A New Beginning Chapter – 13

“Aaahh! So hungry~”

A young girl walked in. She appeared to be in her early 20’s. She had shoulder-length almond-colored hair, bright peachy eyes, and an easy-going smile on her face. She wore a white v-shaped shirt with a cardigan, skinny jeans, and a pair of black 7 cm heels.

“Took you long enough.” Dylan said to the girl.

The girl took a seat. The waiter had also entered the room with refreshments that were ordered.

After placing the drinks, the waiter said, “Please wait a couple more minutes. The dishes will soon be ready to be served.” He bowed and closed the door quietly as he left.

The girl grabbed a glass of juice on the table and chugged it. Chrome glanced at the girl before placing all the delicious drinks that he thought Altyria would like to drink closer to his side. He grabbed a couple straws that were placed in a box at the side of the table and placed them in the drinks.

It was only then that the girl noticed Altyria in his arms.

“Wow! Where did you find such a beautiful cat? Snow white fur with crystal blue eyes! Let me hold it!” She said while stretching out her hands.

Chrome frowned before saying in a low voice, “Yilan.”

The girl, who was called out by Chrome, stopped her arms hung in the air.

“Hahaha, Lan Lan, you can forget about touching a single hair of Altyria. Boss, won’t allow it.” Dylan laughed with glee when he saw Yilan’s sad expression.

“Since when did you start calling Chrome, Boss? Why can’t I touch her?” The latter sentence was directed towards Chrome.

“Well, I call him ‘Boss’ because we may have more members joining our team in the future. I thought it would be a good idea of getting in the habit of calling him Boss now. When new members join, they would know who the leader of the team is.”

Chrome kept silent and placed Altyria on the table for her to try out the drinks.

Dylan replied for Chrome, “And, Lan Lan, she’s not a cat. She’s a…forgot what it was called…”

[Lylin.] Altyria inserted the word as she was drinking some orange juice.

“Right! A Lylin! Her name is Altyria, Boss’ soulmate. Just as you just heard her, she can speak using spiritual power.” Dylan kept babbling on and on, but Yilan wasn’t listening. Her mind was stuck on the word ‘Lylin’.

“Are you serious?!” Yilan shot straight up from her chair. “She’s a Lylin? I can’t believe I would actually see one in my entire life! Dylan, do you know how rare they are. I’ve only read about them in ancient texts, but to think one would appear in this world with barely any world essence…”

Yilan was so excited that she rushed up to Altyria. Had it not been for Chrome, Altyria would have been picked up by Yilan and be spun in circles.

Chrome’s face turned dark from her actions and said in a cold voice, “Sit.”

Yilan automatically stopped and sat in the chair. Although she couldn’t touch Altyria, it didn’t stop her eyes from staring.

Altyria was somewhat puzzled. Yilan’s behavior appeared as if she had never met a Lylin before. Do they not know that Chrome is also one? She looked at Chrome, who slightly shook his head.

Well, since he did not want it to be known, then she would not mention it.

After trying the orange juice, she tried a dark orange-colored drink that had small, black chewy objects at the bottom of the glass. [What is this drink? It tastes sweet and delicious. These small black things are also very chewy.]

Chrome opened his mouth to explain, but Yilan was one step further. “That’s Thai tea. Those little black things are called pearls. Oh, and the drink next to the Thai tea is called a milkshake. The one on the right is…” Yilan continued introducing the new types of drinks to Altyria one by one.

When she finished naming the drinks, Yilan said enthusiastically, “I haven’t introduced myself yet. My name is Yilan, Dylan’s twin sister. I was born after him, so I am the younger one. You can call me Lan Lan. I am particularly interested in medicine and mythical beast lore, so if you need any medicine or have any questions about mythical beasts, you can knock on my door!”

Dylan rolled his eyes and said, “You should say that you’re a research maniac instead.”

Yilan quickly glared at her older brother.

Altyria’s eyes shone brightly as she faced towards Yilan and also introduced herself, [Hello, my name is Altyria. As Dylan had said earlier, I am Chrome’s soulmate and a new member of the team.]

Yilan had a look of surprise. “Chr-Boss.” Yilan changed the way of addressing Chrome midway when she remembered what Dylan said. “You already added her to the team? Did you go through the soul bonding ceremony yet?”

Dylan also looked at Chrome when a knock on the door interrupted them. The door opened and two waiters pushed carts of food into the room. The two waiters placed each dish on the table. Chrome had ordered too many dishes, so Altyria had to climb back in Chrome’s arms.

Altyria had not noticed how naturally her actions were. There were empty chairs near Chrome, but she had subconsciously climbed into Chrome’s arms instead. Chrome had noticed her natural dependence on him and his mouth tilted upward. He used his free hand to gently rub her little white head.

In his heart, he was thinking: My little wife is slowly accepting me in her heart. Number 5 from the book was quite successful…

#5 from “Manual of How to Chase a Wife” – Constantly appear before her eyes so your existence would not be forgotten.

Dylan and Yilan did not see this scene. They were looking at the variety of dishes that were ordered. Dylan had seen the tenderness from Chrome, but Yilan had not. If she saw this scene, then she might have fallen out of her chair in horror.

 “Thank you for waiting; here are your dishes. Please enjoy your meal. If there is any need for our service, please call us using the red button on the table.” The waiters bowed and once again left the room.

Altyria took a look at all the fragrant dishes. They smelled so good that her mouth started to drool a bit. She restrained herself from pouncing onto the table. Thinking that she had finally found a fellow research maniac that she could talk with, she looked towards Yilan with sparkling eyes and said, [Lan Lan, is it true that you love researching?]

Yilan saw her sparkling eyes and a thought flashed through her mind. She gasped, “Don’t tell me you are also the same as me? I think this is fate! I can tell we’re going to be best friends already!” Yilan was once again in a state of excitement and chattered like a bird.

When Altyria heard ‘best friend’, her eyes dimmed and her emotions fluctuated for a second before returning to normal.

Chrome noticed her one second change. He looked at her with gentle eyes and rubber her head. “Let’s eat first before talking.”

With their Boss’ order, Yilan closed her mouth and picked up her chopsticks. Dylan immediately started with the meat dishes.

Chrome put a large place in front of Altyria and began to put parts of each dish onto her plate. He took the tender meats of the fish and meat dishes. He took a bit of vegetables and other side dishes on another plate. Chrome placed the dessert on the side while giving Dylan and Yilan a look that said: You can eat the leftovers of Alti only.

Dylan merely shrugged his shoulders, but Yilan had a sad face because she liked eating sweets.

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