HAWRR Chapter 109

Chapter 109 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (23)

Gu Shengyin raised her head. She did not seem to understand why her shixiong, who was usually gentle, suddenly become so angry.

She felt somewhat uneasy: “What happened, shixiong? Did I say something wrong? Could it be that people outside are also no good?”

Xuan Ke looked at his shimei, who was shocked and uneasy because of his words. Her red enticing lips opened and closed, seemingly waiting to be plucked by someone. A thought suddenly appeared in his mind that he never had before.

This thought came too suddenly and fiercely that he was unable to control it. He did not want to control it either.

So, he followed his own thoughts.

This kiss came too suddenly.

Gu Shengyin, who was in the middle of being kissed, spit out words to the system: “If I had known earlier that jealousy was this useful, I would have done this a long time ago…” After that, she sunk into the kiss.

Xuan Ke’s kiss was completely different from his gentle appearance. His right hand wrapped around Gu Shengyin’s waist tightly, and his left hand held the back of her head. She was not allowed to have a chance to escape. She could only powerlessly hold herself up using both hands on his shoulders, while feeling soft in his arms.

After this kiss was finished, Xuan Ke kept his arm around Gu Shengyin’s waist and did not let go.

He looked at his captivating red-faced shimei, who was slightly panting and leaning in his arms. For a period of time, he had felt tangled and confused trying to understand his feelings.

It turned out that he had such a mind for his shimei!

It was no wonder he felt concerned if he did not see her for a few days. He felt uncomfortable seeing her being intimate with other men.

He lowered his head and pecked Gu Shengyin’s lips. He said solemnly: “No, disciples in the sect cannot. People outside cannot. Except shixiong, no one can be your Dao companion.”

Gu Shengyin blushed. Even if she was already an old wife, her face would still heat up endlessly hearing this type of overbearing words of love.

Seeing that shimei appeared to be astonished by his own words, Xuan Ke watched her with a smile and patiently waited for her response.

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After a while, Gu Shengyin snapped out of her thoughts. She foolishly looked at her shixiong, seemingly frightened. Then, her cheeks slowly turned red, so much that her white jade-like earlobes turned pink.

After that…she struggled to push Xuan Ke away and ran.

Xuan Ke slowly smiled.

Seeing the reaction of shimei, it was clear that she had feelings for him.

Gu Shengyin was sitting alone. She was in a good mood at this time, and some questions that she did not dare to ask were asked.

“System, how many tasks do I have to complete in total? If I don’t do the task, will I never see him again? If I don’t continue to complete the tasks, what will happen? Will I be destroyed?” She asked.

The system paused and appeared to be looking for an answer. After half a day: “Master had three thousand worlds. There is no limit to the number of tasks. Information is insufficient and cannot search for an answer to the host’s question. For the last question, host, you can be at ease. You are Master’s most perfect creation and will not be abandoned.”

Although she did not get the most desirable answer, Gu Shengyin still set it aside in her heart.

No matter what, she could always meet him while she was doing her task, and it was already a luck that other people could not request for.

Gu Shengyin was in a very good mood, and the wind blowing on the edge of the cliff was extremely comfortable. She fell asleep here without even realizing it.

When Xuan Ke came over, he saw his shimei sleeping.

His gaze was gentle and soft as he looked at her face and leaned over to hold her.

Gu Shengyin was half-asleep and felt the familiar embrace. She rubbed her face against his chest, murmured something, and fell back asleep.

Seeing shimei trusting him like this, Xuan Ke’s expression became even more gentle.

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10 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 109”

    1. It was mentioned that the system’s Master has 3 thousand worlds, so he’s basically the boss. This ‘Master’ created MC so she actually has a physical body, but only her soul is sent to the selected bodies in the different worlds. And the ML, his identity would only be revealed at the end of the novel.

      I hope this answered your questions, lol. If not, let me know, and I’ll try explain as much as possible without spoiling the story. In fact, the whole thing about the MC being a creation and her identity is the whole point of the story.

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