HAWRR Chapter 132

Chapter 132 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (17)

Qinghua Film and Television City.

As the largest domestic film and television base, almost every day, there were fans who would silently squat there to scout out their idol’s itinerary.

Ming Shujia, wearing her sunglasses, walked by slowly with her assistant.

Everyone saw her manner of dressing and knew that she was a celebrity. One after another, they looked at her with interest; however, after discovering that it was someone they did not recognize at all, once again became bored.

Ming Shujia bit her lip, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

She comforted herself: One day, I will not go through this type of thing again.

“It’s Ruan Keyi!”

“Keyi, I love you!”

When she was about to enter the door, she heard a lot of people cry out in a low voice.

Her footsteps paused, turned around, and saw a tall woman get off from a nanny car.

Each and every fan, who had previously ignored her, behaved as if they had won the lottery at this moment. ‘Hu la la’ sounds covered the entire area. (呼啦啦的全部圍了上去)

“Keyi, seeking group photo!”

“I brought you a present!”

“Your Majesty Queen, I have been guarding here for more than ten days ever since I heard that you started filming!”

Gu Shengyin was very familiar with this situation. She had a patient temper and took photos with her fans. As for the gifts, Chen Rong would use discretion to choose which gifts should be received and which gifts should not be received.

Gu Shengyin felt a gaze and looked over just to see a person’s back.

Ming Shujia?

The system told her before that Ming Shujia received a supporting role in 《Divinity》.

It seemed that she also came here to prepare for the film.

Gu Shengyin’s lips turned up into a smile.

She knew that Ming Shujia, this person, was narrow-minded and thought highly of herself. Ming Shujia always felt that the reason why she wasn’t red enough was because she did not meet a director who appreciated her. Towards people like Ruan Keyi, on one hand, she envied their natural good conditions, and on the other hand, she secretly disdained them for relying on their face to make a living.

Yet, the role that she got today was exchanged with her own body.

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Who knew where her sense of superiority came from?

When Gu Shengyin arrived at the studio, almost all the actors and actresses stood up.

Even Li Fengyun laughed a “He he” and greeted her.

An actress like Ruan Keyi had good external qualifications, outstanding acting skills, and was top class. The key point was that she did not use the back door. Which director did not like an actress like this?

Ming Shujia looked at the smiles of those popular artists accompanying Ruan Keyi. She looked at the serious face of Director Li when she came in, but laughed when Ruan Keyi came in. She looked at the group of people accompanying Ruan Keyi’s assistant.

All the stars cup themselves around the moon.1

Ever since she arrive in this body, what had she been trying to obtain by spending great effort? Wasn’t it for status and the feeling of superiority from all the stars cupping themselves around the moon?

Gu Shengyin saw that Ming Shujia wore a bashful smile and walked up to her: “Hello, Keyi jie, I am a newcomer, Ming Shujia. Please give me a lot of advice.”

Even if she, Ming Shujia, had been struggling in the entertainment circle for a long time,  in front of Ruan Keyi, wasn’t an 18th-line artist just like a newcomer?

Gu Shengyin looked at her eyes and had to admit that Ming Shujia’s temperament was the same as her name, clear and sweet, pure and harmless.

Looking at her appearance alone, no one would have thought that she would not hesitate to force herself to accompany men twice her age in order to get what she wanted.

Sure enough, to know a person’s face, but not their heart.

Gu Shengyin smiled in return.

She knew that Ming Shujia put in a lot of effort to be in this film. She hoped that she could rely on this trophy film to change her fortunes. In fact, she did achieve this in the original story.

However, she was facing Gu Shengyin now.

Ming Shujia wanting to shoot this film smoothly depends on whether she, Gu Shengyin, agrees or not.

1. idiom from the Analects, to revolve around the person

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