HAWRR Chapter 119

Chapter 119 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (4)

That set of ‘Ice and Snow Domain’, Gu Shengyin was impressed with it, because its fame was too big.

The male model was the international top supermodel, Ludwig Gardner. The female model, Cecilia, was not very famous, but she became one of the hottest female supermodels thanks to this fashion show.

At that time, Song Xixi was not very famous. Although she did not know why Ludwig, who was already a big international player, would choose this set of clothes, Gu Shengyin was not willing to give up this opportunity this time.

“Xixi, are you going to attend this Qinghua International Fashion Week?” Gu Shengyin asked Song Xixi, who held clothes against her body for measurement.

Song Xixi’s actions paused: “How did you know?”

She was a little surprised. She did not tell anyone about this. Qinghua Fashion Week was one of the top fashion weeks in the world. Although she was encouraged by her mentor, Kevin, the international luxury brand CRUU design director, she was ready to bring her work to this fashion show. However, she did not tell anyone.

This girl was still not confident at all. She was afraid of being told that she was not self-reliant.

Gu Shengyin said with a smile: “We grew up together. What you are thinking of, how could I not know?”

She went on saying: “When will it be? I will be your model, is that okay?”

Song Xixi, this time, was not just surprised, but pleasantly surprised.

She knew how good Ruan Keyi was in the field of modeling. So many international fashion brands had been vying to invite her to be their global spokesperson; however, since she switched to the entertainment circle 4 years ago, she had never appeared on any fashion shows.

She was willing to set foot on the walkway again for herself.

Gu Shengyin looked at Song Xixi, who seemed to be touched and crying. She said: “Okay, I also believe in your talent. I bet you can make me the limelight with your latest clothes. If your clothes are too ugly, I might back out!”

 Song Xixi exhaled her breath. When her design was mentioned, her eyes lit up like stars: “Let’s go! I’ll take you to see it!”

She took Gu Shengyin and walked straight until they arrived to the innermost room.

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Song Xixi took out the key and opened the door. Gu Shengyin discovered that this huge room was astonishing, but only two clothes were in this room.

Song Xixi went to one of the hangers and opened the cover that covered the clothes.

Gu Shengyin’s eyes widened for a moment.

“It’s beautiful!” What appeared was a silver-white woman’s dress. The neckline had gorgeous laces, and the fabric material used for this dress was a light and elegant silk. The touches and drops were all perfect. The sleeves were transparent, and the skirt had blossoming snowflakes layered on it. It was decorated with numerous tiny diamonds, like countless snowflakes descending around the body.

Luxury could not be produced locally.

Gu Shengyin exclaimed in astonishment. At a first glance, she saw that this dress was inlaid with at least several hundred diamond fragments.

Song Xixi looked at Gu Shengyin’s eyes, and also felt delighted: “How is it?”

Gu Shengyin took a deep breath. Looking at her sincerely, she said: “Xixi, you will shock the whole world!”

Song Xixi did not expect to receive this kind of high praise, but she was very happy: “Then, I will borrow your words!”

Gu Shengyin asked: “The male model candidate, have you decided yet?”

Song Xixi shook her head: “My mentor had seen my work. He said that he has a suitable candidate for the male model.”

Gu Sehgnyin clearly understood. It turned out that Kevin came forward. It was no wonder that Ludwig had chosen Song Xixi’s work.

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5 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 119”

  1. Eventhough it’s not confirm, I believe hubby is the gardener 😂 such a cute nickname. First time seeing a foreigner and a local as a pair in a quick transmigration novel like this. Feels so fresh. Now I can see why Jiamin thinks favorably of this arc. Cause I’m damn looking at this favourably too 😍


  2. I think the male lead remember his feelings for her in every arc🤔 he always try to find her based on the clues he said here and there😅 I would love to see their interactions 😍


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