A New Beginning Chapter – 22

The Zizhu Wolf howled loudly and the 50 gray wolf spirits charged at them.

Dylan ran straight up to the 50 gray wolf spirits. Once he was 1 meter away, he leapt into the air and slammed one his fist on the ground where the wolf spirits were. Lightning burst from his glove shocking the surrounding wolf spirits. His bonus skill also activated, causing the wolf spirits to be stunned for a few seconds.

Yilan took advantage of the wolf spirits being stunned, and she threw multiple silver needles. The silver needles penetrated into the body of the wolf spirits, but it was not deep enough to hit the acupuncture points to kill them.

The wolf spirits yelped in pain. 20 gray wolf spirits changed their targets and rushed towards Yilan, who was several meters away. She quickly threw her needles aiming at their eyes since the needles could not penetrate their skin deep enough. 5 of them were hit in the eyes, but the rest managed to avoid getting their eyes pierced by the silver needle.

As they got closer to Yilan, she had to run around towards Dylan for cover. She was not good at close-ranged combat, and her needles were not enough to kill the wolf spirits.

“Dylan! Help!” Yilan screamed while running for her life towards him.

Dylan punched a wolf spirit in the face. The lightning from the glove blasted into the wolf spirit’s head, causing it to die. He was in the middle of dodging 21 wolf spirits that were attacking him when he heard his sister scream for help. 4 wolf spirits were already destroyed by him.

He blasted the ground with lightning to stun the wolf spirits before turning his head towards the direction of her voice and saw her running in his direction. 1 meter behind her was the 20 wolf spirits chasing hotly after her.

Dylan: “…”

Dylan felt a little helpless about this younger sister who had no experience in close-ranged combat. It seemed that he should teach her some moves; otherwise she would run into this situation every time she fought. The other times, Boss was there to help. This time, he was there to help. But what if neither of them were there?

He shook his head and dashed towards her. He leapt into the air once again, and slammed his fist onto the ground in the middle of the group of wolf spirits. Blasts of lightning struck the wolf spirits, causing some of them to be roasted on the spot. Yilan stopped running and threw a handful of needles towards the wolf spirits’ heads.

Like this, Dylan became Yilan’s meat shield. He blocked the wolf spirits from getting close to Yilan, and Yilan would throw needles at the wolf spirits’ forehead or eyes whenever she had the chance.

On Chrome’s side, the Zizhu Wolf rushed towards Chrome after it had howled. Chrome had drawn his sword the moment when the Zizhu Wolf made its move.

Moonwalker’s Will (Temporarily Sealed)

Attack: 60 (250)(Sealed)

Attack Speed: +2%

Item Description: A sword created during the full moon, causing it to absorb the moon’s energy.

Bonus property: Increases one’s movement speed by 3% when the moon is out. (Sealed)

Chrome raised his sword to block the Zizhu Wolf’s open mouth. He quickly manipulated the space around the Zizhu Wolf. The space around it suddenly compressed causing the Zizhu Wolf to struggle trying to get free.

Chrome took a step back and raised his sword to stab the wolf when it its eyes turned red. Sensing an incoming danger, Chrome swiftly retreated from the Zizhu Wolf. Just when Chrome retreated, purple flames burst from its body.

Chrome frowned. He couldn’t get close to the Zizhu Wolf if it used its purple flames.

The red-eyed Zizhu Wolf managed to free itself and growled with rage.

It had been the ruler of this bamboo forest for hundreds of years. It had recently woken up from its slumber only to find that humans were in its territory. No one dared to bother or touch its territory as long as it remembered. It felt like its authority was being challenged; thus, it ordered its subordinates to attack any human that appeared in this small courtyard.

The first 3 victims to be attacked by the wolf spirits were students that had sneaked into the courtyard during lunch. The students claimed to be chased and bitten by large gray wolves, but nobody believed them. There were no wolves in the city, much less in this school, which was located near the center of the city. At most, the teachers thought the students had been bitten by large stray dogs that had gotten into the small courtyard.

However, when the wolf spirits attacked a second group of victims, a teacher happened to be nearby. The second group of victims was the construction workers who worked on the maintenance of the buildings in the small courtyard. That teacher had managed to escape from the wolves and ran to call for help. The Principal and other teachers could not deny it this time and had to believe that there were wolves. These two incidents occurred whenever there was a full moon. Thus, the Principal sealed off the small courtyard whenever it was the day of a full moon. Chrome’s team was also called to deal with this group of wolves.

Altyria worriedly watched Chrome. The Zizhu Wolf’s speed was quite fast and was on par with Chrome. Although Chrome had a powerful sword, it was sealed because of this world’s restrictions. Moreover, the Zizhu Wolf used its purple flames to block off Chrome’s sword. Altyria saw Chrome use his space powers a couple times, but it was limited to special compression and teleporting. She assumed that some of Chrome’s power was sealed, just like how her SS ranked soul power was sealed and reduced to rank C.

Altyria frowned, her mind spun in circles trying to think of any helpful spiritual arrays that she could use to help Chrome.

Slow it down? No, even if the Zizhu Wolf had its speed reduced, it still had its purple flames. She had to do something to prevent the Zizhu Wolf from using its purple flame.

She stared intently at Chrome as he constantly dodged the Zizhu Wolf’s attacks. Chrome never had a chance to be on the offensive side since purple flames would blast towards him whenever he got close.

[Oh, that’s right! I totally forgot about illusions!] Altyria’s eyes lit up. She had not used illusions in a long time.

However, in the next second, her ears drooped. Her spiritual power was only rank F+ right now. She wasn’t sure if it would work against a rank A spiritual beast.

Altyria shook her head. It was better to try it out than to sit here and watch everyone fight. She decided to set a spiritual array that amplified her team’s weapon effect. With her current spiritual power, it would take about 6 minutes to set up a strong spiritual array.

6 minutes slowly passed, and Altyria finally set the spiritual array. Next, Altyria focused on condensing her spiritual power to cast an illusion on the Zizhu Wolf.

The moment the spiritual array came into effect, Dylan’s lightning blasts became more destructive and caused more damage. Yilan’s silver needles were finally able to deeply penetrate into the wolf spirits’ bodies hitting their acupuncture points. One by one, the gray wolf spirits were slowly destroyed until none of them were left.

“Phew! The workout today is even more tiring than yesterday.” Dylan wiped his nonexistent sweat.

Yilan ignored what Dylan said and asked, “Did you notice how your lightning attacks suddenly got stronger and how my needles were able to penetrate the wolf spirit’s body?”

“Yeah, what about it? It’s a good thing for us, so I wouldn’t worry too much.” Dylan shrugged and looked towards the direction where Chrome was fighting with the Zizhu Wolf.

“Well, yeah…But…”Yilan started to speak when she suddenly remembered. “Where is Altyria?”

“Hmm? Sister?” Dylan looked around the area. He noticed something white among the bamboo trees. “Over there!”

Yilan looked at where he pointed. She was about to call out to Altyria when she noticed that Altyria’s eyes were glowing silver.

Author’s Note:

Attack: 60 (250) -> This means that the attack power was 250, but because of the seal, the attack power was reduced to 60.

Similarly, in the previous chapter with Altyria’s stats, it showed Soul Power: Rank C (SS). Her soul power was originally Rank SS, but was reduced to Rank C because of the world restriction.

Each world’s restriction depends on the rank of the world. The higher the rank, the less restrictions placed.

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  1. Oh darn. The author stopped writing. I hope the author regains inspiration, this is a fairly interesting story so far.


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