A New Beginning Chapter – 12

Altyria looked at variety of different cars in the parking lot.

[Which one is your car?]

Chrome took out his keys and pressed the button to unlock his car. Altyria saw a black sports car light up twice. Chrome opened the passenger seat door and placed her on the seat. At this moment, Dylan ran up to them.

“Hey, hey! Boss, let me in the back seat. I don’t have a car.” He glanced at Altyria, then at Chrome.

Chrome’s sports car had seats in the back but was very small. The passenger seat had to be folded to get to the back seat. Dylan saw how gentle and careful Chrome treated Altyria, and knew that Altyria being his soulmate was true. Since that was the case, he must thoroughly hold onto this thick thigh.

Chrome knew what Dylan was thinking but did not care. Altyria would just have one more person available to serve her when he was not around. He scooped up Altyria and stepped aside to let Dylan get in the back seat.

Altyria curiously looked at Dylan squeeze into the back seat. [Is he able to fit back there? I am small. I can sit in the back.]

“No. Since he wants to sit in our car, then he should sit in the back. The passenger seat is only reserved for you.” Chrome flatly refused.

“Yeah, yeah! I’m getting a free ride, so this is just a matter of course.” Dylan added trying to please Chrome so he get a few days off from work.

Seeing both of them dismiss her idea, she nodded and jumped back onto the passenger seat. Chrome closed the door, got into the driver’s seat, and started the car.

Chrome drove the car towards the restaurant. He saw Altyria stand on her hind legs to look out the window and reduced the speed of the car.

“Sister, is this your first time in Z City?” Dylan asked curiously.

[Un. I’ve only been to the city that was closest to the forest that I lived in.] She answered as she continued looking at the changing scenery of the city.

Chrome saw Dylan’s expression and answered, “The Forbidden Forest near B City.”

 “The Forbidden Forest?! Oh, no wonder you’re not a cat.” Dylan nodded to himself.

[Why is it called the Forbidden Forest?] Altyria looked at Chrome.

Seeing that Altyria stopped looking out of the window, he sped up the car. “It’s called the Forbidden Forest because there had been many incidents in the past where people disappeared there. After so many disappearances, they closed off the Forest and called it the Forbidden Forest and did not allow anyone to go there. However, every once in a while, there would be some youngsters who like to impress girls and enter the forest as a group. At times, those youngest would be lucky enough to find the way back to the city, while other groups had not been lucky enough.”

[When I lived in the outer edge of the forest, there had been many young humans entering the forest looking for fruits and nuts. They would leave the forest before the sun set. Nothing happened to those who left before the sun set. As for those who couldn’t leave before the sun set…]

Dylan swallowed his saliva and asked, “What happened to them?”

Altyria looked at Dylan. Her eyes started glowing white as she stared at him. Dylan started feeling a bit uneasy by the way she looked at him with her glowing eyes until she answered him.

[They got eaten by beasts, of course. The only scary thing about that forest is the mist that covers the entire forest once the sun sets. It causes one to lose their sense of direction, and most of the time; humans would end up getting lost and getting eaten by beasts. Natives of the forest are not affected by this mist.]

Dylan patted his chest and sighed in relief. “So, as long as you leave before the sun sets, nothing would happen. Hey Boss, should we check out what causes this mist? It might be related to our task.”

Hearing the word ‘task’, Altyria glanced at Chrome.

“We’ll talk more after eating.”

They arrived at the restaurant and parked the car. Altyria used her spiritual power to open the door and was picked up by Chrome, who started walking towards the entrance of the restaurant. Dylan got out of the car and ran to catch up to Chrome. Chrome pressed the button to lock the car and stepped inside the restaurant.

“Hello, may I ask how many guests?” The waiter asked when he saw Chrome and Dylan come in. Then, he noticed Altyria in Chrome’s arms. He saw the brand-named clothes they wore. He knew they were wealthy customers and hesitated before saying, “Sir, this restaurant does not allow pets inside.”

Chrome took out a gold card that had the name of the restaurant on it and showed it to the waiter.

The waiter saw the card and immediately became more respectful. “Sir, would you like to eat at the Garden Room? It was newly renovated just a week ago.”

Chrome nodded.

The waiter bowed and led them up to the fourth floor into a room where it was filled with different elegant flowers and bonsai trees. On one side of the room was a small balcony with small planted pots. A large table was in the middle of the room with comfortable chairs.

Chrome placed Altyria on the table and sat in a chair. Dylan sat on the opposite side of them.

The waiter gave them the menu and said, “When have decided what to order, press the red button on the side of the table and I will come take your order.” The waiter bowed and quietly closed the door.

Chrome opened the menu and browsed through. “Alti, do you have any type of dish you want to try. There are a lot of different types. Although you said you don’t want to eat fish this time, I still recommend trying a fish dish.”

[You decide what to order. I don’t know what is good.]

“Should we wait for Yilan to come first before ordering?” Dylan asked.

Chrome replied coldly, “By the time she arrives, my Alti would already be hungry.”

After saying that, Chrome pressed the button to call the waiter.

The waiter knocked on the door lightly and walked in. “What would you like to order?”

Chrome read out several dishes, some soup, desserts, and tea. The waiter wrote it all down and read the list of dishes again to confirm the order. Before the waiter left, Chrome informed him that they still had one more person coming. The waiter nodded and bowed before leaving the room.

“Boss, we can’t finish all those dishes! Even if I have a large stomach, it’s impossible.” Dylan exclaimed loudly.

“We can pack them up and bring it home to eat.” Chrome said coolly.

Altyria jumped off the table and explored the room. She walked towards the various flowers and sniffed at them. Then, she looked at the bonsai trees while admiring their different shapes.

Chrome walked up to her. “Do you like the arrangement of this room?”

[Yeah, it gives a relaxing atmosphere. The flowers don’t give off a strong scent, so it won’t affect the taste of the food.]

Chrome rubbed her little white head. “The food should almost be done.” Chrome took her into his arms and walked back to the table; however, he kept her in his arms instead of placing her on the table.

At this moment, someone knocked on the door.

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