HAWRR Chapter 102

Chapter 102 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (16)

“Speak, what happened just now?” Elder Xing Shidan gave Bai Xinya a deep look. Being stared at with this type of expression by a Sword Zun, Bai Xinya could not help but shudder.

She trembled in fear and said: “Disciple…Disciple merely admired the two shi shuzu‘s graceful bearing.”

Elder Xing Shidan looked at the two disciples next to him: “You guys come talk. Repeat what originally happened without leaving out any information.”

The two disciples did not dare to hide anything.

Xing Shidan waved his hand and let them leave and looked at Bai Xinya. He had been in charge of the outer gate for so many years, what type of people had he not seen? The two shi shuzus, who practiced asceticism and paid no attention to worldly affairs, may not see it, but Bai Xinya’s thoughts could not be hidden from him.

“This senior has lived for so many years and has seen a lot of schemes; however, it is my first time seeing an ambitious heart like yours.”

His face was gloomy: “Swordsmanship attach importance to the sword heart. You don’t think about making progress. Instead, your mind is focused on these tricks and evils! How could you improve in the Sword Dao?!”

“This matter, you should be glad that shi shuzu is not going to pursue it. Otherwise, no one can save you. Go to Si Guofeng. When your thoughts are corrected, you can come down.”

(T/N: Si Guofeng – Basically translates to ‘to reflect on one’s errors peak’)

Bai Xinya suddenly calmed down. Si Guofeng, as the name suggested, was the place where Xing Luojian Sect sent their disciples who did wrong there to reflect on their actions.

That place was piercing ice-cold throughout the entire year, desolate, and uninhabited. How could she live down this day? (这种日子怎么过的下去)

However, the decision made by Elder Xing Shidan could not be changed.

Gu Shengyin returned to Ling Yunfeng with Xuan Ke at this time.

Ever since she was injured, she had been living in Ling Yunfeng where Xuan Ke lived. Now, the injury was already healed well. Neither of them had proposed to let her return to Ling Xiaofeng.

Moreover, Ling Xiao zunzhe was in the middle of closed door training, and he should not be disturbed.

Shimei, what are you looking at me for?” Xuan Ke was somewhat puzzled.

Since the two left Jiantang Hall, shimei had been looking at him with a strange look.

Gu Shengyin suddenly came up with a bad idea: “I see shixiong’s face like Guan Yu with the shape of Zhilan, like a fairy. I can not complain that the female disciple had thoughts about you.”

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Xuan Ke had never been teased by people before. Suddenly, his face turned red: “Shimei, don’t talk about nonsense.”

The system was also looking at Gu Shengyin curiously. It seemed that with the completion of one task, the host’s personalilty seemed to be more lively.

Gu Shengyin suddenly showed a smile.

Xuan Ke saw this smile as soon as he looked up. He always knew that his shimei was good-looking, but he never thought that his shimei would smile so beautifully.

It was like a beam of light that suddenly broke through the darkness. Stunning, bright, and dazzling.

He inexplicably felt his heart beat a little faster when he saw this smile.

Shixiong is so handsome. It is normal for the girl to admire you. Shixiong, don’t be shy.”

Xuan Ke had not answered this sentence of Gu Shengyin’s.

He gazed at his shimei’s smiling face and suddenly asked an inexplicable question: “Shimei’s appearance is better than shixiong’s. Are there many people who admire shimei?”

Gu Shengyin froze for a moment. Gu Weixin’s appearance was indeed good-looking, but she was too high to reach. It was certain that there were people who admired her; however, the people who dared to say it, so far, there was none.

(T/N: too high to reach – eminent and unapproachable)

Xuan Ke took her silence as default.

He suddenly felt very uncomfortable in his heart and blurted out: “Sword Dao is profound. Shimei is still young. Don’t be distracted by this kind of thing.”

Translator’s Corner:

I guess in this world, the romance is not too sudden or rushed?

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