HAWRR Chapter 97

Chapter 97 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (11)

When Xuan Ke saw that his shimei was covered in blood, his heart started panicking.

He was afraid. He was afraid that he would be a step late.

Fortunately he held her in his arms, and the situation was not too bad.

He turned around and his indifferent eyes swept through the stunned crowd.

“Sword…Sword Saint!” Someone shouted loudly.

Be able to stop a Sword Zun, kill a Sword Zun…In addition to a Sword Saint, who else?

Xuan Ke did not pay attention to these people. Holding Gu Shengyin in his arms, her turned around and left.

These people secretly breathed a sigh of relief, especially those who had participated in the siege on Gu Shengyin.

Who knew, the next moment, a sword ray that covered the entire sky was coming!

Xuan Ke’s words resounded in everyone’s mind: “If you hurt my shimei, you will pay the price!”

Screams of people one after another came from all directions. Those who were involved in the siege on Gu Shengyin were not spared.

Bai Xinya unconsciously shuddered.

If…If someone like him could protect her…She lowered her eyes to cover up her longing.

When Gu Shengyin woke up, she felt pain throughout her entire body.

“System, can I apply to block the pain?” She consulted with the system.

The system was unwilling to cooperate: “I have warned the host before. Not stopping that dangerous behavior would lead to extremely serious consequences, including the physical death of the host in the world. Since the host did not listen to the advice, you must have to bear the consequences.”

Not knowing why, Gu Shengyin felt concern in the system’s words.

She begged for mercy: “Okay, I will pay attention next time.”

Be careful. There was no guarantee that this would not happen again. Gu Shengyin thought that there were some things that she had no choice but to do even if she knew the consequences of her actions.

The system was, after all, only an AI. There was no way to perceive the hidden meaning of Gu Shengyin’s sentence, and the performance of the host had always been excellent. The simple system quickly forgave Gu Shengyin.

Shimei, have you awakened?” Xuan Ke came in with a tray in his hand.

Shixiong.” Gu Shengyin looked at him with a guilty conscience.

“Since you have woken up, take medicine.” Xuan Ke ignored her, got up, and was ready to leave.

Shixiong?” Gu Shengyin quickly pulled his sleeve.

Xuan Ke lowered his head and looked at her.

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Shixiong is angry?” Gu Shengyin sounded very certain.

Xuan Ke looked at his shimei very carefully.

He did not notice when this little girl that was like pink-carved jade became so big.

Shimei followed Ling Xiao shishu. She was habitually silent every day and had an ice cold appearance. Only when she was facing him would she occasionally expose the little temper of a normal girl.

However, the energetic shimei, at this time, was pale. Her red lips did not even have a little blood. When he saw her, she was powerless from head to toe kneeling on the ground, life or death not known.

No one knew how flustered he was at that time.

Xuan Ke looked at Gu Shengyin, who had an appearance that she still did not understand. The obscure fire in his heart suddenly erupted.

 “How could shixiong get angry? What is shixiong’s temper? You had serious injuries that could cause you to die. Did you have the ability to fight alone against 3 Sword Emperors and a Sword Zun? You only came out for several months and you made yourself look like this?”

He opened Gu Shengyin’s fingers that grabbed onto his sleeve one by one, but Gu Sheng blocked him with her other hand.

“I was wrong, shixiong.” Gu Shengyin admitted her mistake.

She stared at Xuan Ke. Her pair of eyes were only filled with his figure.

Looking at this kind og Gu Shengyin, Xuan Ke suddenly felt all of his anger dissipate.

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      1. I understand what you mean but I really love this novel and can’t help feeling greedy.
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  4. Thanks for the chapter ! ^^
    Ayy… no way he can escape from this kind of look… Don’t underestimate her, she lived with your previous incarnation during many lifetime, you can’t oppose her !


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