A New Beginning Chapter – 18

After 20 minutes, all the plates, pots, pans, and other kitchenware were all washed and cleaned. Dylan and Yilan wiped the kitchen counter and dining table clean with a towel.

Knock, knock.

The door to the study was knocked.

“Come in.”

Dylan opened the door and walked in with Yilan.

Yilan went straight to the couch where Altyria was reading novels on the tablet and sat down.

Yilan sat took close to Altyria and her tablet, causing Altyria to move aside.

“Ah, I feel so tired.” Yilan said as she got comfortable on the couch.

Chrome glanced at Yilan lying on the couch close to Altyria. His brows furrowed in dissatisfaction.

Dylan noticed Chrome’s dark expression and quickly pulled Yilan to the other couch.

“Hey! What are you—” Yilan shouted before noticing Chrome’s dark face. “Oh, hehe. Hey, Boss, did you see the branch task progress?”

“Ah.” Chrome replied faintly.

At this time, Altyria’s attracted by this topic. [You guys found so many spirits? It was 26 spirits total.]

Dylan sat up straight feeling proud. “Yeah, we went to Sunset Village and walked around for about an hour, yet we did not find anything. It wasn’t until we sat down at a café that the spirit-detecting device finally had a reaction.”

Dylan started telling how they ran to the area where the insect spirits were and set up the devices. When he started talking about how he beat the spirit insects with his fists, Yilan sighed loudly.

“Oh, you should have seen how he was punching those spirit insects. He acted like a total madman. If I did not know who he was, I would have called the police on him.” Yilan shook her head in exasperation.

“How could you say that? I’m your brother!” Dylan exclaimed.

“It’s because you are my brother that I didn’t call the police on you.” Yilan rolled her eyes.

Altyria thought how the two of them got along together was amusing. It reminded her a bit of how she used to be with her best friend before her best friend met that person and suddenly changed…Altyria shook her head. It was something of the past now. She had a new life and people who she could trust.

Chrome was her soulmate, so she could whole-heartedly trust him and not worry about betrayal. Chrome trusted Dylan and Yilan, so Altyria also trusted them as well to a certain extent.

She looked at Chrome, who ignored the twins and continued reading the paperwork on his desk.

Although only 20 minutes passed, her reading speed was very fast thanks to her spiritual power. In these 20 minutes, she had realized that her feelings were the same as described in the romance novels. It turned out that her heart had already fallen for him.

Sensing Altyria’s gaze, he looked up, and their eyes met. Chrome’s expression softened as he got up and walked over to Altyria.

He asked softly, “Are you bored? I ordered some materials that you could use for spiritual arrays. I wasn’t sure which ones were needed, so I bought all of them.” His hand gently caressed Altyria’s head.

Altyria stared at Chrome’s face as countless thoughts flashed through her mind. He usually had a cold expression that kept people at a distance away. Only when he was facing her, he would soften his expression.

A man who would show concern for you.

A man who wouldn’t hesitate to lower himself for you.

A man who would try to make you happy.

A man who would only be hot towards you and cold towards other.

A man who would do everything to make your wishes come true without hesitation.

Could she ask for more? No, all she wanted was his heart.

Why did she want his heart? Was it because they were soulmates so she would feel possessive? But some of the Lylin pairs were not possessive of each other.

Based on these novels, she should be in love.

Since when did she fall in love? Was it when he gave her grilled fish? Or during the one month trial period that he spent with her? She did not know.

Right now, she only wanted to be with this man, her soulmate. Yes, her soulmate, the other half of her soul. He was one who would accompany her for an eternity, and she was the one who would accompany him. This fact would never change.

At this thought, the thin thread that connected their souls suddenly glowed. Chrome, who had been staring at Altyria with a worried expression because she was staring at him with a blank expression, felt the change in the soul bond. That thin thread had a golden glow and grew stronger. Chrome’s eyes turned ecstatic. This change indicated that Altyria had fully accepted him in her heart. Only when both soulmates truly accepted each other in their hearts would it turn gold.

Altyria blinked her eyes at this change. She looked at Chrome with a puzzled expression. What happened?

Without a word, Chrome picked her up and walked out of the study. If one paid close attention, they would find that he was walking faster than normal.

Dylan and Yilan had been bickering with each other when they saw Chrome walk up to Altyria, who appeared to be in a daze. Yilan saw Chrome’s soft expression and heard his gentle voice when he was talking to Altyria. She was shocked as if she had just seen a ghost.

She turned to look at Dylan. Are my eyes playing tricks on me?

Dylan shook his head. Your eyes are not wrong.

He patted her shoulders when Chrome suddenly picked up Altyria and left without a word. Dylan and Yilan looked at each other.

“What now?” Yilan asked.

“Go to sleep early, I guess. You could go watch TV if you want, but I’m going to crash here for the night.” Dylan ran a hand through his hair as he stood up.

“Did Boss even buy extra beds? The last time I checked, the bedrooms were empty.” Yilan frowned. “Anyway, I’m going to watch TV for a while in the living room. If needed, I can sleep on the couch.”

The two of them walked out of the study. Dylan walked straight to one of the 4 bedrooms and looked inside. Surprisingly, the room was fully decorated with a bed, closet, small desk, and other furniture.

“Hey Lan Lan, Boss actually bought beds for all 4 bedrooms.” Dylan said as he looked through all 4 bedrooms.

“Really?!” Yilan ran over and peeked at the rooms. “Great! Then I don’t have to sleep on the couch tonight!”

“Give me your car keys. I’m going to go buy a change of clothes.” Dylan said.

“Hm? Oh, I’ll go with you. I need to buy some stuff too. Let’s stop by the supermarket to buy some snacks.” Yilan thought as she touched her chin.

“Buying snacks? Are you planning on eating until late at night? You’re going to get fat, you know.” Dylan looked at her up and down.

Yilan kicked him and walked towards the front door. “Who said that I was going to eat until late at night? Furthermore, I can’t get fat no matter how much I eat, thank you very much.” Yilan pouted.

“We forgot to bring the spirit insect carcasses to the Boss. We’ll have to remember to bring it with us when we come back.” Dylan muttered.

“You’re the one who kept rushing me because you were hungry!” Yilan frowned.

Once again, the two of them squabbled as they left the apartment.

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