A New Beginning Chapter – 14

After an hour of eating, everybody was full. Although they had not finished every single dish, the rest of the food could be taken home. The desserts that Chrome had set aside for Altyria had not been touched yet. Dylan pressed the red button on the side of the table to inform the waiter to bring boxes for the remaining dishes to bring home.

Chrome looked at Altyria. “Are you full? Do you still have room for dessert?”

Altyria was lying on the table in front of Chrome. She flicked her ears when she heard ‘dessert’ and said, [I don’t think I can finish them all by myself. Lan Lan can eat them too.] Glancing at the eight various desserts on the side, Altyria licked her mouth.

Chrome smiled slightly and slowly placed the sweets in front of her while explaining what each dessert was made of. Altyria glanced at Chrome with a helpless expression in her eyes. She intended to share them with Lan Lan, but Chrome stubbornly gave them to her. Yilan was staring pitifully at the desserts as she watched them be placed in front of Altyria one by one.

“That…Altyria, I want the green tea flavored cake with strips of coconut on it?” Yilan nervously glanced at Chrome. Sure enough, his face turned dark to the extreme.

Altyria heard Yilan and glanced at Chrome. Seeing his dark expression, she brushed his face lightly with her tail to appease him. Through the soul bond, Altyria knew that Chrome wanted Altyria to choose the desserts that she liked first before sharing the rest with others. Seeing his face return to normal, she nodded to Yilan.

“Yay, thanks!” Yilan happily grabbed the little plate and started eating it.

[You can have this one too, Lan Lan.]

Thinking that it wasn’t fair for her to eat so many desserts on her own, she gave Yilan another one. She also gave two to Dylan. Chrome did not like sweets, so he refused. Now, Altyria had four for herself: a pudding, red velvet cake, mint flavored ice cream, and cream puffs. Altyria decided to eat the ice cream and cream puffs first. The pudding and red velvet cake would be eaten later.

As she decided that, the waiter came in with to-go boxes and placed the remaining food into them. The boxes were then placed in bags. After that, they cleaned up the table and left.

Altyria licked the ice cream in the bowl. Her eyes squinted in delight at the tastiness. Chrome watched her tenderly for a while before he looked at Dylan and Yilan with an expressionless face.

“Altyria is from the Forbidden Forest. I have already investigated that area when I stayed with her there, so we don’t need to look there anymore.” Chrome looked at Yilan indicating that she should report her investigations.

Altyria sat quietly eating her ice cream while listening. She was a bit surprised that Chrome had gone to where she lived to investigate something, and at the same time, she was not surprised that Chrome had found nothing. After all, she had lived there for quite some time and had not discovered anything unusual besides the fog.

Yilan drank some water and wiped her mouth. “Boss, when I walked around Duanxin High School, I did not find anything unusual so far besides a couple low-leveled spirits. Tomorrow, I’ll need to go back there again because the small courtyard at the back of the school was closed for maintenance. I think the problem may be there.”

Duanxin High School? Wasn’t that the place mentioned in the task?

“Oh, right! Boss, have you already soul bonded with Altyria?” Dylan suddenly remember that Altyria might not know what they were talking if she did not have the system.

“Ah.” Chrome hummed a reply as he gazed at Altyria.

“Which one did you buy?” Yilan curiously asked.

“The 1 million one.” Chrome did not bother looking at them and continued looking at Altyria finish up her ice cream.

[Soul bonding costs money?] Altyria thought that the ritual was performing using spiritual power or some other worldly force. She had felt that mysterious force when she soul bonded with Chrome that day.

Seeing Altyria ask a question, Chrome, of course, wanted to be the one to answer her. “Soul bonding does not require spending money; however, in the system mall, there are two types of soul bonding techniques that are available. One for half a million solstice coins and the other for 1 million solstice coins. The one for half a million solstice coins allowed the bonders to feel each other’s emotions. On the other hand, the 1 million one allowed bonders to not only feel each other’s emotions, but also to be able to locate each other and always be sent to the same place when going to the next world. Additionally, our items and solstice coins are also shared.”

Altyria was busy digesting the information, but when she heard the last part, her mind exploded. Going to the next world?! Did he mean the afterlife?

Chrome saw the confused look in her eyes. “I’m sure you have already familiarized yourself with the system. In each world, we are assigned some tasks. The main tasks are the ones we need to complete. Branch tasks are optional, so we do not need to complete those if we do not want to. When we complete the main task, we will be sent to the next world. It may be a modern world, cultivation world, or a beast world, and currently, they are randomly assigned.”

[Are there rewards for completing the tasks? Since I joined the team, I would leave to the next world with you too, right?] Altyria was a bit worried that she would be left behind. At the thought of this, her heart felt like it was being squeezed.

Chrome sensed her emotions and quickly appeased her, “I used the 1 million solstice coin soul bonding technique, so naturally, you would follow us when we leave. And for the rewards, normally we would get solstice coins. If we’re lucky, we could bring items we find in the world with us to the next world. If you can place the item in your Items section in the menu, then that means the item could be taken to the next world.”

Yilan added, “Normally the main task would give us about 1-3 thousand soltice coins depending on the difficulty of the task. Branch tasks gives about 500 solstice coins max for each one completed, which isn’t too bad.”

[So, our task right now is to investigate the high school? What are we looking for?]

This time, it was Dylan who answered her. “We don’t know exactly what we’re supposed to be looking for, but we are guessing it is related to spirits since the branch task requires us to kill or seal 100 of them.”

Altyria nodded. [One more question. Is there a limited time for these tasks?]

Chrome replied, “If there is a time limit, it would show up next to the task. This time, there is no time limit, so we can take our time.”

[Oh.] Altyria nodded. Most of the questions she had were answered. Although there were some questions she wanted to ask, she decided not to ask yet. She needed time to digest this new information. Not to mention, she could learn more while helping out with the task. She was not in a hurry.

Thinking that it was about time, Chrome stood up. He placed Altyria in one arm, grabbed her 2 desserts that she had not eaten with his free hand, and turned to leave the room. Yilan grabbed her bag and walked out of the door. Dylan shook his head about how his younger sister didn’t bother helping him with the bags that had their to-go boxes. He grabbed the 3 bags and followed behind.

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