Lord Ukdalir, the Undead Ruler – 1

Chrome had set a rule when Dylan and Yilan joined him: Whenever they go to the next world, they would come to him.

All Chrome had to do now was wait until they arrived at his location. He estimated that they would arrive at his place some time in the afternoon since they were not too far away. He closed the map and opened his stats.


Overall Rank: C+ (SS)

Spatial Power: Rank D (A+)

Sword: Rank C+ (SS)

Soul Power: Rank C- (S)

Physical: Rank C+ (SSS)

Agility: Rank C (A+)

Soul Bonded: Altyria

Skills: Weapon Forging Master (Sealed), Network Specialist, Master Chef

Items: Moonwalker’s Will (Sealed)

Solstice Coins: 7,200

Chrome: “…”

This was the first time seeing his stats being this low. He did not think his stats would be reduced this much. However, these stats should be enough for this world if he guessed the rank correctly.

Chrome switched to the task tab.

Main Task

  • N/A

Branch Task

  • N/A


As usual, the task was not revealed until all team members were together. If all team members were not all at the same place, they would not be able to start the task.

Since Chrome had plenty of time on his hands, he decided to scout the neighborhood. This was a habit that he developed after traveling through several worlds.

Knowing one’s surroundings would give one the advantage or opportunity to survive during dire times.

Chrome carried Altyria in his arms and walked out to the front door of his small apartment. He found a pair of shoes in a small cabinet and put them on.

He scanned his surroundings after he left the apartment and walked down the street. There were other old looking buildings, which he assumed to be apartments as well. The streets were filled with street stalls that sold a variety of food.

Chrome continued walking down the street. He passed by several small grocery stores, a pharmacy store, several antique shops, multiple restaurants, and a bookstore. All of them appeared run-down, but were very clean and neat. People gave him strange looks seeing that he was holding an animal in his arms, but he did not care.

After strolling around for an hour, Chrome turned around and walked back towards his apartment, but did not go inside. Instead, he continued walking towards the other side of the street, the opposite direction from where he just came from.

On this side of the street, there were several more apartments, a few supermarkets, a large department store, and plenty of restaurants. This side, however, had new buildings unlike the other side of the street, which had run-down buildings.

After spending a total of an hour walking around this side of the neighborhood, Chrome went to the department store. Before he entered, he took out a yellow talisman with inscriptions on it and placed it on Altyria’s body. In a flash, her body turned invisible.

Chrome walked into the department store while holding the invisible Altyria. People walking by only saw his arms folded to his chest in a weird way. They all gave him a few looks before continuing what they were doing.

Going up to the 3th floor, Chrome headed to the electronics section. As Chrome browsed through the laptops, he realized that they were really high-tech. He did not expect to see such advanced technology after his walk through the neighborhood. The buildings, cars, and clothes did not seem that different than the 21st century. However, these electronics were considered way ahead of this current era.

Chrome asked a salesperson to explain some specs of the laptops. After deciding on one, he checked the price before converting some solstice coins to the currency of this world.

The laptop he was buying cost 8,999 Tez. 1 solstice coin = 237.86 Tez. Chrome directly converted 100 solstice coins and transferred the money to his bank account.

In this world, everything could be paid with a T-Card. The T-Card is connected to one’s bank account. On one side of the card, it had fingerprint identification so only the owner of the card could use it. Even if it was stolen, the thief would not be able to use it. The T-Card also had a chip embedded in it that was used when making purchases.

Simply bring the card close to the scanning machine with a finger on the touch ID area of the T-Card, and the purchase would be made within 2 seconds.

Following this process, Chrome smoothly paid for the laptop and left the department store. Now, he had 14,787 Tez left. He did not know how long the tasks in this world would take, so he kept plenty of money left in his wallet.

He quickly walked back to his old apartment, one arm holding Altyria, the other holding the laptop he just bought.

By the time he got home, it was already past 12 in the afternoon. Although his physical rank was lowered and did not need to eat, he still wanted to practice making some new dishes that Altyria might like. So, once again, he left the apartment and brought Altyria along with him to the closest supermarket. He had taken the talisman off and placed Altyria gently on the baby seat of the cart. After taking the yellow talisman off, it burned  and disappeared into the air. Chrome leisurely pushed the cart and strolled around the supermarket.

He picked some vegetables that he might use to cook. While passing by the fruits section, he picked some peaches, cherries, mangoes, and strawberries. Then, he went to the meat and dairy section. He got some grounded pork meat, a gallon of milk, yogurt, and eggs.

Vegetables and fruits? Check. Meat? Check. Some dairy products? Check. What else should he get? Chrome glanced at Altyria and tucked the blanket around her. Altyria seemed to like eating desserts, so he should go buy flour, sugar, and other ingredients that were needed.

After Chrome got everything that he needed, he paid for it and pushed the cart out to a secluded area of the parking lot. Once he made sure that no one was looking, he placed some of the bags into his space storage, leaving 2-3 bags in the cart. He carried those bags with one hand and held Altyria with the other. With a satisfied smile on his face, as he looked at Altyria in his arm, Chrome made his way back to the apartment.

After this trip to the supermarket, it was almost 3 o’clock in the afternoon. He placed Altyria on the small coffee table first, and then slowly placed the food in the fridge. Unfortunately, the fridge was not too big, so he had to leave some vegetables in his space storage. However, he did manage to put the meat and dairy products in the fridge. Additionally, all the empty cabinets were filled with the things he had just bought.

Ding dong!

Just as he picked up Altyria, ready to head to the bedroom, the doorbell rang.

Chrome immediately thought of Dylan and Yilan. They should have made it here to his place by now.

Sure enough, when he checked through the peephole, Chrome saw Dylan and Yilan together.

But it seemed that…they were in a sorry state.

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