A New Beginning Chapter – 24

Chrome immediately brought her a distance away from the Zizhu Wolf that had gone berserk with self-mutilation. Dylan and Yilan followed behind until they reached a safe distance.

“Alti!” Chrome gently patted Altyria’s little cheek, but she did not respond.

“Boss, you’re bleeding too much. Use these to stop the bleeding.” Yilan put away the toxins she had in her hands and replaced them with homeostasis bottles. Seeing that Chrome wanted to refuse, she said sternly, “I’ll take a look at Altyria. You need to treat your wounds, otherwise, you’ll collapse. What do you think Altyria would do if she wakes up and sees that you are unconscious?”

“Yeah, Boss! Altyria already lost control of herself when she saw you getting bitten by a crazy dog. Wouldn’t it be worse if she saw you unconscious?” Dylan also persuaded Chrome.

Yialns’ mouth twitched when she heard what Dylan called the Zizhu Wolf.

Chrome no longer resisted and let Dylan treat his wounds. Yilan carefully wiped medicine on Altyria’s burnt paws and other places that had been burned.

He did not feel a single pain from his own injuries. Chrome only felt his heart ache as he stared at Altyria’s injuries. Some of her beautiful snow-white fur on her underbelly was singed, the fur around her legs was gone, revealing the burnt skin, and her paws were severely burned to the point where he could barely distinguish the paw pads.

He clenched his hands tightly until veins started popping out. During this entire fight, he had been unable to use teleportation. He had not realized this fact until the moment he tried to dodge the Zizhu Wolf that was about to bite him by teleporting. However, his effort was in vain, and he was not able to avoid getting injured.

This place where the Zizhu Wolf lived must have some type of restriction, so he was unable to teleport.

If he had known earlier, he could have been more prepared.

If he was more prepared, he wouldn’t have gotten injured by the Zizhu Wolf.

If the Zizhu Wolf did not injure him, then Alti wouldn’t have lost control of her emotions.

If Alti didn’t lose control of her emotions, then she wouldn’t have acted recklessly and be injured by the Zizhu Wolf.

The Zizhu Wolf.

Chrome glared at the half-dead wolf spirit lying on the ground. He needed to vent his emotions, his self-blame and anger. 

He knew that this happened because of his overconfidence and negligence. He had smoothly completed tasks without failure and that lead to his overconfidence. This incident served as a wakeup call, telling him that danger could befall on them if they were not careful.

Dylan had just finished bandaging Chrome’s wounds, when Chrome abruptly stood up. He grabbed his sword and slowly walked towards the groaning wolf spirit lying on the ground.

“Hey! Boss…!” Dylan stretched out a hand to stop Chrome, but let his hand drop. He saw the chaotic emotions in Chrome’s eyes and did not dare to stop him.

Yilan had finished treating Altyria and took out a small blanket from her system storage. She carefully wrapped the soft blanket around Altyria before holding Altyria in her arms. She looked towards Chrome, who had stood in front of the dying wolf spirit.

Chrome stared at the wolf spirit as he raised his sword. He had calmed down his emotions when he was walking to the Zizhu Wolf.

He felt that Altyria was fine through the soul bond, but the connection between them was dim and somewhat weak. Her life was not in danger. However, this meant that she was seriously injured and would be in a coma for a long time until her body recovers enough. It would be best to be in an environment with world essence. Her body would be able to automatically absorb the world essence and speed up her recovery. This world barely had any world essence, so they must move on to the next world.

Chrome swung down his sword and cut the Zizhu Wolf in half.


<Main Task: Destroy the Zizhu Wolf Spirit. (Completed)>


<Would you like to move on to the next world?>

<Yes>     <No>

Chrome was just about to press the <Yes> button when he heard Yilan call out to him.

“Boss we should stay in this world for the maximum amount of days the system will give us. Right now, you are heavily injured and Altyria’s condition is currently stable. We should rest for a few days. If we leave now, what if we get sent to a dangerous environment? Altyria would be in danger and you would not be able to protect her.”

Yilan spit out everything she had to say briskly, scared that Chrome would push the <Yes> button if she couldn’t convince him.

Standing at the side, Dylan nodded his head quickly, like a chicken pecking grains on the ground.

Chrome lowered his hand. Yilan was right. He was injured and wouldn’t be able to protect Alti if they were sent to a dangerous environment. He did not calmly assess what their next step should be. He was too preoccupied with the thought of going to the next world in order to let Altyria recover more quickly.

Chrome pressed the <No> button.


<Time left in this world: 5 days>

Chrome walked up to Yilan and gently took Altyria into his arms. Yilan wanted to tell him that she could hold her since his left shoulder and upper arm was injured, but swallowed her words back down her throat.

Dylan walked towards the giant wolf spirit corpse and stored it into his system storage. Then, he walked towards the 50 wolf spirit corpse on the other side. Yilan also followed along to help collect them.

“With so many of these corpses, especially that Zizhu Wolf’s corpse, Chrome might be able to forge a new weapon. We’ve collected a ton of materials from the previous world, too!” Dylan happily stored each wolf spirit body into the system storage.

“Yeah! Altyria said she does research as well. Maybe she would have some uses for these corpses. I should ask what she researches on when she wakes up.” Yilan smiled while throwing several wolf spirit bodies into her own system storage.

Chrome walked towards the exit of the bamboo forest and gently stroked Altyria’s little head as he waited for them to finish.

After everything was done, they informed the guard, who was waiting at the small courtyard entrance, that the problem was solved. The guard saw that they had injuries and asked if they needed to be sent to the hospital to get treated. Chrome and the group refused. They simply told the guard to inform the Principal to pay the fee within 3 days and quickly left the high school back to Chrome’s apartment complex.

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  1. The world hopping reminds me of Doomsday Wonderland~ but I was surprised that they weren’t able to easily kill the boss, considering Chrome seemed so OP xD


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