HAWRR Chapter 113

Chapter 113 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (27)

Zhao Ximing was worrying about how to get into Linquan County Manor.

Heaven Pavilion guarded the forest too tightly. He, a person at the level of a swordsman, wanting to infiltrate inside was simply no different than an idiot dreaming.

An indescribable feeling hit his heart, causing him to involuntarily walk in a certain direction.

The more he walked, the stronger the feeling was until he saw the figure lying on the ground.

Damn it!

At a glance, Zhao Ximing understood what had happened.

He rushed forward and supported Gu Shengyin body with his arm.

Taishi shuzuTaishi shuzu!” He discovered that something was wrong with Gu Shengyin. Her face was pale; her breathing was weak. He reached out and took Gu Shengyin’s pulse.

“Heaven Pavilion!” Zhao Ximing’s eyes turned red. The appearance of Taishi shuzu clearly indicated that her heart blood essence was almost exhausted!

He trembled as he tied up Gu Shengyin’s scattered clothing, then walked over to the unconscious man.

Zhao Ximing did not know why the man was in a coma, nor did he want to know. He pulled out his sword and swung it.

System: Well done!

Zhao Ximing did not dare to waste time. He fed Gu Shengyin a red supplement pill, said “offended”, and carried her to Xing Luojian Sect with all his strength.

Xuan Ke, who was fighting a powerful spiritual beast in the desolate West, suddenly felt flustered. He did not know where it came from. He only felt that it was something unbearable.

Shimei! His pupils shrank and his face turned pale.

He looked at the Moon Crown Lotus that was not fully mature yet. This was the gift he was going to give to shimei. For now, he could only give it up temporarily.

Several Daoists from Xing Luojian Sect arrived at Linquan County Manor.

Daoist Xing Yue spread out her spiritual power. The spiritual power immediately surrounded the entire courtyard of Linquan County. Even the nooks and corners were not let go, but they did not find ancestral martial aunt.

She pondered and frowned: Could the news they heard be a mistake?


She clearly saw inside one of the rooms. A woman with a thin body, which had an abnormal flush, was half-lying on the bed being fed a bowl of bright red medicine.

How was it medicine? It was clearly a bowl of blood!

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

Daoist Xing Yue suddenly remembered the rumor from the previous days. That woman, wasn’t her appearance exactly that of fire poison?

That bowl of blood? Daoist Xing Yue’s face turned black.

She did not say anything and directly drew out her sword. She hacked Linquan Manor in half.

“What happened, shimei?” Daoist Xing Yun and Daoist Xing Feng, who also came, looked at Daoist Xing Yue with surprise.

Daoist Xing Yue informed them of her previous guesses.

“How dare the Heaven Pavilion do this!” The several elders were unable to restrain their anger.

At this time, a few figures in a sorry state flashed out.

It was Xi Liufeng, Bai Xinya, and the high level guards sent by the Master of Heaven Pavilion for protection.

Even so, the sword cultivators were not so good, and they looked very embarrassed.

“Who are you, suddenly attacking my Linquan County Manor?” Xi Liufeng recognized the several elders’ Xing Luojian Sect uniforms, causing his face to change, but still showed strength while weak inside.

(T/N: showed strength while weak inside – appearing fierce while cowardly inside)

Daoist Xing Yue, once again, swung her sword towards Bai Xinya’s direction.

“Block her!” Xi Liufeng shouted at the two Sword Zuns next to him.



The two Sword Zuns joined forces to block the attack and were seriously injured. However, they were able to completely block off Daoist Xing Yue’s attack.

“Where is our ancestral martial aunt?” Daoist Xing Yue said in a frosty voice.

Xi Liufeng clenched his teeth and said: “What ancestral martial aunt? I don’t know!”

Daoist Xing Yue saw him like this and coldly snorted. She did not say anything and swung her sword.

Translator’s Corner:

I like this Daoist Xing Yue. Just wave her sword and not waiting for them to speak 😀

Daoist Xing Yue: Where is our ancestral martial aunt? What? Playing dumb? Fine, I’ll keep swinging my sword until you tell me!

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  1. The Heaven Pavilion Master is going to freak the f out when he finds out what that idiot has done.

    Offended a major power and two sword saints for a slutty white lotus.

    I cant wait for the next few chapters. They ought to be glorious.

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  2. I thought Xuan Ke was in close door cultivation? 0.0 Oh well, no matter what. You deserve punishment! Now go and give us fluff in the oncoming chapter or else we readers will beat you up (then get beaten by our Shengyin ;-; but wait the we still have the system as protection! >.<)

    Thanks for the chapter


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