HAWRR Chapter 130

Chapter 130 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (15)

Mei Lun sat at the guest table and frowned at the model on the stage.

Truthfully speaking, this Qinghua Fashion Week, although the quality was not bad, there was no work that made people shine.

Those veteran luxury brands were still continuing to use the previous styles, and there was not much breakthrough in innovation.

He was a professional commenter, but this time’s clothing style did not make him look forward to it.

He thought that since this Qinghua Fashion Week was like this, at most, he would look forward to the final design, until that one female model appeared.

The whole place fell silent, then continuous shutter sounds followed.

Gu Shengyin came out wearing ‘Ice and Snow Domain’.

Under the lights on stage, she truly resembled a snow queen, a mysterious goddess of ice and snow, descending to the human world. She wore a crown weaved together with shards of snow and held a cold ice sculpture carved into a scepter.

Step by step, entering the human world. From a distance until nearby, it was like a dream.

Her clothes were extremely cold and extremely luxurious; however, she, herself, was even more cold and honorable.

It seemed as if the entire venue became cold because of her presence. It was obviously still late in the summer, yet some people could not help but rub their arms.

Mei Lun was reluctant to blink his eyes, afraid that he would miss any details.

Until Gu Shengyin turned around and disappeared backstage, he could not help but breathe a sigh of relief.

He knew who that model was: Ruan Keyi. Four years ago in the fashion world…Loved…Later turned to film and television. He did not expect that she would actually appear on T-Station again after four years.

Mei Lun believed he knew what to write for this issue.

Mei Lun, who was already satisfied, did not know that there were more surprises waiting for him.

This time, the shutters were pressed more urgently, as if the photographers wanted to use up all their film in just a few seconds.

There was only one person who could be so favored by them, Ludwig Gardner.

Mei Lun felt that his eyes were already insufficient.

Obviously, Ludwig’s clothes was exactly the same as Ruan Keyi, but the two were actually wearing different styles.

Ludwig was a knight. He was handsome. He was loyal. He was strong, and there was only one person in his eyes.

The atmosphere at the scene had reached the highest point, especially the media. They had already written the headlines for tomorrow.

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Mei Lun knew that there was still a big event waiting for him.

Sure enough, the previous queen, along with her knight, walked on stage.

Without a doubt, Ludwig was the number one male supermodel. When he fully released his momentum, he could practically suppress almost everyone’s light.

Today, everyone could see that today’s Ludwig was undoubtedly in the best state.

Even so, Gu Shengyin, who was standing next to him, was not inferior. Everyone could not ignore her standing next to Ludwig.

This was Her Majesty Queen!

The photographers were suddenly glad that they had not used up all their film; otherwise, they would not know where to go cry.

It was at this time that Ludwig suddenly made an unexpected move.

When he walked to the stage, he abruptly turned around, knelt on one knee, held Gu Shengyin’s hand, and gently kissed it.

“Your knight is eternally loyal to you alone, my Majesty Queen.”

This scene had already caused many people here to scream in a low voice.

Her Majesty Queen lowered her head and looked at her knight with a faint smile.

“I allow you to offer your loyalty, my knight. You belong to me alone.”

Translator’s Corner:

Fangirling time?

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  2. I started reading this series this morning and couldn’t put it down. Each world is so well written and I love that the FL careful to not OOC. Thanks for the translation!


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