HAWRR Chapter 131

Chapter 131 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (16)

The final model that should have been the limelight had been subconsciously ignored. Everyone had set their sights on Gu Shengyin and Ludwig. Of course, a small number of people in another field paid attention on the design of the clothes.

This time, the forum had been blown up.

[The fourth time I watched the broadcast, Her Majesty Queen was so beautiful, I cried!]

[My God! My Majesty Queen’s disdainful look out of the corner of her eye, I request you to receive my knees!]

[My Majesty Queen, I want to carry your shoes!]

[As a man, I have to admit that it was shameful to be swept away by Her Majesty Queen’s eyes.]

[120th floor, be careful not to get killed!]

[120th floor, you should be careful these days!]

[Originally, I was a firm member of the FangKe Party, and my beliefs never wavered no matter what happened. However, after watching this video, my heart has turned to the Two Monarchs Party. I am sorry to the organization!]

[I forgive you, upstairs, because I also became a Two Monarchs Party(manual goodbye)]

[Persevere with the Two Monarchs Party, ten thousand years unmoved!]

[Another FangKe Party. Not convinced, then fight!]

[He he, Her Majesty Queen is only walking on the stage, that’s all. Don’t forget that her main business is now the big screen. Long live the FangKe Party!]


Not only on the forum, Ruan Keyi’s V-blog also exploded.

After the end of the show, Ludwig found Gu Shengyin.

“The road outside has been blocked by reporters and fans. Your manager is dealing with it in front. Come with me.” Ludwig pulled Gu Shengyin onto an inconspicuous small car. When the two people passed by, they happened to see a figure that looked identical to Gu Shengyin, who had put on sunglasses and a baseball cap, being protected by Chen Rong in a hurried manner. Very quickly they were submerged by a swarm of reporters.

After leaving, the two smiled.

At this time, Gu Shengyin received a call from ChenΒ jie: “Hey, Keyi, your fans are simply too crazy! These next few days, don’t go out. If you get blocked, it would be difficult to escape.”

Now, all the media were looking for the two of them, wanting to get first-hand interview information.

After hanging up the phone, Ludwig suddenly raised his eyebrows: “Did your manager let you go back?”

Gu Shengyin nodded.

Although Ludwig felt somewhat disappointed, he still understood and quickly drove to Gu Shengyin’s apartment.

When she was leaving, he suddenly leaned over and kissed Gu Shengyin’s face: “Although you have not accepted me yet, I won’t give up.”

He pointed to his heart: “In here, it can only accommodate you alone.”

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He paused, then explained again in an overbearing way: “So, in your heart, only one is allowed!”

He recalled those CP parties he saw on the forum with hate: “That Fang Ming, Zhang Qiao, or whatever, you are not allowed to be temped by them!”

Gu Shengyin did not know whether to laugh or cry. This man, even without the memories from the previous worlds, had always been so intense with his possessiveness.

Gu Shengyin was resting comfortably at home for a week.

Unsurprisingly, almost half of the fashion magazines in this issue published the T-Station photo of her and Ludwig’s. All magazines were sold out of stock, causing the printers to laugh.

In particular, Ludwig kneeling on one knee made her be known as “the only woman who could conquer His Majesty King” by the media.

At the same time, invitations of major brands and various fashion magazine interviews that called had been rejected by Chen Rong.

In the end, Chen Rong, who felt troubled and annoyed, asked for Gu Shengyin’s consent and issued a statement under the name of Ruan Keyi, clearly stating that this time’s fashion show was for her close friend and had no intention of returning to the fashion world. This upsurge slowly dropped.

Translator’s Corner:

It’s a bit of a shame that she doesn’t model anymore 😦

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  1. Found a treasure. I love how this novel is light and just want to make you feel love. I also like how dog foods in this novel are basically scattered everywhere. ( ՞ਊ՞)
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