Prologue: A New Beginning!

*bang bang bang*


「Open up this door right now! I know you are in there, Umehara-san」


A woman in her early 20s stood before the door of the two-story apartment complex banging her fist furiously as her face was flushed red in anger.  Noticing that no one has opened the door yet, she grew more ticked off by the second and rained a bunch of bangs upon the door.


*bang bang bang* *bang bang bang* *bang bang click*


The lock of the door suddenly clicked during the banging and the door slowly opened up.


「Finally you opened… 」Feeling a sudden chill all over her body, the woman couldn’t finish her sentence when she notice a pair of hungry eyes licking up her body from top to bottom. Suddenly, an arm bursted out from beyond the door and gripped her wrist. Before she could even process what was going on, a pulling force dragged her into the entrance as she let out a small squeal of protest.


「Aaah… 「Landlord, you didn’t have to bang on my door so much. It’s not like I won’t pay the rent this month.」」


The landlord was completely kabedon against the closed entrance with her body sandwiched between the man before her and the door with no space to move. As they were both in close proximity between each other, the landlord had a whiff of the man’s strong male scent.  Pulling out a thick envelope from his pocket, the man tucked the envelope inside her tank top such that it was squeezed between her bosom.


「There is the money, don’t lose it now. Ah, also you shouldn’t wear just a tank top and hot pants while walking around Landlord, you might attract unwanted attention. Jaa, help yourself out the door.」


The man walked back into his air conditioned dark room while waving an arm in the air in a goodbye. The landlord burst in anger after blushing from embarrassment when she realized how she got taken advantage of and then brushed off.




Ignoring the insults that the landlord was hurling at him, Subaru picked up his phone and focused his attention back onto the mobile game, Zombie Base Defenders. Seeing how Subaru ignored her once again, the landlord stormed into the room and, like an octopus, wrapped around Subaru’s body while locking him in a sleeper choke hold. As if the choke hold did nothing to him, he continued playing as usual until his phone let out a *biing* noise.




[Unread Text Message : 1] displayed on the top of the screen so suddenly, catching Subaru off guard. Feeling the sudden urge to sate his curiosity on what the unread message was about, Subaru clicked on the message bubble to display the message.



New Text Message!



Title: -blank-



『Umehara Subaru, it is time for you to contribute to society and do something good for a change. You have exactly 5 secs to reply to this text with your answer. Failing to do so will result in some severe consequences that you probably do not wish to take because of your careless choice. I will wait for your reply soon~!』





Staring at the screen of his phone, Subaru was completely stunned and confused on what to actually do in this scenario. Does he ignore this spam text? What happens if everything said is real? What answer should he choose? What is going to happen once he choses an answer? What happens if he does not choose an answer? Many questions appeared one after another in his head.


「Is it ok to not answer, Subaru. Your 5 secs are almost up… 」


Snapping out of his trance after hearing the landlord’s words, he swiftly keyed in the word ‘No’ and was ready to hit the ‘Send’ button when another flash of ‘Unread Text Message’ popped up once again.



New Text Message!



Title: -blank-



『Well then, what nerves you have for ignoring my message. It seems like you want to be punished like a bad boy, guess it can’t be helped.』



「No way… 」


「Guess it is too late for you.」


Still clinging tightly to Subaru’s back, the landlord gave him a look of pity as if it had nothing to do with her at all. Suddenly an melodious voice echo within the realm of the room as a magic circle appeared right underneath Subaru.


I, Kaguya, shall decree upon thee under the title, Goddess of Beauty and Fertility. Umehara Subaru, you shall become my hands and feet for eternity. Heed my voice and appear before your true master!


As the voice subsided, chains appear out from within the magic circle below and wrapped around both Subaru and the landlord before they can react. The magic circle radiated brightly as the senses around them disappeared and it was replaced by the sensation of free-fall.


「Aaah, ooof~「Aaaaaaah!」」

Subaru fell face first into the soft dirt floor and he felt a second weight sudden smashing his face further into the dirt when he tried to pull his face out. The landlord quick got off of Subaru’s head when she realized what she was sitting on and that gave Subaru a second chance to pull his face out of the dirt.


A pair of small hands lifted up his face as he pulled his face out of the dirt and gently brushed off the dirt. The feeling of the soft fingers brushing against Subaru’s face caused him to be completely mesmerized, but even more mesmerizing was the glowing golden eyes before his eyes.


You are such a silly slave, getting yourself dirty right after coming here.


(Naa, who the heck is this person? Who are you to call me a slave!?)


Hehe, if you don’t believe me. Say ‘Status’ in your mind and it will be all clear.




Striking a weirdly embarrassing pose as if it was natural, Subaru called out ‘Status’ within his mind loudly. The landlord had her mouth completely wide open while the ‘goddess’ covered her small mouth and let out a giggle.



Name: Subaru Umehara

Level: 1

Race: Human

Class: None

Profession: None

Title: 《Goddess Kaguya’s Blessing》《Goddess’ Slave》《Goddess’ Love》 《Summoned Person》《Otherworldly Person》

Skills:  | Sword 2 | 10X Experience UP | Experience Share | Enslave | Concentration EX | Appraisal EX |



「… what the heck is this!」


Holding his head, Subaru was twisting about in a strange manner, feeling that everything that is happening right now is a lie.


How does it feel to know the truth about everything? Oh, the young lady over there, you can also do the same thing and view your own status as well. Though you weren’t supposed to be here on this side, but I granted you some ability as well.


The goddess held a hand on her blushing cheek and smiled at Subaru’s current appearance of suffering before turning her attention over to the landlord. Hearing that she could also do the same thing, the landlord recited ‘Status’ in her mind quietly.



Name: Aoba Izuhara

Level: 1

Race: Human

Class: None

Profession: None

Title: 《Goddess Kaguya’s Blessing》《Summoned Person》《Otherworldly Person》

Skills:  | Punching 5 | Cooking 3 | Appraisal EX |



Aoba’s status was much more normal than Subaru’s amazing titles and skills. The goddess clapped her hand twice to gain both of their attention.


Now that most of the formalities have been dealt with, Subaru, you will have to complete tasks that I set for you in the form of quests. You will be able to complete them alone or with others. It is not limited to only Aoba but includes even residents of this world. That is all I will say, any further would make it no fun.


Walking up to Subaru, the goddess gently touched his right wrist and suddenly disappeared from the spot she once was along with a bright light.  What remained was a beautiful crystal gemmed dual ring bracelet on Subaru’s wrist.
I will rest here. Everything else will be up to both of your own personal discretion~ hehehe.

ToC     >>

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