HAWRR Chapter 101

Chapter 101 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (15)

He saw the expectation in Bai Xinya’s eyes and saw that his shimei did not have any meaning of opening her mouth. He asked: “What are you doing?”

Bai Xinya’s smile on her face became even more touching. She bashfully said: “This disciple admires the senior’s graceful bearing, so this disciple came to pay respect to the senior.”

Based on her experience, a man who saw a beautiful woman admiring himself would feel very proud in his heart. This Taishang Elder would definitely be interested in her.

Bai Xinya’s face could not help but reveal a smile; however, in the next moment, Xuan Ke’s words made her smile stiff on her face.

“Which peak are you from? How do you not understand the rules?” Xuan Ke puckered his brows. “Interrupting your seniors when they are talking just because of this reason. Who is your master?”

Bai Xinya’s complexion became pale. She did not think that things would develop in this way.

She still wanted to say something, but the pressure from Xuan Ke made her unable to breathe.

She had to bow respectfully and said: “This disciple…is an outer gate disciple. Currently, there is no master.”

Xuan Ke nodded: “It turned out to be an outer disciple. The lack of guidance and not understanding the number of rules could not be blamed on you.

After he said that, Bai Xinya felt ashamed to death. What did he mean? Did he mean that she was not educated?

Because Gu Shengyin had not left yet, all the disciples in Jiantang Hall did not leave their seat. At this moment, the eyes of all the disciples fell on Bai Xinya.

Bai Xinya’s figure was on the verge of collapse. She only felt that everyone was ridiculing her.

Xuan Ke looked at her appearance and puckered his brows. This way of conducting herself was unexpectedly a sword cultivator?

He glanced at Gu Shengyin, who was at his side with a calm expression: En, as expected of his shimei, many times better.

He spread his spiritual power.

The elder responsible for the outer gate disciples was drinking tea in the house. When he heard the Xuan Ke’s voice in his ear, it frightened this Sword Zun to nearly choke to death.

“Come to Jiantang Hall.”

He had no time to think about what happened. He had to put down the cup of tea in his hand and ran to Jiantang Hall.

“Have seen Lingyun zunzhe. Have seen Ancestral martial aunt(shi shuzu).” Elder Xing Shidan faced the both of them and saluted. Although Gu Shengyin’s cultivation was lower than his, she was still his little shi shuzu.

Moreover, she was an 18 year old Sword Emperor. Elder Xing Shidan understood very well in his heart that little shi shuzu becoming a Sword Zun, or even a Sword Saint, was only a matter of time. It was extremely possible to take a step further and enter the legendary realm.

This kind of respectful courtesy towards her, he was convinced in heart and by word.

(T/N: convinced in heart and by word – sincerely convinced and ready to concede)

Xuan Ke indifferently opened his mouth: “Are you the one in charge of these outer gate disciples? Although they are not truly your disciples, the number of rules, what should be done and not done, you still have to carefully instruct them.”

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Elder Xing Shidan’s head was filled with mist and water. He glanced at Bai Xinya, who stood on one side. Although he did not understand what happened, he guessed that this disciple annoyed the two.

Regardless of how to deal with it, it was more important to ask for forgiveness first.

He quickly said: “Neglecting to supervise them is my fault. I ask the two shi shuzu to forgive me.”

Seeing the honest behavior of Elder Xing Shidan, Xuan Ke did not say much. He took Gu Shengyin and left.

He respectfully followed with his eyes as the two left. Elder Xing Shidan looked atBai Xinya, who was standing at the side with an expression full of grievances, and his expression sunk, as if submerged in water.

“Come with me.”

He also pointed to a few outer gate disciples: “Some of you come over here and tell me what happened.”

Waiting until the poeple involved left, the disciples, who remained in Jiantang Hall, all exploded and discussed the things that just happened.

Zhao Ximing sneered and left that place.

Translator’s Corner:

Lingyun – Xuan Ke’s peak is called Ling yun(feng)

zunzhe – honored sir

shi shuzu – Ancestral martial uncle (aunt)

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