HAWRR Chapter 125

Chapter 125 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (10)

This Lin Baihe, Gu Shengyin had some impressions of her: home conditions were good. This time, she was able to act in this film. In addition to her good appearance and not bad acting, the most important thing was her father pampering her. He smashed the cast and crew with a lot of money this time.

It just happened that a few of Xing Yu’s top class artists were unable to come, so this role was given to her.

At this point, her manager was estimated to be anxious to death.

In the original story, the development of Lin Baihe was not so good. She had a strong temper and a proud personality. Because she ridiculed Ming Shujia, the latter recorded this hatred in her heart. After Ming Shujia made a name for herself, she did not forget to suppress her. Lin Baihe had always been an artist in the entertainment circle that was not warm and not hot.

Sure enough, when Gu Shengyin went back, Lin Baihe’s manager dragged her here to give Ruan Keyi an apology.

“Ruan jie, I am really sorry for the inconvenience. Baihe, she is young, not sensible, and offended her seniors. She came to apologize to you.”

Behind him, Lin Baihe stepped forwards, bowed in front of Gu Shengyin, and whispered a ‘I’m sorry’.

Gu Shengyin looked at her red eyes. She presumably endured the manager’s criticisms. She waved her hand: “In this entertainment circle, it is still better to converge your arrogance.”

Waiting until Gu Shengyin walked far away, that manager looked resolutely at Lin Baihe and said: “Fortunately, it was Ruan jie. If it was a bad tempered person, you would not want to mix in Xing Yu!”

Gu Shengyin unexpectedly saw Ming Shujia when she went downstairs.

She was walking into the elevator with a few young actresses.

Gu Shengyin raised an eyebrow. She remembered that Ming Shujia was not Xing Yu’s artist. What was going on?

Ming Shujia was here to sign.

She was originally in a small unknown company. There were no big names, and there were no managers with great skills.

Ming Shujia was well aware of the principle of leaning against a large tree to cool off in the shade. Xing Yu’s backstage was huge and had numerous resources. Although there were many artists and intense competition, she was confident that she could stand out among them.

After learning that Ming Shujia successfully signed to Xing Yu, Gu Shengyin was somewhat surprised. The 24 year old female artist, who was still an 18th-line actress and had those kinds of rumors, was able to smoothly sign with the strict Xing Yu. Ming Shujia, this woman, was not as simple as she imagined.

However, this was more interesting, wasn’t it? Gu Shengyin smiled slowly. The stronger the opponent, the more accomplished she would feel as she trampled her on the soles of her feet.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Gu Shengyin was now in a small family coffee shop, so she did not know that she had already been recognized by her fans and got a photo of this smile taken.

A certain forum suddenly exploded.

[The landlord1 was free to come out for a cup of coffee, but didn’t expect to have enough luck to meet Her Majesty Queen! I also secretly took a photo! I say, my blood bank is already empty, and kneeling under Her Majesty Queen’s skirt. Not talking nonsense, picture above!]

[Second floor sofa2! Her Majesty Queen’s face value exploded! This evil charming smile is simply fascinating that you wouldn’t not want!]

[Desktop has been changed.]

[Mama asked me why the screen is so clean…]

[Looking at the decoration, I have already guessed where this is. I go! The landlord is a local tyrant ah!]

[Upstairs, don’t leave! Where is this? I am going to group up and brush Her Majesty Queen!]

[Upstairs +1!]

[God, I want to bend!! Your Majesty Queen, why are you so graceful like this!]

[Her Majesty Queen is my husband. Not convinced? Come fight!]

[You want to fight? In that case, fight!]

Translator’s Corner:

Is it me or is the MC slowly getting more violent? 0.0

Also, I noticed that this author likes to use a lot of double negatives… OvO


I changed Xing Yu (MC’s entertainment company) => Star Entertainment

1. landlord – the original poster in online forum
2. [internet slang] the first to reply or replier to a forum post

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  1. “Desktop has changed”
    “Mama asked me why the screen is so clean”
    Lmao! That was me when I saw my fav CP and quickly changed the desktop… The scenery quickly become so refreshing and clean… Until I found an even more gorgeous picture.

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    1. Pretty sure it’s one of those weird Chinese things where they say they lick their moniter screen when they see attractive people they are fans of. Sounds really gross to me, but to each their own. (I only know this because I’ve read it on other stories).


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