A New Beginning Chapter – 23

Chrome’s attack speed had increased the moment Altyria’s spiritual array was in effect. His spatial compression was stronger and was able to prevent the Zizhu Wolf from moving for a few seconds longer. This was enough for him to condense his sword qi and attack from a distance.

His sword qi attacks were also amplified by the spiritual array. However, the attack power was reduced by the purple flames. However, the sword qi was able leave small wounds on the Zizhu Wolf.

It only took seconds for the Zizhu to once again break free from the spatial compression.

This pattern of fighting was repeated, and neither Chrome nor the Zizhu Wolf sustained major injuries. If the situation did not change, then this would turn into a battle of stamina.

Dylan and Yilan saw Altyria hidden up in the bamboo trees. Her eyes glowed with a silver color as she stared intently at the Zizhi Wolf.

“What do you think Altyria is doing? Do you think she was the one who made our attacks stronger?” Yilan pondered as she stared at Altyria in the bamboo trees.

“Maybe. We don’t really know much about Sister’s powers yet. Anyway, perhaps she has a way to help end this drawn out battle. After destroying those 50 wolf spirits, the branch task is completed.” Dylan said as he glanced at the system menu.

Main Task

  • Main Task: Destroy the Zizhu Wolf Spirit.

Branch Task

  • Destroy/seal 100 spirits: 123/100 (Completed)

“You’re right. Let’s go help Chrome.” Yilan ran towards the area where Chrome and the Zizhu Wolf were fighting.

She threw her silver needles at the giant silver wolf spirit; however, the needles did not penetrate its skin. Instead, the needles bounced off its fur and fell to the ground.

Yilan frowned and clenched her hands. She knew that she often could not help out during battle because of her lack of power. Her needles were good enough for fighting against low ranked opponents; however, once she met a high ranked opponent, she was unable to do any damage.

In the beginning, she was only a healer, not a fighter. It was only when they started fighting frequently that she decided to help out in battle as well. She trained rigorously to increase her accuracy when throwing these needles. She increased her knowledge in plants and herbs, so she could develop medicine that could heal wounds during battle or cure toxins.


That’s right! Toxins! Yilan’s eyes brightened. Poisons go hand in hand with medicine. She had to study toxins when she was trying to find a cure for some diseases or when she discovered a new type pf plant or herb. She still had some of these toxins with her.

Yilan took out some small bottles. These had a paralyzing effect. Perhaps these would work on the Zizhu Wolf.

During this time, Dylan had already joined the battle with Chrome. Dylan could not get close to the Zizhu Wolf, so he could only punch his fists towards the giant wolf spirit. Lightning bolts would shoot out from his gloves and strike the wolf spirit. These lightning bolts did some damage and sometimes stunned the wolf spirit. When the wolf spirit was stunned, Chrome immediately took the opportunity to cut large wounds on its body, so it would slowly bleed and weaken.

Altyria was also ready to cast her illusion on the Zizhu Wolf. She had been condensing spiritual power in her eyes. Normally, she would not need to do this, but her spiritual power rank was too low. If her spiritual power rank was higher, she could cast the illusion instantly.

Now that she was ready, Altyria was waiting for the perfect opening to cast the illusion. It would be best if the wolf spirit looked straight at her eyes since it was a rank A spirit, which was way stronger than her. That way, the illusion would have 100% effect on it.

At this time, the Zizhu Wolf was furious. These humans dared to injure it and cause it to bleed. The power in its body pulsated, causing its fangs to grow larger and its claws to become sharper.

Chrome and Dylan saw these changes and quickly retreated to a distance. Yilan was hiding at the side waiting for the chance to throw her bottles of paralyzing toxins at the wolf spirit. Altyria jumped through the bamboo trees until she got closer to the Zizhu Wolf.

The Zizhu Wolf howled in anger, and then it disappeared, leaving only a gust of wind. In a flash, it appeared right in front of Chrome with its mouth stretched wide open. Chrome hurriedly blocked with his sword, but he was still too late. Its fangs sank deep into his left shoulder, but he managed to stop the fangs from going deeper with his sword.

Dylan shouted: “Chrome!”

Dylan charged towards Chrome and pounded his fists at the Zizhu Wolf’s head. At the same time, Yilan swiftly threw her silver needles at its eyes.

The Zizhu Wolf saw the needles and quickly closed its eyes. As for Dylan, who was pounding on its head, it simply ignored him since he wasn’t doing much damage. It only focused on Chrome. Chrome’s sword was able to pierce its skin, so Chrome was the one it decided to get rid of first.

Altyria, who saw that the Zizhu Wolf had bitten Chrome and was not letting go, almost went crazy. She screeched jumped from the bamboo tree down onto the wolf spirit’s back without any hesitation. Once she landed on its back, she sank her claws deep into its skin and ripped a small chunk of meat out.

Chrome was enduring the pain from his left shoulder as he tried to appease Altyria through the soul bond. He could feel that her emotions were out of control.

In the next moment, he saw her jump down from the bamboo tree and land on the wolf spirit’s back.

“Alti, don’t!”

Chrome used all his strength to break the Zizhu Wolf’s fang and stepped away from the Zizhu Wolf’s jaw. The moment he managed to escape from its jaw, the Zizhu Wolf covered itself in its purple flames as it howled in pain.




Chrome, Yilan, and Dylan cried out in desperation. Everything happened too quickly that they did not have time to react. Chrome ignored his heavy injuries and ran towards the Zizhu Wolf that had ran several meters away and wrapped itself in purple flames.

However, before Chrome got close to it, he saw a white flash that appeared in front of the Zizhu Wolf. After that white flash appeared in front of the wolf spirit, the wolf spirit suddenly started clawing itself. The purple flames that had protected it began to slowly burn its fur and skin.


Chrome reached out and hugged Altyria, who had fainted on the ground near the wolf spirit.

The white flash that Chrome saw was Altyria. After she had ripped a chunk of meat from the Zizhu Wolf, it immediately burst out its purple flames. Luckily Chrome had already escaped, so Altyria did not worry so much. She had seconds to escape from the flames, but she was not quick enough. Altyria still got burned. She swiftly jumped into the air and spun in circles towards the head of the Zizhu Wolf.

The Zizhu Wolf was enraged at the injury she caused so it had glared at her. Unintentionally, it allowed Altyria to easily cast the illusion when its eyes met her silver-glowing blue eyes. The illusion immediately came into effect as the Zizhu Wolf started injuring and burning itself.

However, Altyria’s body could no longer support her and lost consciousness. She had spiritual overdraft and burn injuries. Her body was already damaged because of overusing her soul power and now needed time to recover.

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