HAWRR Chapter 116

Chapter 116 – Film Queen of the Entertainment Circle vs. Lucky Newcomer (1)

Gu Shengyin found herself in a car.

Sitting next to her, a capable-looking woman, dressed in a black business suit wearing a gold-rimmed glasses, saw her wake up, and handed her a bottle of water from the handbag next to her: “Today was exhausting, right? I will help you give them a notice to push things back to next week. Get some good rest.”

Gu Shengyin said cheerfully: “Thank you, Chen jie.”

The name of this world’s original body’s name was Ruan Keyi, who was currently the country’s well known Film Queen. The woman dressed in a black suit was her manager, Chen Rong.

Ruan Keyi was born to be a model. She was born with a good foundation: thin waist, long legs, and delicate five facial features. At the age of 18, she won the international supermodel competition and entered people’s eyes. In two years, she got promoted to a higher position in the international supermodel ranks. At the age of 20, she began to march towards the entertainment circle. Now, at the age of 24, she was fully deserving, without any reservation as the number one female actress among all of the nation’s actresses.

(T/N: fully deserving, without any reservation – entirely worthy of a title, honor, etc)

Because of her background as a supermodel, Ruan Keyi had a formidable atmosphere. People standing around her often had a feeling of being suppressed. Therefore, Ruan Keyi was called ‘Her Majesty Queen’ by her amiable fans.

Only Chen Rong knew that ‘Her Majesty Queen’, who was formidable and imposing in front of her fans, was secretly a little pink princess.

The car soon arrived at the apartment where Ruan Keyi lived.

This was the place that her entertainment company, Xing Yu, provided to Ruan Keyi. It was located at one of the famous wealthy areas in Qinghua City. The security measures were excellent, and it was difficult for the paparazzi to come in.

Chen Rong personally sent Gu Shengyin to the room’s door and watched her enter before leaving.

Gu Shengyin felt her body was tense and lacked strength. In the previous world, she was a Sword Saint and had never felt this kind of feeling.

She walked into the bathroom, filled the bathtub with hot water, put a couple drops of essential oils, climbed in, and comfortably groaned. She began to sort out the information about this world in her mind.

The original Ruan Keyi, at the moment, already enjoyed the reputation of an international Film Queen, and her target was still playing the role of a small supporting character.

Ming Shujia. 

This woman was about the same age as Ruan Keyi, but her fate was completely different.

Her beauty was common among the entertainment circle. Her five facial features were not too distinguishing. Since her debut, she was not hot and made small investments in some scripts. Even in these scripts, she could only play as a supporting role.

(T/N: not hot – not popular)

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But in her 24 years, this year, it seemed that the time had come, fortune turned.

(T/N: the time comes, fortune turns – things change for the better)

First, a director of a small-cost literary film took a fancy to her, and notified her to audition for the female lead. No one knew that this unremarkable literary film actually took the best film award at the international prestigious film festival. Although she did not get the best actress award, she also became a hit and quickly entered people’s eyes.

Following that, all kinds of good things came one after another. She continuously received several scripts that had no prominent reputation. However, after releasing the film, it received public praise that was not bad. She gradually got promoted from an 18-line small actress to a higher position and entered the ranks of the current popular small artists.

Everyone regarded this as her having really good luck. Even the media called her ‘the luckiest actress of the year’.

However, Gu Shengyin knew that this was not because of how much luck she had, but Ming Shujia, at this time, was simply not Ming Shujia. The original Ming Shujia fell down when she was hung by Wei Ya, and entered the hospital with a cerebral concussion. When this person woke up, nobody knew that her soul had changed.

Translator’s Corner:

Ke(珂) – jade-like stone

Yi(仪) – rites, ceremony appearance


Ming[明]: bright

Shu[舒]: relax/leisure

Jia[佳]: beautiful


jie – older sister


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