HAWRR Chapter 110

Chapter 110 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (24)

Gu Shengyin slept very well.

Since coming to this world, sword cultivators could meditate to restore energy, so she rarely had such a good rest.

Xuan Ke was reading with his back facing towards her.

If one’s brain was not fully awake, one was not clear-minded.

How sharp were the five senses of a Sword Saint? The moment Gu Shengyin had woken up, Xuan Ke noticed the change in her breathing.

Therefore, Gu Shengyin, who was a chicken thief, was unable to nibble at rice and was easily taken over by the man, wrapped in his arms.

Shixiong…” Gu Shengyin was clearly unable to adapt. She bashfully looked at Xuan Ke.

Where would she know her appearance: Her hair and her clothes were somewhat messy because she just woke up a moment ago, her eyes were misty, her nose was bright red, and her neck exposed a delicate collarbone.

Xuan Ke’s eyes turned dark.

He pressed down the surging emotions in his heart and said to Gu Shengyin: “When shizu comes out of closed door training, I will go ask for shimei’s hand for marriage and get his approval. I will go to the Gu clan to send betrothal gifts and shizu will witness our marriage.”

Gu Shengyin, although feeling somewhat uncomfortable, still nodded her head.

When Ling Xiao zunzhe was aware of this thing, he was very happy. He did not have much time left. The only thing he could not stop worrying about was his female disciple. Xuan Ke’s character and strength, he had all seen it with his eyes. Weixin and him forming a Dao companion, he, this master, was naturally happy to see it.

After the master agreed, it was the clan next.

Shimei, you go back to the family first. When the day comes, I will invite shizu to see, and personally go to Gu clan to send betrothal gifts.” Xuan Ke said to Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin nodded and knew that this was a custom in this world.

Xuan Ke personally sent shimei ti the exit of Xing Luojian Sect. He was looking forward to their next meeting.

By that time, shimei would be his person right and properly.

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At this moment, Xuan Ke would have never imagined that seeing his shimei again would not be as beautiful as he expected it to be.

Gu Shengyin had sent a message to the clan in advanced. She did not have much affection for the Gu clan. After all, besides the eight years that she had lived in the clan, she had not returned there for more than ten years.

Someone was here.

Gu Shengyin stopped her feet.

“Come out.” She said faintly.

A black-robed figure suddenly appeared before Gu Shengyin’s eyes.

“This small female child has keen perception.” That figure cruelly laughed.

Gu Shengyin unsheathed the long sword in her hand. She could feel that the power of this person in front of her was probably not something she could resist.

The block-robed figure saw her appearance and did not care: “A Sword Emperor who is less than 20, really is gifted. Worthy of a tenth order ice soul sword heart, but you ran out of luck…”

He suddenly stopped talking. The next moment, he appeared behind Gu Shengyin.

Gu Shengyin did not have time to raise her sword and felt her vision turn black.

Sword Zong! This was her last thought before Gu Shengyin went into a coma.

When she woke up again, she found herself in a luxurious room, but there were thin black chains on her hands and feet.

Her brows wrinkled. If she was not wrong, this black chain was forged with a meteorite that was specially used to imprison sword cultivators. 

She tried to circulate the qi in her Dantian. Not surprisingly, it was empty.

“System, where is this?”

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  1. Is sword heart essence like cooking fish, is it best prepared fresh???? Well, goodbye FL! If there’s a chance you could have lived, it’s probably gone now. Thanks for the chapter!

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