HAWRR Chapter 121

Chapter 121 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (6)

“It seems that I came late?” A low male voice was heard.

Gu Shengyin looked towards the direction of the sound.

She recognized him at first sight. This man was Ludwig Gardner.

Although Ruan Keyi had not seen this man in person, she had seen this face many times in magazines.

But some people, only by seeing them in person could you feel their charm.

Ludwig Gardner’s five facial features were undoubtedly handsome. Whether it was the eyebrows, eyes, nose, or even his lips were praised by countless people. There was no place that was not perfect.

However, anyone who saw him in person, the first thing that they paid attention to was absolutely not his appearance, but his temperament.

It was as if they were facing a King, a God. They would feel that they were imprisoned in his omnipresent domain.

This was precisely the atmosphere of the number one supermodel.

Kevin said: “Hey! You are late today. Remember to invite us for dinner this evening!”

Ludwig’s beautiful blue eyes were like the deep starry sky, and his smile was extremely fascinating: “No problem.”

He turned his head: “So, allow me to first get acquainted with these two beautiful ladies?”

Song Xixi was already stunned when she saw Ludwig. At this time, she snapped out of her daze and looked at the face that was more stunning in reality than in magazines. Her face became very red in a split second: “Hello, I am a fashion designer, Song Xixi.”

Ludwig bent down from his waist and shook hands with her.

In contrast, Gu Shengyin was calm as she greeted him: “Hello, Mr. Gardner. I have been looking forward to meeting for a long time.”

This man was so tall!

Ruan Keyi’s height was one meter seven-eight, which was already very tall. This man’s height was still taller than her. Visually estimating, his height was absolutely more than one meter nine.

Ludwig Gardner blinked and unexpectedly spoke in pure Z language: “It’s too formal calling me that. You can call me Ludwig, beautiful Miss Ruan Keyi.” When he smiled, his eyes were full of affection, causing people to be unable to help but want to indulge in it.

Gu Shengyin also smiled: “In that case, Ludwig, I hope we get along pleasantly.”

This man was really charming. If she did not already have a lover, her heart might have beat for him.

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At the side, Kevin suddenly uttered eccentrically: “Ai, poor old Kevin. No one cares about him. The lovely ladies only like young and handsome men.”

“Pu!” Gu Shengyin couldn’t help but laugh. Kevin, this old urchin, was really strange in various ways.

“Let’s take a look at the clothes.” Song Xixi remembered their business and changed the subject.

She first showed them the women’s clothing.

“Truly beautiful!” Ludwig did not conceal the astonishment in his eyes.

He looked at Ruan Keyi: “Miss Ruan is the model for this dress?”

Ruan Keyi smiled at him: “The purpose of my visit today is the same as that of Mr. Ludwig’s.”

“Then, I am truly honored.”

Song Xixi opened the cover for the men’s clothing.

This time, Ludwig seriously looked at each part of the clothing. Finally, he straightened up and said to Song Xixi: “Miss Song Xixi, you are truly an extraordinary designer!”

Song Xixi felt somewhat nervous: “In that case, Ludwig, are you willing to be my model?”

The corner of Ludwig’s mouth hooked into a fascinating curve. He did not answer her directly, but looked at Gu Shengyin: 

“If Miss Ruan is willing, I naturally have no opinions.”

Translator’s Corner:

Lovely old Kevin XD

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  1. Thank you for the chappie!! I thought Shengyin had a dog nose 😂😂 guess not. Where’s the usual hug for meeting an acquaintance 🤔 just need to be a little teeny tiny bit closer *virtual push*

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    1. In c-novels, they usually do stuff like Z country and Z language or R country and R language.

      It’s just the first letter of the pinyin for the Chinese character.
      China = Zhong Guo, Chinese = Zhong Wen
      Japan = Ri Guo, Japanese = Ri Yu


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