HAWRR Chapter 117

Chapter 117 – Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (2)

The soul that occupied Ming Shujia’s body was the Ming Shujia from 10 years in the future. She clearly knew which of the current scripts would be dark horses and which ones would explode red.

(T/N: dark horse: unexpected winner)

Such a big golden finger, Ming Shujia wanting to become red was not difficult.

If it was only this, Ruan Keyi and Ming Shujia would unlikely have too much intersection, let alone have any hatred and desire for revenge.

However,  Ruan Keyi was one of the rare clean-living and honest actress in the entertainment circle. She had fame, strength, and capital. It was unnecessary for her to rely on those things to build a momentum and fight for resources for herself.

(T/N: clean-living and honest – to keep one’s hands clean;

capital – $$$)

On the other hand, Ming Shujia did not.

Therefore, in the process of accompanying an investor to participate in a banquet, Ming Shujia ran into a friend, who was having a meal with Ruan Keyi.

For a female celebrity to have this kind of affair be spread out, especially if the incident of Ming Shujia, who was walking the path of a youth literary line, drinking with an investor was burst out, her life as a celebrity was basically destroyed.

In fact, at that time, the two of them merely glanced at each other. Ming Shujia put on heavy makeup and a gaudy dress. Ruan Keyi did not recognize her at all.

However, the next day, Ming Shujia was still exposed by the news of “Very Late at Night, a Rich Merchant Amusing Himself”.

Although the photos were only shadows and had no substantial evidence, the public relations team of Ming Shujia’s entertainment company had dealt with it very swiftly. Ming Shujia had not been affected by it.

However, she hated Ruan Keyi. She believed that it was her who spread the news to the media, and put her in a dangerous situation.

Ming Shujia’s retaliation came very quickly. She was aware of some inside stories that other people did not know of. She even secretly colluded with a younger brother of a second generation rich family, who fell in love with Her Majesty Queen. As long as he promised to do something for her, she’ll help him get Ruan Keyi.

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

The two conspired to drug Ruan Keyi at the next wine reception. The rich second generation could not help but loot a burning house and seized Ruan Keyi. He even deliberately leaked this news to the media.

(T/N: to loot a burning house – to profit from someone’s misfortune)

Ruan Keyi’s reputation fell all the way to the bottom.

At this time, the rich second generation expressed his love for her and was willing to marry her. At that time, Ruan Keyi, who was deeply touched, married him regardless of her manager’s opposition.

However, shortly after their marriage, she found that the rich second generation was not loyal to their marriage. There were other women outside. She was angry; however, it was only exchanged with her husband’s scornful ridicule: “It was just a one-man show. Did you really think of yourself as Her Majesty Queen?”

Ruan Keyi demanded to divorce, but her husband threatened her with ***, and caused her unbearable pain. Her parents, who were university professors, were also dismissed by the school because of her affairs. After a few years of being muddleheaded, she eventually embarked on the path of no return and committed suicide.

Ming Shujia, on the other hand, went down a path relying on her ‘unique’ vision, rode the wind, and became the new Film Queen.

Gu Shengyin let time pass. Now, Ming Shujia had just received a literary film that would allow her to change her fate. The cast and crew just selected a good role. In other words, today’s Ming Shujia was still the small artist who was struggling outside as an 18th line actress.

Gu Shengyin did not put Ming Shujia in her heart. With Ruan Keyi’s current class, she did not even need to show up personally if she wanted to mess with Ming Shujia.

She pondered, then said to the system: “System, help me collect photos of Ming Shujia accompanying the investor to drink. I want to let her have a yellow role.”

(T/N: yellow role – equivalent to being a slut, I think

黄[huang] is used here and could mean yellow/pornographic/to fall through)

As far as she knew, during Ming Shujia’s early stage, this kind of wine reception was participated not too less. 

The system was very efficient in collecting information. In less than one hour, multiple photos of a certain actress’ unspoken rules appeared on the 8 major forums.

Translator’s Corner:

Here’s your 7th chapter for this week~


Sorry if the second to last sentence was confusing. I tried to keep it the same as the raws, but it basically means that Ming Shujia participated in those drinking parties often.

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