HAWRR Chapter 112

Chapter 112 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (26)

Those words dissipated as if it had never existed.

Zhao Ximing did not dare conceal it, and directly went to the Sect Leader.

“What you said is true?” Daoist Xing He abruptly stood up from his seat.

Little ancestral martial aunt was the most important disciple that their Xing Luojian Sect cultivated, and they could not afford any mistakes.

Zhao Ximing shook his head: “Disciple only received this strange message. Whether or not it is true, it needs to be verified. I rushed over immediately to seek advice from the Sect Leader.”

Daoist Xing He looked at Zhao Ximing: “You did very well. This matter, I will handle as soon as possible.”

Daoist Xing He swept outside using his spiritual power and issued several orders.

Soon, the information that he got made his eyebrows tightly locked.

Ling Xiao zunzhe was in closed door training, Lingyun zunzhe was not in the sect, and little ancestral martial aunt was also not in the sect.

“Notify Daoists Xing Yue, Xing Yun, and Xing Feng to come to Xing Luofeng!”

Zhao Ximing did not know what Daoist Xing He decided to do. After coming down from Xing Luofeng, he used a few spiritual talismans to go to Lingquan County Manor.

Gu Shengyin felt very cold.

The feeling of her heart blood essence being forcibly extracted was really uncomfortable. Even if the system shields her from the pain, the dizziness and the feeling of her body gradually becoming cold would not disappear because of the excessive blood loss.

“Would I really die here?” she said, bracing herself.

The system seemed to say something, but Gu Shengyin did not hear it. She stumbled into sleep from her dizziness.

“Young Master, we have already extracted more than half of the heart blood essence. It is more than enough to treat the fire poison.”

Xi Liufeng nodded with satisfaction: “You did very well. Dispose this person for me, but remember to not leave any traces.”

He left with a jade bottle full of Gu Shengyin’s blood.

The person walked up to the bed. He was prepared to start, but seeing Gu Shengyin’s somewhat transparent face due to excessive blood loss, he suddenly hesitated.

He greedily looked at Gu Shengyin’s snow white face, and felt his throat become a little dry. He murmured: “It’s a pity to put this extraordinarily beautiful woman to death like this. It would be better to enjoy some pleasure before dying…”

Naturally, it could not be here or his Young Master would blame him.

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The man picked up Gu Shengyin, who remained unconscious, and left through a secret passage.

Until arriving at a desolate and uninhabited place.

“What an exquisite person…” The man’s fingers reluctantly left Gu Shengyin’s face. His eyes flashed with a trace of madness.

A proud woman of the Heavens, this kind of perfect person being scattered and smashed really causes one’s blood to boil.

He lowered his head and slowly untied Gu Shengyin’s clothes.

The system appeared to be anxious, but no matter how it called, Gu Shengyin did not respond at all.

Gu Shengyin’s belt had been untied, and her snow white robe was scattered, revealing the same snow white clothes inside.

The man couldn’t help but swallow a few times. Both of his hands were trembling with excitement, ready to take off that layer of clothing that was in the way.

Suddenly, his body shook, as if he had been attacked by an invisible force. His entire body fell softly to the ground.

The system did not pay attention to him. The items produced by the system, that man would not wake up for ten days and a half.

“Host…Host, wake up!” The system looked at the host’s face become paler, and couldn’t help but become anxious.

It had never been so annoyed at the fact that it was just a system guide, unlike some of its peers that could provide some physical help to their host.

Somebody was coming?

The system sensed the arrival of people and finally felt relieved.

Translator’s Corner:

I couldn’t wait to beat these guys up when translating this. T_T

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  1. System I have something to say: you are blessed to be her system, look at us readers – we can only read unlike you who could still help!
    Btw the system’s little monologue let me remember of Reborn As A System (Where the system’s POV is shown)


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