A New Beginning Chapter – 15

Chrome put Altyria in the car and closed the door. He turned to Dylan, pointed to Yilan, and then got into his car. Before he closed the door, he said, “I’m going to go shopping with Alti. You guys can head back to the office.”

Yilan and Dylan watched as his car drove off.

Dylan sighed, “After sister joined the team, Boss started slacking off.”

Yilan rolled her eyes. “His workload is considered normal now. Before he was working like a workaholic. You’re the one who should stop slacking off. You haven’t even destroyed or sealed a single spirit yet, not to mention coming into contact with one.”

Yilan walked to her red sports car and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Okay, okay. Then let’s go spirit hunting instead of going back to the office. I can’t stand paper work at the moment.” Dylan sighed as he got into Yilan’s car. “Well, where are we going to hunt?”

Yilan placed her hands on the steering wheel as she thought. Spirits generally appeared in dark places, but they have also appeared in crowded places as well.

“Let’s try Sunset Village. Maybe there will be flower or bug spirits there.” Yilan started the engine and drove off to their destination.

On Chrome’s side, Altyria sat curled up in her seat.

Chrome glanced at her and said, “Is the seat comfortable? If not we can get a seat made for cats or something.”

[It’s pretty comfortable.] Thinking that they were going to go shopping, a thought popped up in her mind.

[I will be living with you, right? Is your house simply decorated like your office as well?]

“Pretty much. I live in an apartment complex at a high-end area. I don’t have much in the apartment, so I will be relying on you to decorate it.” Chrome smiled at her.

Altyria was dazzled by his smile, even though she had seen it several times. For some reason, her heart started beating faster, causing her to look away.

[What do you have in the apartment? I don’t want to choose something you already have.]

Chrome reached out with one hand and rubbed her head gently. “Let’s stop by the apartment first. Then, we can make a list of what we need to buy.”

Chrome made a U-turn and headed towards Tianhua Apartment Complex. After driving for 20 minutes, they arrived at the outer gate where the security guard was. The guard was familiar with Chrome, so as soon as he saw Chrome’s car, he opened the gates.

As Chrome passed by, he nodded to the guard and continued driving to the parking lot.

Chrome picked up Altyria, along with her 2 desserts, and locked the car. He walked to the elevator and pressed the ‘8’ button.

[You live on the top floor?]

“I bought the whole floor and renovated it. I got rid of some walls, so the rooms are larger. Well, basically there is a total of 1 master bedroom, 4 bedrooms, 1 large study, 2 bathrooms, 2 restrooms, and 1 storage room. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all connected, so the area is very open and spacious.”

Altyria opened her eyes wide. [Wow, your house is really big! Wouldn’t that mean we have to buy a lot?]

“We can buy what we need first and buy the rest next time. You don’t have to worry about money, either. I am yours. That also includes all my properties, salary, and money in the bank.”

Altyria blushed and buried her head in his arms causing Chrome to chuckle. The elevator door opened and Chrome walked to the door while pulling out his keys. Altyria jumped down from his arms and ran inside after the door was opened.

Inside the apartment, Altyria saw white walls without any decorations. The number of furniture could be counted on all four paws. She looked through each room and saw that it was mostly empty. The master bedroom had a large bed and closet. The study room had a large desk, bookcase, and a laptop. The living room had a black couch, and the dining area had a medium-sized table with 2 chairs. The kitchen was basically empty.

Her mouth twitched. She could tell that he never cooked at home. Well, at least he had a refrigerator.

Chrome walked to the kitchen and placed her desserts in the refrigerator. He went to the study and grabbed a notepad and pen.

“You look around and see what we need to buy, and I’ll write them down.”

Altyria started naming some items, which included some daily necessities. She walked to each room again to check what was needed. After 15 minutes, the list was written up, and Altyria was done inspecting the rooms.

Suddenly, Altyria remembered that they would go to the next world after they finish the task.

[Chrome, wouldn’t buying these things be meaningless since we would be going to the next world later?]

Chrome ripped the paper off of the notepad and said, “We don’t know for sure how long it would take to complete it. It doesn’t hurt to buy these things. I’m not lacking money either. If you want, I can put them in the space and bring it with us to the next world.”

Altyria was surprised. [We can bring them with us?]

“Yeah, my space is an exception of the system and the space is gigantic. You can think of it as a cheat.”

[Oh, cool! Then, let’s buy a lot and put it in the space.]

Chrome and Altyria got in the car and sped to the largest department store in the city. One by one, they bought the items that were listed on the paper. Chrome also bought items that Altyria liked and had the store assistants deliver all the items to the apartment. They also spent 2 hours browsing through the food and drink section of the department store.

After purchasing everything, Altyria noticed some fluctuations in the air. She glanced at Chrome, who was looking through a furniture catalog and appeared to not have noticed it. She felt the fluctuations again poked Chrome with her tail.

“What’s wrong?” Chrome faced towards her.

[There are some fluctuations in the air. It may be a spirit.]

“Can you sense where it is?” Chrome did not doubt her.

[It should be on the floor above us, the 4th floor.]

Chrome held Altyria in his arms and went up the escalator. As soon as he arrived to the 4th floor, Altyria pointed to the right. Chrome followed her directions and finally arrived near the electronics area.

Altyria silently used her spiritual power and set an array that trapped the spirit in a small area. It also soundproofed the area inside the spiritual array, so people would not hear or see anything that they should not see.

Altyria jumped to the ground and walked towards the spirit.

The spirit was an electric type of spirit in the shape of a bird. It flew around trying to escape, but it couldn’t. It had noticed Altyria and Chrome, and they gave off a sense of suppression causing it to panic.

“This electric type of spirit does not seem to hold any hostile feelings. We can just seal it at this place.”

[How about making it become the guardian of this place? It requires using a seal, so it should count for the task.] Altyria felt bad to seal it when it had done nothing wrong.

Chrome paused, then nodded and took a step back. Altyria drew some runes in the air using her spiritual power.

The spirit knew that it could not escape and gave up trying. When it heard Altyria saying that she would seal it here to make it a guardian of this place, the spirit was happy. The moment it opened its eyes, this electronics section of the department store was what it saw. It treated this place as its home and lightly zapped anyone who caused trouble in this area. It also zapped thieves that tried to steal the electronics.

Altyria’s intentions of making it the guardian of this place was exactly what the spirit had been doing since it had been born. Its life would not have many changes. In fact, the only difference would be that the spirit’s control over its power would increase and it would have a safe place to rest.

It was a win-win situation for the spirit and Altyria. The spirit got to keep doing what it loved to do and Altyria did not have to feel bad about sealing it.

As the spell was being cast, the area surround the spirit lit up. Little sparks of light flew around the spirit and the lights slowly turned into a golden statue. This golden statue was where the spirit would rest when it did not need to do its job as the guardian of this area. The statue was the spirit’s new ‘house’, so to speak. Although it could also guard other areas in this floor, the spirit had no interest in doing so. It only had the affinity with electricity.

After everything was done, Altyria felt somewhat tired. Chrome picked up Altyria, his eyes full of distress. If he knew that she would be tired like this, he would have just destroyed the spirit. He stared coldly at the golden statue. The spirit resting inside the statue trembled in fear.

Altyria yawned. [Let’s go back to our home.]

Chrome stopped staring at the statue and caressed Altyria’s fur. He gazed at her with gentle eyes as she fell asleep in his arms. Chrome’s frozen heart had already started melting the moment he saw Altyria for the first time. He knew that she had not fully accepted him yet. However, this time, she said ‘home’, which indicated that she is slowly integrating herself into his life. At this thought, his heart felt truly warm.

“Ah, let’s go back home. To our home.”

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