! I…If I take action, they will all topple over one by one.”


“Ming Shujia, where are your feelings? I’m not letting you dully read your lines. You are acting right now. Your expression makes me think think that you are reading a textbook.” Director Li felt a bit angry. This scene actually did not need much acting skills. If Ming Shujia could not even do this, then the later part of the film did not need to be mentioned.

It was not like this. It shouldn’t be like this.

Ming Shujia was very confused. She knew that her level was not like this. When she was at home, she had repeatedly practiced in front of the mirror countless times. There was no situation of forgetting her lines or having a blank mind at all.

“Sorry, Director Li, I will pay attention.” She sincerely faced Director Li and apologized. Facing Gu Shengyin, she gave an apologetic smile. “Keyi jie, I have troubled you.”

Gu Shengyin did not mind and smiled: “You should properly prepare first. Don’t be impatient.”

Ming Shujia took in a deep breath and finished this scene.

She subconsciously looked over to Gu Shengyin, who simply smiled.

1. plaintive whine of geese – starving people fill the land
2. to return in a swirl of dust – to make a stage comeback

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  1. Gu Shengyin has only passed through about 4 worlds and gone through a few trials at this point… Pressuring a weak reincarnator should be a walk in the park!

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  2. Hmm I wonder what Gu Shenying did to Ming Shujia??😌😌

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