HAWRR Chapter 95

Chapter 95 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (9)

Gu Shengyin removed her sword.

“You let me win.” She cupped her fists towards Shouzhuo Sword Emperor and turned around to leave.

(T/B: ‘You let me win’ is said politely after a match)

Behind her, Shouzhuo Sword Emperor his hand and struggled to prop himself up.

Victory or defeat, to stand prominently.

Returning to her temporary residence, Gu Shengyin could no longer resist and spit out blood.

Shouzhuo Sword Emperor’s fame had been well-known for a long time. Although she was lucky to win, she was also injured by him and suffered internal injuries.

“I have detected that the host’s body received serious injuries. It is recommended that the host should not have any intense battles within a month.” The system’s voice sounded in Gu Shengyin’s mind.

Gu Shengyin smiled and said: “I know. I will rest for a month.”

At this time, Gu Shengyin’s talisman in her space ring lit up. Her eyes brightened. It was Xuan Ke!

“I already know the result of your battle with Shouzhuo Sword Emperor. Are you okay?” Xuan Ke had the best understanding of Gu Shengyin’s level in cultivation. He knew that Gu Shengyin’s strength was almost the same as Shouzhuo Sword Emperor’s. She won, but he’s afraid that it was a close battle.

“I’m safe and sound. Shixiong, do not worry.” Gu Shengyin thought for a moment and replied with 8 words.

According to Gu Weixin’s temper, she would probably say these few words.

In the distant Xing Luojian Sect’s Ling Yunfeng summit, Xuan Ke saw his shimei’s reply. His beautiful brows wrinkled.

Ai, shimei resembles shishu. They both have a closed gourd temper. If there wasn’t any problem, then they would unlikely take the initiative to speak out. It really makes people unable to stop worrying.

(T/N: shishu (师叔) –  Martial Uncle. In this case, Xuan Ke’s Master is a brother disciple with MC’s Master, Ling Xiao.

Closed gourd – tacturn)

Should I wait for a while before going out and take a look at her? Xuan Ke thought in his heart.

Gu Shengyin was holding a sword with her right hand. Her left hand was holding something silver that emitted a faint light.

There were many people around her.

“Ice Heart Sword Emperor, we have so many people, you can’t escape. I advise you to let go of the Taisui in your hand. We will not make things difficult for you.”

“Yeah, let go of the Taisui, and we will not make things difficult for you!”

Gu Shengyin finally got the Taisui when it appeared after waiting for half a month, which was grown in the southern part of the Tuohe Marsh. How could she give it up?

If you aren’t already doing so, please read this at the original site, tranquil library dot com.

This was a full 800 year old Taisui in her hand. With it, Master could be supported for a period of time.

Gu Shengyin’s expression turned warm, and she stored it in her space ring.

Seeing Gu Shengyin’s action, everyone immediately knew her intention.

“Ice Heart Sword Emperor, I advise you not to toast, eat, or drink as a result of losing a bet! You have the appearance of a natural grace, divine fragrance. Why bother getting caught up in these killings?” A man in a black robe stood amongst the crowd. His eyes stared at Gu Shengyin with obsession. His cultivation was the same as a Sword Emperor.

Gu Shengyin replied with a sword ray.

The man did not expect her to speak with her hands. After barely escaping from it, he shouted at the ugly man behind him: “Pay attention and don’t take her life! A Sword Emperor beauty, this son had not tasted it yet!”

Bai Xinya leaned against the side of a blue-robed man watching Gu Shengyin being sieged by a group of people.

She appeared to want to say something. The man next to her noticed and asked: “Xinya, what’s wrong?”

Bai Xinya appeared to hesitate. She bit her lip and laughed: “Forget it. It’s nothing.”

In spite of this, she frequently looked at the direction of Gu Shengyin.

The man was baffled and asked: “Does Xinya know that Ice Heart Sword Emperor?”Bai Xinya nodded: “I met the senior before. She seemed…disdain me.”

When the blue robed man heard this, his instincts to protect her instantly rose: “What? That woman was really like that?”

Bai Xinya seemed to be embarrassed and nodded with tears.

Looking at that appearance, he did not know what had happened between them.

Translator’s Corner:

White lotus attacked! How will MC defend?

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  1. What the heck is with that white lotus? You ran away from a fight leaving someone behind to die and was seen by someone and therefore is disdained by her and you actually complain about it?!?! Really shameless.

    Thank you very much for this lovely chapter~!

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