A New Beginning Chapter – 17

Altyria woke up and stretched her body. She glanced around the place. Apparently, Chrome had brought her back to the apartment and placed her on the bed in the master bedroom.

[Oh, right! I should check the branch task.]

Altyria opened the menu and pressed the ‘Task’ button.

Main Task

  • Gather information about the recent incidents at Duanxin High School.

Branch Task

  • Destroy/seal 100 spirits: 73/100

Altyria’s eyes grew wide in surprise.

[73?! How did it increase that much? We only sealed one…] Altyria glanced at the digital clock at the bedside table. It said 6:27 PM. Altyria had been sleeping for several hours.

[Did someone else go find spirits?]

Altyria jumped off the bed. She could not hear anything coming from outside the room. Chrome had soundproofed his entire apartment when he renovated it. When she walked around the apartment, she noticed that the things they bought were already neatly arranged in the apartment. The decorations and furniture were neatly placed. Altyria walked into the living room and saw Chrome, who was wearing an apron, standing in the kitchen cooking. The odor of fried meat and steamed vegetables filled her nostrils.

Chrome noticed that she had woken up. “Alti, are you hungry? I’m almost done cooking.”

[En. Did you find more spirits after I fell asleep? I just checked the task and it showed 73/100. Before, it was 46/100.]

Altyria jumped onto the new dinner table and watched Chrome cook.

“It must have been Dylan and Yilan. They probably went spirit hunting instead of heading back to the office.” Chrome placed the cooked meat onto a plate and poured the sauce onto it as well.

Altyria stared at him in a daze. She had been with him in the forest for a month. Today was considered her first day with him in the city, yet it felt like she had been with him for several years.

Was this because they were soulmates? Altyria always felt comfortable being with Chrome and easily accepted his care, although it felt a bit awkward at the beginning.

Perhaps I do like him…a bit. Altyria thought to herself.

“Alti?” Chrome saw that she was in a daze. He had just finished cooking the last dish and took off the apron. He carried the dishes to the dinner table.

[Ah? What is it?] Altyria snapped out of her thoughts.

“Seeing you in a daze, are you still tired?” Chrome rubbed her little head.

Altyria closed her eyes as she enjoyed his touch. [No…Just thinking that I like being with you.]

Chrome smiled happily. “This is only the first day I brought you to the city. I guess by the time we leave this world, you’ll probably fall in love me with, huh?”

Altyria pushed his hand aside and turned around in embarrassment. [I’m hungry.]

“Okay, let’s eat.” Chrome chuckled.

Chrome placed a large plate that was specially bought for Altyria. He placed meat and vegetables onto her plate until they piled up before he started eating. Altyria looked enviously at Chrome, who did not have to stick his head into a bowl or plate to eat.

[When can I change into human form again? Whether I eat from a bowl or plate, it makes my fur dirty no matter how I eat.] Altyria sighed.

“Soon. After about 3-4 more worlds, I will be able to buy an item from the system mall that would allow you to change into human form with no restrictions.” Chrome comforted Altyria.

[No restrictions? How much does it cost?] Altyria had not looked through the system mall yet, so she did not know that there was such an item.

“It costs 10,000 solstice coins. It’s pretty cheap since barely anyone buys it.” Chrome said.

[10,000 solstice coins…We have 5,200 solstice coins right now, so we only need 4,800 more!] Altyria felt happy that she could turn into human form soon. Her tail started swaying in excitement as she started eating her dinner.

Just as they finished their dinner, the doorbell rang.

[It’s Dylan and Lan Lan!] Altyria had spread out her soul power and sensed them.

Chrome got up to open the door for them and returned to the dining room. Dylan and Yilan also followed behind.

“Boss, is there any leftovers?” Dylan saw the empty plates on the table and felt his stomach grumble.

“There’s a bit left. Wash the dishes after you guys are done.” Chrome nodded and brought Altyria into the study with him. He placed her on the couch and gave her a tablet. “I’m going to do some paperwork. You can use the tablet to watch movies or read novels.”

[Okay, make yourself busy.] Altyria nodded. There was an unknown feeling in her heart every time Chrome was so gentle and considerate to her. Her heart felt warm and was reluctant to leave it.

She shook her head and debated on whether to watch movies or read a novel. After a couple seconds, she decided to read romance novels to see if there was anything she could use as a reference in regards to these unknown feelings.

In the dining room, Yilan and Dylan helped themselves with the leftover meat and vegetables left in the pots and pans.

“Sure enough, Boss’ cooking is the best!” Yilan exclaimed as she wiped her mouth with a napkin.

“Yeah, how many times have we eaten the dishes he cooked? Was it 3 times?” Dylan said with a stuffed mouth.

Yilan gulped down a glass of water. “Mmm, I think that sounds about right. Boss barely cooks, but I think we would be able to eat Boss’ cooking more often now.”

“Hehe, as long as Sister is around, we’ll have delicious meat to eat.” Dylan licked his lips.

Yilan picked up the plates from the table and put them in the sink. She also put the pots and pans that needed to be washed in the sink as well. “Okay, you wash, I wipe.”

“Doesn’t Boss have a dishwasher?” Dylan said walking behind the kitchen counter.

The two looked around briefly but did not see a dishwasher.

“To think that the Boss did not buy a dishwasher…Didn’t he go shopping with Sister today?” Dylan felt puzzled.

“I guess he prefers to wash using his own hands.” Yilan shrugged.

Sounds of water and glass clacking were heard from the kitchen.

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4 thoughts on “TTTW 17”

  1. Wow, that was fast! Your updates are so quick xD

    It’s nice that she can soon become human. But that means that there are other things becoming human too, beyond just her xD I wonder what kind of beings are doing human transformations

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Any spiritual beings cultivating to a certain rank would be able to turn into human form. Altyria using that item would allow her to turn into human without having to cultivate to B ranked physical trait.

      Plus, it’s more convenient for her to do other things with Chrome… *wink wink*

      Liked by 1 person

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