HAWRR Chapter 120

Chapter 120 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (5)

Sure enough, the next day, Gu Shengyin received a call from Song Xixi: “Ah, ah , ah! Do you know who the model my mentor looked for? Ludwig Gardner! That’s my male God! Having him wear my clothes for the fashion show, I can die without any regret! Ah, ah, ah!”

Gu Shengyin patiently waited for Song Xixi to vent her emotions, then asked: “Is it already set?”

Song Xixi was a little calmer now and said: “Not yet. He will come over to see my work this afternoon. You come over as well, and try the clothes to see if there is any need to change.”

Gu Shengyin nodded and called her manager: “Chen jie, I plan to attend Qinghua Fashion Week next month.”

Chen Rong was surprised: “You want to return to the fashion industry?”

Gu Shengyin shook her head and smiled: “There is no such thing. It’s just that Xixi wants to participate in this fashion week. I promised her to be her model.”

Chen Rong had some worries: “I know that you are very good friends; however, although Miss Song has talent, she had not participated in such a large event before. In case…have you considered the issue with your image?”

After finally reaching Ruan Keyi’s rank, she had to comply with her own status. She did not go on the walkway for 4 years. This time, if the effect was not satisfying, her reputation would be hit by a blow not too small.

Gu Shengyin knew that Chen Rong was thinking for her and chuckled: “If you know who the male model for Xixi is, would you still say that?”

Chen Rong was hooked with a trace of curiosity: “Oh? Who?”

Gu Shengyin spit out a name: “Ludwig Gardner.”

Chen Rong was silent for a few seconds. After a while, she said in an excited voice: “Who did you just say? I did not hear it incorrectly, Ludwig? T-Station Typhoon King, Ludwig?”

Gu Shengyin knew that this would be the reaction. This serious and even somewhat old-fashioned manager was actually Ludwig’s brain powder.

(T/N: brain powder – die-hard fan)

Her manner of speaking was light and quick: “Hey, I am going to try on the clothes this afternoon. What do you want? Group photo? Autograph?”

Chen Rong interrupted her: “Are you at home right now? I will arrive half an hour later. Such an important thing, how could your manager be absent?”

Gu Shengyin hung up the phone and tossed it aside.

She knew that Chen Rong would not stop her if she brought Ludwig out.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Not only was it because Chen Rong was his fan, but also because that man was known as the Fashion King. His fashion shows were almost never disappointing.

In the afternoon, Gu Shengyin came to Song Xixi’s home at the appointed time.

She was chatting with a gray-haired old man.

“Kevin, I haven’t seen you for a long time.” Gu Shengyin said hello to him. This person was the mentor of Song Xixi, the design director of CRUU.

“Hey, Ruan!” Kevin gave her a hug with great enthusiasm.

Two years ago, the two of them had a cooperation. At that time, Kevin tried to ask Ruan Keyi to be his exclusive model, but was rejected without any hesitation.

However, this lovely old man had always been enthusiastic with Ruan Keyi.

“Without your silhouette, the fashion industry has lost quite a lot. Ruan, listening to Xixi say, you want to be her model?” Kevin’s eyes sparkled.

Gu Shengyin nodded.

“Great!” Kevin shouted. “The first time I saw this dress, I thought of you.”

“Only you can satisfy people’s fantasy of the Ice and Snow Queen!”

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  1. I still think the use of the word “broker” is somewhat wrong…. maybe manager or something else sound better???


      1. Really? Isn’t a broker someone who buy and sell stuffs for someone else and not help “manage” their schedule…


  2. Ice and Snow Queen. Poor hubby, but doubt he cares. Seriously can’t wait for their interaction 😍😍 at time like this how I wish the second female lead to go away and stop standing in my camera frame 😂 Tyyy!!! *heart beating so fast 😥*


  3. i bet 1/4 of my chips XiXi will shout after the couple meet each other, while blasting dog food (PDA) left and right “I DEMAND TO MAKE YOUR WEDDING OUTFITS!!!”

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