HAWRR Chapter 105

Chapter 105 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (19)

Bai Xinya also saw Zhao Ximing.

She felt somewhat uneasy and afraid that Zhao Ximing would come looking for her. Since she paired up with Xi Liufeng, she had alienated from Zhao Ximing and the others.

Of course, she didn’t think that this was because Xi Liufeng’s temper was too overbearing, but because she felt that she had found true love.

In fact, she completely thought too much. Zhao Ximing simply did not care for her.

Bai Xinya turned her attention to Gu Shengyin.

Because of the cloak, she did not recognize who Gu Shengyin was. Seeing Zhao Ximing being eagerly attentive in every possible way towards her, she thought she was his new love.

When Bai Xinya thought of this possibility, she did not feel happy in her heart.

She had thought that Zhao Ximing was truly sincere to her. She did not expect him to find a new person so quickly, which gave her the feeling of being betrayed.

She had forgotten that Xi Liufeng was still standing next to her.

The more Bai Xinya thought, the more she could not be reconciled. She stood up and walked to Zhao Ximing: “Zhao shixiong, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Zhao Ximing nodded with a cold attitude.

Xi Liufeng, who was standing next to Bai Xinya, had an appearance of solemnly protecting his flower. He alertly stared at Zhao Ximing.

Gu Shengyin suddenly felt somwhat curious. The original Gu Weixin, what exactly happened to her to give up so many outstanding suitors and take a fancy to Xi Liufeng, this man?

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“Is Zhao shixiong coming here for the Flowing Fire Eye Serum?” When Bai Xinya’s words came out, all the eyes around them looked over.

Zhao Ximing, once again, secretly thought about how genuinely blind was at that time. He actually took a fancy to this type of woman with no brains: Could those words be said so casually?

Seeing that Zhao Ximing did not speak, Bai Xinya suddenly bit her lip: “I also came for the Flowing Fire Eye Serum. Zhao shixiong, your sword heart order is so high, you certainly do not need this, right? Give it to me, okay?”

Before Zhao Ximing had time to refuse, Gu Shengyin, on the side, spoke.

“Not okay.”

Bai Xinya felt that the voice sounded familiar, but she did not think too much about it.

“Who are you? Why did you replace my Zhao shixiong and answer my question?” Bai Xinya was not so gentle and soft towards women like Gu Shengyin.

Zhao Ximing recovered from the shock of ‘the Goddess speaking for him’ at this time. When he heard the Goddess being questioned, he immediately said: “She meant what I meant. I also need the Flowing Fire Eye Serum. Everyone should still rely on their own ability.”

Bai Xinya had an expression of disbelief while looking at Zhao Ximing: “Zhao shixiong, you were not like this before.”

Zhao Ximing silently said in his heart: I also think that my former self must have gone crazy from practicing the sword.

Xi Liufeng, on the side, had long been impatient. He embraced Bai Xinya’s waist and disdainfully looked at Zhao Ximing and Gu Shengyin. He said: “Xinya, you do not have to worry. I promise that the Flowing Fire Eye Serum will be yours.”

Bai Xinya looked at the two strong men behind him. She revealed a sweet smile and cleverly snuggled into his arms.

At this time, the surrounding temperature suddenly rose sharply. Zhao Ximing and the others were fine, but Bai Xinya screamed.

Her exposed skin was unable to bear this constant high temperature, causing blisters to form.

“I am afraid the Flowing Fire Eye Serum will be born soon!”

Gu Shengyin looked at Zhao Ximing. The two nodded, and their figures swiftly dove towards the depths of Qifeng Valley.

“You also go in. Be sure to bring the Flowing Fire Eye Serum back to me!” While comforting Bai Xinya, he turned his head and instructed the two strong men.

Translator’s Corner:

The white lotus is so annoying in this chapter. -_-

I honestly think that the author should have called Bai Xinya a green tea, not a white lotus. I mean, look at her in this chapter!! 

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16 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 105”

  1. Thanks for the chapter! I’m not sure green tea works either, because doesn’t that mean someone who is very scheming and manipulative, which implies some brains? This twit is is plain stupid, self-centred and greedy. The amazing thing is that none of the men around her seems to realize how blatantly she is using them, no doubt due to the white lotus halo. I love the fact that ZX woke up from the spell and is wondering what possessed him to even like her. Maybe a new term should be coined like “white tea bitch”…

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  2. The button from chapter 18 to here doesn’t work 🙂

    And I was so offended…? That he didn’t get the thing himself


  3. By definition, there’s no way that slut could still be considered a white lotus (as if there ever was a point of her being pure so far lol)


  4. Ahhh, too funny. She thinks all guys are a part of her harem and they can only like her and no one else.
    Except for the last arc, it’s like the female antagonist just recycles herself.


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