Crafting Profession !

Main Profession:

  • Blacksmithing — Gives the ability to smelt and mold metals and crystals into the prospective tools that you would want to make. You also learn the skill to repair tools, appraise unknown tools, and sharpen tools for strengthening.
  • Herbalist — Gives the ability to utilize herbs into making specialized potions that can be used to save or take a life. You can make potions, powders, or special liquids.
  • Cooking — Gives the ability to cook any dish you want if you have the given recipe. Any materials can be used to substitute the materials in the recipe, and it can give special bonuses when eaten.
  • Sculptor — Gives the ability to sculpt sculptures of any tier that may give stats bonuses. You can use wood, stone, gems, ice, metals, crystals, and spirit souls as mediums for sculpting.
  • Tailor — Gives the ability to sow skinned materials into many different objects or gear that can be worn or used. Depending on the materials, it can be common or mystical items.
  • Breeder — Gives the ability to tame and breed animals, beasts, and monsters in your own land. They can be taught to listen to other, and fight in combat. Monsters have a small chance to be tamed.
  • Alchemist — Gives the ability to brew products to temporarily enhance equipment or one’s self, change one’s appearance, create delirious potions, and more.
  • Crafter — Gives the ability to produce worn jewelry, enchant equipments or tools, create runes with mystical powers, and etch carvings into equipments or tools.
  • Magic Crafting — Gives the ability to mold metals and other materials together that would normally be unable to fuse together to create a variety of magic equipment.
  • Machina Engineering — Gives the ability to use any materials to craft parts used in making mechanical creations like power armors to androids.

Sub Profession:

  • Miner — Gives the ability to mine ores and crystals around the world if you have enough skill level. This sub profession goes along with the blacksmith main profession.
  • Gathering — Gives the ability to collect herbs and flowers that you can use for the herbalist and cooking main profession.
  • Farmer — Gives the ability to grow and tend to farming plants that can be used in growing herbs for herbalists, grow food products for cooking, and food products for breeders.
  • Handicraft — Gives the ability to use your hands in a more skillful way. The higher the handicraft skill, the easier it is to create complex works of art for all main professions.
  • Skinning — Gives the ability to skin animals or beasts for their fur, leather, or hide so it can be used by the tailors to create many items.
  • Grazer — Gives the ability to raise animals and some beasts
  • Brewer — Gives the ability to combine herbs, materials, and gems together into a vial to create a magic combustion reaction. It can create alchemy potions, catalyst, and more.


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