HAWRR Chapter 124

Chapter 124 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (9)

Chen Rong came very quickly. As Gu Shengyin had anticipated, the script in her hand was 《Divinity》.

Gu Shengyin looked at it for a while and inhaled deeply: “Chen jie, inform Director Li that I will pick up this script.”

Chen Rong was not surprised and nodded: “After a moment, I will give a reply to the other side. We will discuss the specific process.”

“Hello, Keyi jie.”

“Hello, Ruan jie.”

Gu Shengyin was walking in the company, and many artists took the initiative to say hello to her.

Gu Shengyin always returned their greetings with a friendly smile.

There were several newly signed artists who were secretly gossiping: “Oh my God! Film Queen Ruan is very friendly and did not put on airs at all.” They were artists who had just signed up and did not have any reputation; however, these past few days, they gained a lot of knowledge and experience. Many first-line and second-line artists that they saw all had that air, as if they were not there.

Unexpectedly, the highest class, Film Queen Ruan Keyi, was good-natured.

The manager in charge of them glanced at them and said: “In the entertainment circle, Film Queen Ruan’s temperament is well-known for being good, never making things difficult for newcomers.”

Ruan Keyi was in Star Entertainment, one of the largest entertainment companies in the country. There were several Film Kings and Film Queens under their leadership, and they had many first-line artists as well.

“Keyi.” A clear and bright voice passed over.

Gu Shengyin smiled at him: “Fang ge1.”

The man who came was wearing a light gray wind breaker, had a slender figure, and had gentle eyebrows.

Fang Ming, 30 years old, had won the title Film King twice, and was one of the most popular male actor that collaborated with Ruan Keyi in the film.

The two were known as the best screen couples, and the many fans that hoped that they could do fake dramas were collectively known as FangKe CP Party.

Fang Ming had always liked Ruan Keyi; however, Ruan Keyi had always regarded him as a good friend, a good partner, and had already refused him. However, Fang Ming seemed to have never given up.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

The two of them came here to participate in the propaganda of the summer blockbuster movie that the company had gotten this year.

Fang Ming and Ruan Keyi were not the protagonists. Fang Ming2 played the role of an older brother, which was barely enough to be considered as an important supporting role. Ruan Keyi was completely exposed this time3.

When they began filming, the two people were very nervous. The company let them make some time to come in order to borrow their reputation to build up momentum for this film.

The company’s film was very successful. Many fans of the two people were willing to pay a few dollars to buy a movie ticket for a short, few-minute film in order to look at their own idol.

“Based on what? I am the protagonist! Those two dressing rooms are my favorite. Why should I give them to others?” The two people just walked into the door of the dressing room and heard a voice complaining.

Following that, a voice similar to a manager’s was persuading her: “My big lady, who are Fang Ming and Ruan Keyi? You must endure it until your fame is better than the two of them. Then, the best resources are naturally yours…”

That manager said that he would open the door, apparently wanting to come out and get something. At a glance, he saw Fang Ming and Gu Shengyin standing at the door and the smile yet not a smile on his face froze.

He smiled and said: “Ruan jie and Fang ge came? Are you preparing to attend the news conference?”

He quickly stepped aside and gave way to the two.

The two did not speak, and Chen Rong, who had been following the two, slowly said: “Which artist is using what level of allocation is the company’s regulations. If Miss Lin has objections, she can report it to the company.”

After speaking, they walked in, not looking at that manager’s unsightly face.

1. ge – older brother
2. [Fang Han and Ruan Keyi were not the protagonists. Fang Han played the role of an older brother, which was barely enough to be considered as an important supporting role. ] Fang Ming suddenly changed to Fang Han in the raws….IDK! I think it should have been Fang Ming, so I changed it to that instead of Fang Han.
3. Ruan Keyi was completely exposed this time – I’m assuming its being on camera (more time under the camera than Fang Ming)

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  1. What,,,, not the protagonists??
    How come?? I had been so sure they would be… oh well😅😅

    Thanks for the chappie!! Can’t wait for the next one!!! 😙😙😙❤❤❤


    1. I’m sure it’s to give the smaller artists a chance to shine???
      After all, even if they aren’t the protagonists, there will be many viewers because of their fame. And then the protagonists would have more exposure and can potentially stabilize their standing in the entertainment industry.

      Unfortunately, this Miss Lin doesn’t appreciate what she’s getting if this is the case.

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      1. “The company let them make some time to come in order to borrow their reputation to build up momentum for this film.”

        I was right hehe. I think this sentence kind of just slipped our minds after reading it.

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  2. The part about being exposed got me so confused at first. I guess it make sense after seeing you explain XD Ty!! Keyi will only be the protagonist if her partner is my “airport gardener” 😛 but of course only if Mr.GardEner decided to go acting.


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