Worldly Mystical Beings !


  • A mythical immortal bird that is shrouded in everlasting flames, and it flies in the upper bounds of the world, only to be seen by mortals every few thousands of years.



  • A mythical reptilian beast that lives in the deep sea caves which borders between the land and sea. This beast will attack any challenge that dares step foot into it’s territory.


Fire Dragon

  • A mythical fire-breathing beast that is said to be the strongest living dragon among all dragons. It lives in the depths of the molten earth where it slumbers for eternity unless disturbed.


Imoogi ( Lesser Dragon )

  • A mythical beast that is believed to be a serpent-like beast which resembles a dragon without wings. At times, some would refer to it as a serpent while others might refer to it as a dragon.



  • A mythical blood thirsting beast that slumbers in extremely dense forests and only awakes when intruders or food intrudes onto its territory.


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