A New Beginning Chapter – 19

“Alti…Alti…Alti…” Chrome repeatedly called out her name as he buried his face in her neck. He held her in his arms as he lay on the bed.

Altyria pawed his face feeling baffled by his behavior.

[What’s going on?]

She was able to feel his feelings even more clearly than before.

“Do you feel it? The soul bond changed!” Chrome couldn’t suppress the happiness that surged from the bottom of his heart.

Altyria checked the soul bond, and just as he had said, the soul bond turned gold and was more firm compared to before. She could clearly feel his joyful emotions and felt that their souls had truly become one.

[This…] Altyria knew these changes were a good thing, but she didn’t know how it became like this.

[How did it become like this? I thought that the soul bond cannot be influenced by external factors?] Altyria looked at Chrome waiting for an explanation.

Chrome gently kissed her a few times before he was satisfied.

“Soul bonding has two levels. The soul bond that you saw before was just the first level. When the soul bond turns gold, it means that it became the second level. It also indicates that both soulmates truly accepted one another in their hearts and they cannot live without one another.”

Chrome paused as he gazed into her crystal blue eyes with his dark shining eyes.

“Soul bonders on the first level may feel like they have accepted each other, but they do not fully entrust their life to the other. I guess, in simpler terms, they do not love each other as lovers do. Most Lylin pairs were at the first level of soul bonding. That is why you don’t see that intimacy between them.”

As Altyria processed Chrome’s explanation, she blushed and wished she could hide in a hole. The soul bond turning gold was equivalent to confessing her love to him. Well, it was the same the other way around, him confessing to her, but she was already aware of his feelings since he had been so straightforward from the beginning.

Chrome watched her changing expressions with a soft smile. He suddenly felt that being in human form was not a good idea. He abruptly changed into beast form and curled up with Altyria. He felt more comfortable this way because their body size were more similar.

Altyria was caught by surprise. [Hey, what are you doing?]

[Hugging you.] Chrome rested his head on her head. [Let’s sleep early tonight. We’ll go to Duanxin High School with Yilan tomorrow.] Chrome lightly patted her back with his tail before wrapping his tail with hers.

[Oh.] Altyria closed her eyes. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes. [I almost forgot! Chrome, where are my materials that I brought with me from the forest?]

Chrome blinked his eyes and the materials appeared on the bed.

[Are you setting up a spiritual array?]

[Mhmm, my spiritual power is really weak right now. I must take the time to increase it while I have the chance.] Altyria replied as she quickly set up a large spiritual array that was big enough to cover the whole apartment.

[Done!] Once she was done, Altyria could feel the world essence gathering in this apartment. Altyria flicked her ears in satisfaction and returned to bed.

Chrome once again wrapped around her and they quickly fell asleep.

An hour past, it was almost 10PM at night. Dylan and Yilan finally came back from buying what they needed.

“Don’t forget the carcasses!” Yilan shouted at her brother.

“I already grabbed it. Let’s go.” Dylan replied as he walked into the apartment complex.

As soon as they entered the 8th floor, they felt a refreshing atmosphere that was not there before. The two of them looked at each other.

“Did the Boss do something while we were gone?” Dylan asked as he put down the things in his hands and scratched his head.

“You ask me, but who do I ask?” Yilan snorted. “Whatever it is, it does not have any negative effect on us, so there is no need to worry.”

Dylan grunted. He put the carcasses in the storage room and quickly walked to the bathroom to shower. He planned to sleep early since he was exhausted after his ‘workout’ in the afternoon. Yilan brought her bags of snacks with her to the living room and turned on the TV. She did not plan on sleeping until midnight.


The sunlight shone brightly in the room. Altyria squinted as she stretched her body. She glanced at the empty bed and walked out of the room.

“Morning, Alti.” Chrome greeted her as he placed breakfast on the dining table. The sunlight shined onto his black hair, illuminating his face. His dark eyes were soft as he looked at her.

[Morning, Chrome.] Altyria felt shy as she looked at him. The more she looked at him, the more she felt that he was more handsome. She jumped onto the table and sat next to her plate.

Chrome leaned over and gave her a kiss. “Wife, good morning kiss.”

Altyria was caught off guard. She blushed at the word ‘wife’.

“Come, call me husband” Chrome softly coaxed her.

Call him husband?! It was only yesterday that she ‘confessed’ to him, yet he was already stepping onto the next stage? Wasn’t this too fast?

Chrome felt her tangled emotions and sighed in disappointment. “Well, I can wait until the day you feel comfortable calling me husband.”

He knew that he was rushing too much, but he couldn’t help himself. After all, he finally got what he wished for after so many years. He turned and walked towards the kitchen to get juice for Altyria.

Altyria felt his disappointment. Her heart was tangled at this sudden recognition in their relationship. Although nothing much had changed between them, besides being more intimate, Altyria’s mindset of ‘I’ll wait and see’ changed to the mindset of ‘he is mine’.

[Husband…good morning.] Altyria said in the lowest volume.

Chrome, who had sharp ears, heard her words. He smiled brightly as he placed the glass of juice in front of her.

The two of them gazed into each other’s eyes, their hearts were warm.

“Aaahh, gooood morning Boss, Sister!” Dylan yawned as he walked to the dining table, breaking that sweet atmosphere between Chrome and Altyria.

Altyria looked away awkwardly when she heard Dylan come to the dining area. Chrome’s gaze swept over him before sitting down next to Altyria.

Dylan saw his Boss give him a look and he paused his feet. Did he do something wrong? Seeing that Chrome sat down, he shrugged.

“Good morning everyone~” Yilan rushed to the dining table and sat in her seat.

[Good morning.] Altyria said softly.

Chrome had woken up early in the morning and made omelet rice for her. She saw the smiley face drawn with ketchup on the omelet and her eyes softened. After looking at it for a couple seconds, she started munching on it.

“Hey Boss, I was so surprised that you actually bought beds to put in the 4 bedrooms. I thought I had to sleep on the couch last night.” Yilan suddenly remembered her surprise last night as she watched Altyria eat so cutely. Her hands were itching to touch her, but she restrained herself. She did not want to get her hands chopped off.

“If you want to thank someone, thank Alti.” Chrome glanced at her before eating his breakfast.

Yilan smiled brightly to Altyria, who cutely tilted her head to the side in reply. Dylan went into the kitchen to grab himself some breakfast.

“Brother, get me some too!” Yilan shouted at him.

“Get it yourself, lazy girl.” Dylan rejected her as he sat down at the table.

Yilan pouted before heading to the kitchen.

“Sure enough, with Sister around, we get to eat delicious food every day.” Dylan sighed with happiness as he took a bite.

Chrome waited until Altyria finished eating before saying, “After you finish, head to Duanxin High School. We’ll meet you there.”

After throwing those words to them, Chrome took Altyria and left the apartment. How could he spend time alone with his wife with two large light bulbs? Of course he had to throw them off; otherwise he would not be able to be intimate with his little wife.

Author’s Note:

A fellow writer had joined me, ticklefingers! Check out his story, City Dungeon of Abyss!

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  1. Cute~ I really like their developing relationship~ I’m now wondering what’s the next arc, since I hear the words high school and immediately think school arc, though that doesn’t seem feasible xD


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