HAWRR Chapter 99

Chapter 99 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (13)

Xing Luojian Sect’s Jiantang Hall.

Zhao Ximing got up very early today because, a few days ago, he heard the news that Ancestral martial aunt will be teaching the disciples Jiantang Hall.

Perhaps those who worshiped one of the elders and entered their door would not care for the teachings of a Sword Emperor; however, for them, the inner gate disciples who have not yet worshiped a master, it was a rare opportunity.

Not to mention the disciples that had ordinary qualifications.

Although he came early, when he arrived at Jiantang Hall, he found that the excellent seats had already been occupied by people. It turned out that more people came earlier than him.

Zhao Ximing saw Bai Xinya in the crowd at a glance.

She sat in a position that was extremely close to the front. Such a seat was simply impossible for an insignificant outer gate disciple to occupy.

Zhao Ximing’s eyes swept to the side. He saw that Bai Xinya was sitting next to a male disciple dressed in an inner gate uniform. Zhao Ximing recognized this person. He had an eighth order sword heart talent.

The relationship between the two could be seen at a glance.

Zhao Ximing smiled coldly. Ever since he was reminded by that unknown senior in the forest that day, he began to secretly observe Bai Xinya.

The more he was aware of, the more his heart felt cold. He felt that he was simply blind for not seeing Bai Xinya’s staged dialog.

That woman was clearly dragging him. While maintaining a close relationship with him, she even maintained a detached relationship with several outer gate disciples.

He also saw an outer gate disciple be abandoned by Bai Xinya. After he did not have any more use to Bai Xinya, she changed face directly.

The outer gate disciple was not reconciled to it and continued to entangle with her. He was directly killed by the suitor around Bai Xinya.

Throughout the whole process, Bai Xinya just hid behind others and focused on making an appearance that she could not bear to see blood. Yet, she never opened her mouth to ask to give mercy to that one outer gate disciple.

Such a woman, where was she weak and pitiful? She was clearly selfish and indifferent to the extreme.

After that, Zhao Ximing alienated Bai Xinya. If he continued to be with her, he would not even know how and when he would die.

Zhao Ximing put away his thoughts and found that all the seats in the entire Jiantang Hall had been occupied. There were even many people who stood outside the door, because there were no seats.

“Arrived!” He heard someone speak.

It seemed as if there was a burst of cold fragrance coming from the side. Zhao Ximing subconsciously raised his eyes towards that direction and stared blankly at that place.

It was her?

Zhao Ximing recognized her at a glance. The white-robed woman sitting on the top of the last seat was the senior who saved his life in the forest that day.

Anyone who saw Gu Shengyin, this kind of person, would unlikely forget.

It turned out that she was his own ancestral martial aunt.

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Bai Xinya also recognized Gu Shengyin.

When she saw Gu Shengyin, unlike Zhao Ximing’s joyful and complicated mood, her heart was full of unease and panic.

This woman turned out to be her own ancestral martial aunt?

She felt disturbed in her heart. She had seen her twice before. During the first time, ancestral martial aunt clearly expressed dissatisfaction towards her. During the second time, she stood on the same side as the people who besieged her.

Although it could be said that one who did not know was not guilty, this ancestral martial aunt buckled her with a hat of ‘disrespecting one’s sect elders’. She, Bai Xinya, could only admit this hat.

Gu Shengyin also saw Bai Xinya, but she merely looked at her as light as a feather and looked away.

As long as that woman obediently did not come to provoke her, Gu Shengyin, who only wanted to complete her task, would not intentionally go and deal with her.

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11 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 99”

  1. Thanks for the chapter! Well that answered my previous question— did the FL deliberately scheme out her actions or if she was just stupid. She’s a schemer, but so selfish that she thinks it’s ok.

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  2. I’m glad that the man Gu helped realized! Hopefully he’ll knock some sense to others too!

    Also be sneaky dude, that girl could easily sed tears and have you kill off


  3. this is only quick transmigration novel where mc doesn’t deal with bitch or white lotus no matter how vicious her mind is.

    I kinda hope she deal with her and protected some innocent girls


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