A New Beginning Chapter – 20

Duanxin High School.

When Chrome and Altyria arrived, the students were all in class, so the campus ground was empty. Chrome had called the school’s principal when they left the apartment. He walked straight to the Principal’s office.

Knock, knock.

“Come in.”

The Principal raised his head to see who came in. He saw a tall young man dressed in casual clothing. His black hair had streaks of silver, and he held a pure white cat that had beautiful blue eyes.

“You are…”

“I’m Chrome from the YSA Agency. I called you a couple minutes ago.”

“Ah, yes, yes! I am Han Chenxi, the principal of this high school. Someone from your agency came yesterday. Unfortunately, the small courtyard was being fixed…”

Altyria studied this middle-aged man. This Principal had a small pot-belly. His eyes wrinkled every time he smiled, and he had an upright manner. The hair on his head was thin. Altyria estimated that he would become bald at this rate.

If the Principal was beginning to lose hair at this age, then…Altyria looked at Chrome, who was talking to the Principal.

Chrome felt Altyria’s gaze and gently stroked her back as he replied to the Principal.

“So far, my partner did not find anything abnormal on the school campus. Perhaps, the recent incidents are caused by something in the small courtyard.”

“Then, I’ll leave this matter to you. I have already informed the guard to let you in, but you’ll have to be careful. The maintenance has not yet been finished, so there are a lot of construction tools lying around.”

Chrome nodded and left the office.

“So, what happened, wife?” Chrome looked at his little wife in his arms. He noticed her looking at him with a weird gaze, but he couldn’t ask her when he was still talking to the Principal.

[That Principal was already losing his head hair at that age. I was wondering if that would happen to you as well.] Altyria looked at Chrome with innocent eyes, then she glance at his hair.

Chrome: “…”

Chrome roughly rubbed her little white head before saying, “Naughty. That might happen if I was human, but I am not.” He paused for a second, “Wife, do you want me to become bald. If you prefer a bald man, then I can…”

[No! I do not want you to become bald! You won’t look as handsome as now!] Altyria refuted directly.

[If you become bald, then I’ll…I’ll…] Altyria’s mind spun in circles, [I’ll draw on your head.]

Chrome chuckled. “Then, I will have to make sure that I don’t become bald.”

The two of them chatted until they reached the small courtyard at the back of the school.

A guard stood at the entrance and noticed their arrival.

“Are you from the YSA Agency?” The guard trotted up to Chrome.

Chrome nodded.

“I’ve been instructed by the Principal to assist you during your investigation. I have to watch the entrance to prevent kids from sneaking in, so I can’t enter with you.” The guard took out a key and unlocked the gate of the small courtyard.

“I have two partners that will arrive later. They’ll show our agency badge to you when they arrive.” Chrome said as he let the guard see his agency badge. Then, he took out his phone and sent a text in the group chat before walking in.

Altyria glanced around at this courtyard. The buildings were under construction and were not safe to enter. Surrounding the buildings were lush plants and beautiful flowers. Chrome leisurely strolled through the garden in the courtyard.

[I don’t sense any spirits here, and the task did not update…] Altyria felt somewhat puzzled. She was not sure what they were supposed to be looking for.

“It’s ok. Just treat it as taking a stroll in the garden. We’ll complete the task eventually.” Chrome caressed her back.

Suddenly, a path appeared to the side of them. It led deep into a bamboo forest.


“This must be the spot.” Chrome marked the ground and walked down the path into the bamboo forest.

On Yilan and Dylan’s side, they just finished stuffing their stomach full.

“Dylan! Hurry and clean the dishes! We’ll be given the cold eye by the Boss if we take too long!”

“Lan Lan, what are you talking about? The Boss already gives us the cold eye.” Dylan retorted.

Yilan scrambled back and forth from the dining table and the kitchen sink. She carried the dirty plates and cups to the sink to be washed before using a wet towel to wipe the table clean.

Dylan was in charge of washing the dishes.

“I don’t care! Just clean faster.”

“I’m already washing the fastest I can. If I wash any faster, it would not be clean, and you know how the Boss hates dirty plates.”

The two finally finished washing and cleaning everything after 15 minutes.


Their phones made a sound indicating that they got a text message. They checked the message and saw that it was from their Boss.

It said: Small courtyard in 20 minutes.

“20 minutes?! We haven’t even left the house yet.” Dylan yelled. “And why does Boss leave out some words every time he sends texts…”

“Who cares? As long as you can understand what he’s saying, it’s fine. Come on! Time is ticking!” Yilan said as she put on her shoes.

Dylan randomly grabbed a pair of shoes and ran out of the door with Yilan. Unfortunately for him, he had grabbed a pair of sandals when he left the apartment, so every step he took made a sound as he ran.

They rushed out of the apartment, jumped into Yilan’s red sports car, and sped towards Duanxin High School.

In the city, a red sports car raced through the streets, running through red lights and cleverly avoided any patrolling police.

“Woah! Watch out for that car!”

“Lan Lan, that’s a red light…”

“Wait, you’re driving too fast!”

Yilan and Dylan actually arrived to the school in 10 minutes thanks to Yilan’s crazy driving skills.

When they arrived, Dylan got off the car with shaky legs.

“Lan Lan, I will never sit in the car when you’re driving.” Dylan leaned against the side of the car.

“Tch, you’re just a weakling. You need to exercise more than sitting all day.” Yilan glanced at him in disdain. She noticed that he was wearing sandals and wanted to scold him for not wearing appropriate shoes when working. However, she swallowed back her words because they were running late.

“What weakling? Didn’t you see me yesterday beating up those insect spirits?!” Dylan suddenly become energized and didn’t feel weak anymore.

Yilan ignored him and walked towards the small courtyard. Seeing that he was ignored, Dylan shrugged and whistled as he followed behind his sister.

They saw a guard standing at the entrance and walked up to him.

“Hello, we’re from YSA Agency. Our partner should have already entered the courtyard.” Yilan smiled at the guard and revealed their badge.

“Ah, yes. That fellow went in already about 15 minutes ago.” The guard opened the gate for them.

The twins thanked the guard and stepped inside. They walked around for 5 minutes before they saw the mark on the ground.

“Hey Brother, Boss’ mark is on the ground there.” Yilan pointed to the mark not too far away from them.

“Boss made a mark here, but there isn’t really any—” Dylan inspected the surrounding where the mark was when a path suddenly opened before their eyes.

It was the path that led deep into the bamboo forest.

“I guess Boss already went inside. It’s already been almost half an hour.” Yilan checked her phone and sighed. “We’ll be given the cold eye.”

“Just blame traffic. Boss won’t know.” Dylan smirked as he walked into the bamboo forest.

“Hey, wait for me!” Yilan saw that she was left behind when she was looking at her phone.

The two of them followed the path that twisted and turned before arriving at an open area.

What they saw caused their mouth to twitch, yet they did not dare to make any noise.

What they saw was their Boss napping on a hammock with Altyria sleeping on his chest. His right hand rested on her back while his left hand was on the back of his head. It seemed more like he came out here looking for a good spot to nap and relax rather than completing the task.

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