Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 2

After Dylan and Yilan cleaned themselves up and wore clean clothes from their space storage, they sat on the floor where the small coffee table was, which was pushed to a corner to make some room for everyone to sit.

Back when Dylan and Yilan arrived, Chrome’s eyes scanned them from head to toe. Pieces of leaves and dirt were stuck to their hair. Their clothes were disheveled and covered with dirt. Their faces were somewhat dirty, and their shoes looked somewhat worn out. Chrome wrinkled his brows and had them shower first before explaining what had happened. The two of them did not object, as they knew that Chrome was a bit of a clean freak.

Chrome caressed Altyria’s little head as he looked at the two of them. “So, what happened?”

Dylan and Yilan looked at one another, not sure where to begin.

“Ahem,” Dylan cleared his throat, “I arrived to this world north from here and immediately looked for a car. Luck was on my side, and I managed to get a car within 15 minutes. I knew Lan Lan was southeast from me, so I thought I should go pick her up.”

Yilan glanced at Dylan, indicating that she’ll continue, “When I arrived in the world, I happened to appear in the middle of a large gang fight. Those gangsters saw that I appeared out of nowhere and was very suspicious of me. One thing led to another, those two gangs teamed up against me, and I ended up running away, because I did not want to attract attention by fighting. However, for some reason, they were very persistent in catching me and chased me all over the city.” Yilan’s tone turned sour. “I did even have the chance to hijack a car to get away.”

“And that was when I arrived in the city where Lan Lan was.” Dylan took over the conversation. “From my city to Lan Lan’s, it took about 2 hours, plus the 15 minutes it took me to find a car. Basically, Lan Lan was playing hide and seek with those gangsters for that long, but still could not escape. You wouldn’t believe how many of them were chasing us while yelling obscenities. They rode in motorcycles and waved their bats—”

Chrome’s eyes narrowed as he glanced at Dylan.

Dylan felt the terrible gaze of his Boss, and shivered. Okay, okay. He’ll get to the point.

Dylan cleared his throat. “I managed to meet up with Lan Lan after several minutes of driving around the city, but after that, those gangsters started chasing us in their cars. I decided to drive out of the city and go through the mountain road to get rid of them. They adamantly followed us, so we ended up speeding though the steep, narrow mountain roads. Then, on the way down the mountain, our car somehow slid on the ground and veered off the road, crashing into a tree. Because we went off the road, the gangsters apparently thought we either died in the crash or they did not have the courage to go deep into the mountains to find us. So, we ended up walking through the mountains to get to this city.”

Yilan nodded her head. “Fortunately, the place where we crashed was not too far from here.”

Chrome nodded and glanced at them, “If you guys are hungry, make yourself a meal with the things in the kitchen.”

Dylan and Yilan immediately scrambled into the kitchen and looked through the fridge and cabinets. Seeing that there were no ready-made food, they each took out a cup of instant noodles and heated up the water.

Yilan called out, “Boss, do you want to eat too?” She had a cup of instant noodles in her hand.

Chrome shook his head. He did not need to eat. He would only eat if Altyria ate.

After a couple minutes they poured the boiled water into their cup and went back to sit on the floor to eat.

Chrome opened his system menu and pressed the task button.

Main Task

  • Survive for 3 years in this apocalyptic world. The apocalypse will begin in 14 days.

Branch Task

  • N/A

Apocalyptic world? Chrome puckered his brows. Dylan and Yilan were also looking at the task.

“It seems like we are in a rank C- world. And it’s another apocalyptic world, too.” Dylan chortled. “I wonder if it would be the same as our world.”

“Either way, we have experience with this type of world, so we know what we need to prepare.” Yilan nodded.

Dylan and Yilan’s original world was an apocalyptic world. When their world was overrun by zombies, they miraculously got the system and were able to easily survive in that world while completing tasks. They were able to cultivate their elemental powers and store items in their space storages. Simply speaking, the system was their golden finger and path to survival in that desolate time.

As the twins chattered away, Chrome pressed the button to collect their rewards from the previous world.


Main Tasks Completed (9/9) – 5,600 Solstice coins rewarded

  • Investigate the incidents in A City [Complete]
  • Destroy 20 evil spirits [Complete]
  • Seal 25 good-willed spirits [Complete]




  • Gather information about the recent incidents at Duanxin High School [Complete]
  • Destroy the Zizhu Wolf Spirit [Complete]

Branch Tasks Completed (3/3) – 2,200 Solstice coins rewarded

  • Aid 15 people who are troubled by spirits [Complete]
  • Destroy/seal 50 water type spirits [Complete]
  • Destroy/seal 100 spirits [Complete]

Solstice coins were rewarded to each person, and Chrome got twice the amount because of Altyria’s share, even though she joined the team when they almost completed all the tasks.

Hearing the system sound, Dylan and Yilan stopped speaking and checked their stats and the amount of solstice coins they had.

Dylan Stats:

Overall Rank: C- (B)

Lightning Power: Rank E (B)

Physical: Rank C (B+)

Agility: Rank C- (B-)

Skills: Network Specialist

Items: Thunderstorm Glove (Sealed)

Solstice Coins: 24,100

Yilan Stats:

Overall Rank: D- (C)

Water Power: Rank E- (C)

Physical: Rank D- (C+)

Agility: Rank D (C-)

Skills: Medical Master

Items: Eltur’s Glove (Sealed)

Solstice Coins: 18,600

Seeing that the twins were done checking out their stats for this world, Chrome pointed to the laptop on the small coffee table that he had just bought and transferred 10,000 Tez to Yilan’s T-Card.

“Buy what we will need.”

“Roger!” Yilan saluted to her Boss excitedly.

Both Dylan and Yilan crowded around the new laptop and browsed through the web.

Chrome went back to the bedroom to start cultivating. Although part of his power was sealed, he was still able to cultivate and increase his power. As long as he continued cultivating his power, the seal would slowly disappear. It was almost the same as starting his cultivation all over again. However, in this world, his spatial rank was sealed down to rank D. In the previous world, his spatial rank was B and that was one of the reasons why he did not bother cultivating his spatial power, thus resulting in that horrible situation. The more power that was unsealed, the stronger he would be and the easier it would be to survive in this world.

Dylan and Yilan first found a warehouse in the suburbs to deliver their supplies. Dylan called the owner and negotiated the price to rent the warehouse for 2 weeks. After agreeing on the price, they agreed to meet up at the warehouse to sign the contract at 6PM. Right now it was already almost 5:30PM, so Dylan had to head straight to the warehouse in the nearby suburbs. Yilan continued shopping for supplies and had some of them delivered to this apartment, while the rest of the supplies would be delivered to the warehouse. Delivering everything to this apartment would cause suspicion from others.

They still had several sets of clothes in their space storage, so they could wait until the zombie outbreak occurs to get more clothes. Yilan ordered fresh produce, live poultry, fish, fruits, pigs, and other food ingredients. She also bought more daily necessities.

Yilan had the water elemental power, so the team did not need to worry too much about water. However, she still bought several packs of water bottles just in case they got separated from her.

Yilan did not know whether the internet would still work in this world, like it did in her original world or the other apocalyptic world where they had no internet. Either way, it wouldn’t hurt to buy cell phones for everyone and another laptop.

An hour and a half passed and Dylan came from his trip.

“Welcome back. How was the warehouse?” Yilan’s eyes did not leave the laptop screen as she murmured to Dylan.

“I got everything signed. The warehouse was pretty big. I think we could fit everything we buy there and still have extra space, though it was a bit pricey.” Dylan went to the kitchen to pour himself a cup of water and sat down next to his sister. “Have you bought everything?”

“Mhmm, I think I got everything. I wasn’t sure if we’d have internet or not, but I bought us cell phones and another laptop.” Yilan nodded.

“What about solar panels and batteries? Uh, don’t forget flashlights. We’ll be staying here for 3 years, so we’ll have to prepare for winter and summer. During winter, it would be extremely cold and traveling wouldn’t be an option. During summer, it would be scorching hot, so things could easily catch on fire.” Dylan slowly racked through his brains.

Yilan had forgotten about solar panels and batteries, and she quickly purchased those.

“Then, should we rent a villa? Buying a villa seems to be a waste since everyone would be turning into zombies.” Yilan suggested. “A villa would be large enough to store all the supplies while keeping some in our space storage. If we had enough materials, we wouldn’t need to go out to search for supplies during the summer and winter.”

“Let’s do that. I’ll tell the Boss tomorrow. We’ll need to rent two sports cars or three if you want to have your own car, so we could get to the warehouse quickly.” Dylan rubbed his chin as he thought.

“Let’s discuss this with Boss tomorrow. He might have other plans. I used up all the money Boss gave me, so we’ll need to convert more solstice coins. Luckily the conversion rate is pretty good.” Yilan stood up and stretched her legs.

They took out sleeping bags and spread it out in the open space where they were sitting earlier. They took turns brushing their teeth before going to sleep.

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      1. Not really, just the concept of world hopping and the apocalyptic world atm. It’s just written in a way that seems similar to that, but not the storyline or the characters xD


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