HAWRR Chapter 98

Chapter 98 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (12)

Gu Shengyin stayed at Xuan Ke’s Ling Yunfeng, for a period of time, until her internal and external injuries were all healed before Xuan Ke allowed her to go out.

She took the time to go to Ling Xiaofeng to give her Master the Taisui that she obtained.

Ling Xiao merely shook his head: “My Sword Dao has reached the bottleneck. The only opportunity is to break through once again. Otherwise, it would merely be struggling on whilst at death’s door for several hundred years.”

Gu Shengyin felt sour in her heart. She exposed a smile: “With Master’s attainments on the Sword Dao, Master would certainly be able to break through.”

Ling Xiao looked gently at his only disciple: “The only thing Master worries about is you, but I have already asked your shixiong. He will take care of you.” 

Among those words, the worst outcome had already been planned for.

Gu Shengyin was depressed after she came back from Ling Xiaofeng.

Xuan Ke knew that she was worried about shishu.

“Each life and death is fixed by the Mandate of Heaven, and shishu has already come to accept it. Shimei, why should you be obsessed with it? You must have the determination to face everything.”

Gu Shengyin was aware of this principle. Based on reason, it was acceptable, but there was no way that she could accept it emotionally so quickly. After all, since she came to this world, Ling Xiao was her Master and a relative. She had been taught by him for 10 years.

Xuan Ke also knew that in addition to his shimei figuring it out herself, there was nothing others could do to help.

Xuan Ke suggested to Gu Shengyin to teach at Xing Luojian Sect.

Her identity as a Sword Emperor was absolutely more than enough to teach the general disciples.

Xuan Ke merely wanted Gu Shengyin to divert her attention to something else. With him and Xing He proposing it to her, naturally, it was impossible to reject.

When Bai Xinya returned to the small courtyard where she lived, she just heard several fellow outer gate disciples, who also lived in the same courtyard, talking.

“I heard it was a Sword Emperor?”

“…and based on generations, it is our ancestral martial aunt!”

“…” The several female disciples saw Bai Xinya coming in, and one after another, they closed their mouth, no longer speaking.

The atmosphere was somewhat awkward.

Bai Xinya felt the unconcealed isolation. She felt in her heart that she was wronged. Her heart ached and tears flowed out.

“Hey – don’t cry!” There was a short-tempered female disciple, among the several female disciples, who spoke directly. “If those shixiongs of our Sect saw, they would certainly think that we were bullying you. This accusation, us few outer gate disciples cannot afford.”

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Bai Xinya choked, and the tears that were about to fall, were collected back.

Seeing that they did not care about her, she could only walk back to her room silently.

“Pei! Who is she trying to appear too weak to stand up to the wind for?” The female disciple, who previously spoke, showed disdain.

(T/N: too weak to stand up to the wind – extremely delicate, fragile)

Another female disciple added: “Those shixiongs, don’t they like this type?”

The several disciples complained to each other with a couple sentences.

There were few female sword cultivators. Since they chose to become a sword cultivator, they were all people with a firm mind. Naturally, they do not like Bai Xinya’s show of tears.

Futhermore, from the very beginning, they did not like Bai Xinya at all.

It was only later that they slowly discovered that as long as they walked about some topics in the courtyard, the entire outer gate would know in less than a day.

Later, they learned that it was Bai Xinya’s handwriting, and the several people all agreed to leave her out.

(T/N: Bai Xinya’s handwriting – it was Bai Xinya who spread it out)

When they saw Bai Xinya, she also looked at them with her ‘pure and innocent’ big eyes: “There was nothing wrong with those people’s words(事无不可对人言),and I had not said anything bad about you several shijies…”

Their courtyard had become a joke in the outer gate.

Translator’s Corner:

shijies: sister disciples of the same Sect

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! This FL leaves a bad taste… the question is whether she does this deliberately or whether she’s just really stupid… but it’s nice to see the view of the other female sect members.

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  2. Not that I’ve liked any of the other FL besides maybe Eve from last arc, but I really don’t like BX.
    On another note, hubby is melting! Slowly but surely.
    BX better stay far, far, faaaarrr away from our MC’s hubby.

    Thank you Yuna!! (ノ≧∇≦)ノ

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        1. Oh yea, you’re right. Being deliberate would be green tea. I guess she’s not really acting then.

          Personally, Bai Xinya seems more like a green tea cuz she changes face too fast. 😛

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  3. Suuuurrreeee… FL didn’t spread out those girls were mean to her. Seriously!?! This white lotus halo is really strong. Hope she dies miserably.


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