A New Beginning Chapter – 16

While Chrome and Altyria enjoyed themselves shopping at the department store and sealing a spirit, Dylan and Yilan were having some ‘fun’ as well.

“Are you sure there are spirits in this park? We’ve been walking around here for an hour already,” Dylan complained as he ate an ice cream bar he bought from a vending machine.

“You think spirits are like insects where you can find them almost anywhere? This is why Chrome assigned you to do paper work. You have no patience whatsoever.” Yilan snorted.

“Lan Lan, shouldn’t you speak nicer to your older brother? You hurt my heart.” Dylan placed his hands on his heart and pretended that his feelings were hurt.

Yilan slapped his arm. “If you acted more mature, then I’ll consider being nice to you.”

The two continued bickering as they walked through the large park.

Sunset Village was a famous park known for its beautiful flowers and greenery. Many people came to this park to walk their dogs, stroll around, have a picnic, or breathe some fresh air. Sunset Village had various shops and had a small café that was decorated with flowers found in the park every week. There was also a workshop where people could pay a fee to pick flowers and turn them into a bookmark or accessory.

“Let’s head to the café. I want to buy some desserts.” Yilan said while pulling her brother by the arm.

“All you ever think about are sweets and more sweets.” Dylan shook his head in disappointment.

Yilan pinched his arm and retorted, “And you’re the one who thinks about playing games all day long!”

“Hss, ow! Be gentle!, will you? How will you find a boyfriend in the future?” Dylan rubbed his arm.

“Yeah, yeah.” Yilan brushed him off and continued walking.

They walked to the middle of the park where the café and other shops were located at. It was late in the afternoon on a weekday, so there were less people around. Yilan got a chocolate sundae and Dylan bought a mixed fruit drink. They sat at an empty table. Yilan pulled out a device that was shaped like a smart phone, which detected spirits, and placed it on the table.

Yilan scooped a spoonful of her chocolate sundae and ate it. “I guess our luck it not so good today. It doesn’t seem like there are any spirits here in the park.”

“Tch, making me waste an afternoon.” Dylan grumbled.

“Hey, at least I can tell the Boss that you actually came out spirit hunting instead of staying in the office playing games.” Yilan pointed out.

“I guess…”

Suddenly, the spirit-detecting device started beeping. On the screen, multiple red dots appeared in clusters.

“Holy…!” Yilan jumped up from her seat. “Come on! They’re heading towards the northern part of the park.”

Dylan grabbed her arm. “Wait, wait. Don’t we need to get the sealing devices? We can’t go there empty handed.”

“Oh, right.” Yilan turned and ran back towards the parking lot. She opened her trunk and threw a bag towards Dylan while grabbing the other one.

“All right. Let’s go before they disappear!” Yilan said in a hurry.

The two ran towards the northern part of Sunset Village. Yilan kept the spirit-detecting device in her hand and glanced at it while running to make sure they were running in the right direction.

When they came close to the location, they could feel the air fluctuating rapidly because of the number of spirits in the area.

“Hehe, didn’t you say that spirits weren’t like insects that could be found everywhere?” Dylan gulped as he looked at the multiple insect spirits. “You think we won’t be the ones who would be obliterated instead?”

“Stupid, this is why I had always been telling you to go spirit hunting with me. If you did, this amount of spirits would be nothing compared to the last time I went with Chrome.” Yilan gave him a look.

Yilan instructed him to take out the devices and set them up in a specific order. There were 8 devices total. Yilan and Dylan placed the devices in an octagon with the spirits at the center of the octagon.

The various insect spirits noticed Dylan and Yilan nearby. Their eyes turned red and the aura around them turned gloomy. A couple of them flew towards Dylan and Yilan.

“Hurry! Press the green button on the main device!” Yilan shouted.

Dylan quickly pressed the button as he was told and the devices stared shining. Within seconds, all the devices were connected with each other through spiritual power that created a barrier, trapping the insect spirits inside.

These devices worked by drawing spiritual power from a jade that was placed inside. Once the jade’s spiritual power ran out, the device would stop working. Yilan and Dylan did not bring any extra jades with them, so they had to work fast.

The insect spirits became violent as they smashed against the barrier.

“The barrier will only last for 15 minutes at most. Since these are an aggressive type of spirit, we should destroy them.” Yilan checked the device and made the decision.

“Fine by me. It’s easy to get rid of them than sealing them, in my opinion.” Dylan took out his weapon from the items section of the system.

Dylan’s weapon was an enchanted glove that he had picked from a previous world.

Thunderstorm Glove

Attack: 55

Lightning Damage: 55

Item Description: A glove that increases one’s attack power and adds lightning damage.

Bonus property: Has a 15% chance of stunning the target.

Although Dylan was a guy who preferred sitting in front of a computer, he was not a weakling. Instead, he was also guy who enjoyed using his fists when fighting.

Yilan also took out her weapon from the system.

Eltur’s Glove

Attack: 35

Attack Speed: +3%

Item Description: This was a glove that Eltur had used when treating his patients. This glove is able to produce infinite fine needles that are strong enough to penetrate a thick tree trunk.

Bonus property: Increases the speed of producing needles by 2%

Yilan had interest in medicine. This also included Chinese acupuncture and other fields of medicine. By using these needles, she could throw them at the acupuncture points and cause her enemies to be unable to move. Depending on where she throws her needles, she could even kill her enemies in an instant.

However, this time, Yilan was fighting against insect spirits. She wasn’t sure if her needles would work since these spirits don’t really have any acupuncture points. She aimed at the insects’ head that were flying towards her and threw several needles.

The needles pierced the shell of the insects’ head, causing them to die instantly.

Yilan sighed in relief. “Good thing the needles still worked against these insect spirits.”

She turned to the side where Dylan had run off to. Yilan saw Dylan smashing one insect after another while laughing like a madman.

“Hahaha, come weaklings! Allow me to send you to your dreamland!” Dylan laughed crazily as he slammed two insects together and threw them to the side.

“…” Yilan face-palmed herself and sighed. She wasn’t sure if bringing Dylan to hunt spirits with her was a good idea or not. She hoped that he wouldn’t turn into a crazy punching machine by the time they move on to the next world.

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      1. Yeah. It’s an old one. It’s just the insect demons and the whole hunting them that made me think of it xD YYH is pretty good, though read the manga~


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