HAWRR Chapter 127

Chapter 127 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (12)

Qinghua Fashion Week Conference.

Z Country Qinghua City was known as the global fashion city. Qinghua Fasion Week was the stage that every designer dreamed of.

Similarly, Qinghua Fashion Week was also one of the most popular places for supermodels.

Gu Shengyin arrived at her destination early. Don’t look at how glamorous supermodels were on stage. When they were backstage, they were not so relaxed.

“Alice, help me fasten the button!”

“Zhang Qiao, your eye makeup is still not drawn properly!”


Gu Shengyin only needed to walk on stage once and did not need to change clothes frequently. Furthermore, Song Xixi was not a very famous designer. Her work would be shown among the last ones. She did not need to worry.

Gu Shengyin slowly walked through the crowd.

A few familiar people recognized her, and one after another were astonished. However, they simply nodded and smiled – Right now, they had no time to reminisce.

Leaving the fitting room, Gu Shengyin walked over to the bathroom.

“Host, watch out!” The system suddenly cried out. Gu Shengyin did not have enough time to react, because her mind was thinking about other things.

On the opposite side, there was a person who hurriedly walked over and did not notice Gu Shengyin at all.

“En.” Gu Shengyin groaned. There was a wall behind her, and she was knocked back two steps by the other person. She leaned on the wall to avoid falling down.

The other famous model also took a few steps back.

Cecilia lifted her head, looked at Gu Shengyin, and repeatedly confirmed that she had not seen this face before. At this time, a person who could appear here was definitely a model. She had not seen her before. Obviously, the other person was not a famous model.

Cecilia, once again, looked at Gu Shengyin. The latter’s figure and appearance caused her to feel a sense of crisis.

She aloofly raised her head and looked at Gu Shengyin to gain the initiative to strike first: “Are you walking without looking at what’s in front of you? I will represent PULL immediately on the show. If I fall, injure my legs, and affect the show, are you going to take responsibility?”

Truthfully speaking, Gu Shengyin had not experienced being scolded like this in an awfully long time.

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Whether it was herself or Ruan Keyi, this body that she possessed.

She glanced at this model, vaguely feeling that she was somewhat familiar.

At this time, the system said: “Cecilia, Spanish, professional model.”

It turned out that she was the original model for Song Xixi. At this time, Cecilia was still not that famous first-line supermodel, but had a small reputation.

Gu Shengyin glanced at her: “If my memory was not wrong, it was Miss Cecilia who bumped into me a moment ago.”

Cecilia was surprised that the other person actually knew her name. Soon after, she complacently thought that her reputation was widely spread.

Thinking of this, she was in a good mood. She did not plan to look for trouble with Gu Shengyin. Cecilia gave her a supercilious look and impatiently crossed Gu Shengyin directly, preparing to leave.

Originally, this should have been the end of this matter; however, when Cecilia passed by Gu Shengyin, the former said a sentence exceedingly clear by the side of Gu Shengyin’s ear:

“Z Country prostitute.”

Gu Shengyin’s complexion cooled down immediately.

Her tone was extremely cold: “Stop!”

Cecilia originally did not intend to pay attention to her, but the other person’s voice caused her to have an inexplicable feeling that stopped her feet.

Ruan Keyi’s height was about the same as Cecilia’s. However, when Cecilia confronted her momentum, she suddenly felt like she was a rabbit facing a cheetah.

This was the presence of the top supermodel.

The other person was just a model with no fame. How could there be such a presence? Cecilia had cold sweat.

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