HAWRR Chapter 93

Chapter 93 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (7)

Shixiong, be careful!” A delicate-looking woman stared in front of her.

A man, dressed in a Xing Luojian inner gate uniform, was fighting a wolf-like beast. Obviously, that man fighting the beast looked somewhat unhappy.

However, while in this situation, he struggled and shouted towards the woman in white clothing, who was standing at the side: “Bai shimei, quickly leave!”

Gu Shengyin’s figure was hidden at the side and watched this scene. She carefully looked at Bai Xinya, who stood still.

Oh, this figure was considered a beauty, and her qualifications were so ordinary that she could not figure out what charm she had that made so many men die for her.

If Bai Xinya was alone, Gu Shengyin might think of letting her die in the mouth of the beast, but that man was a disciple of Xing Luojian Sect. As a disciple of the same Sect, she could not stand by.

Zhao Ximing was an inner gate disciple of the Xing Luojian Sect. Today, he finally invited his sweetheart with great difficulty to come out and pass time; however, they encountered a fourth ordered Heavenly Wolf.

Looking at Bai Xinya’s frightened appearance, Zhao Ximing felt his heart be filled with heroic spirit. He could protect Bai Xinya, this beautiful woman.

If Gu Shengyin could hear his thoughts at this moment, it was estimated that she would regret making the decision to save him.

Bai Xinya looked at Zhao Ximing, who appeared to be struggling to support himself and yelled to let her escape. She thought that if she stayed here, she would only add burden to shixiong. It would be better to listen to shixiong and quickly left to find assistance.

She was absolutely not drifting and living without purpose! With this in mind, Bai Xinya grew more confident and self-righteous.

(T/N: to drift and live without purpose – to drag out an ignoble existence)

She turned away and did not even look at Zhao Ximing.

A star-like, bright sword ray, accompanied with the sound of flowing snow and ice, fell onto the Heavenly Wolf’s body.

No struggle, no confrontation. One-hit kill.

Not even a single drop of blood was spilled. Gu Shengyin’s sword qi directly froze the Heavenly Wolf.

Zhao Ximing was dazed for a moment before reacting. He went up to Gu Shengyin and cupped his fists.

“Xing Luojian Sect’s Zhao Ximing thanks senior for this life-saving grace.” He raised his head and glanced at Gu Shengyin.

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Then, he was stunned and his entire body froze.

How could there be such a woman in this world! She stood there as if the entire atmosphere was cold and raw.

His staring was too straightforward, so Gu Shengyin gave him a faint look.

Zhao Ximing’s face flushed red, and he did not dare to look at Gu Shengyin.

At this time, Bai Xinya, who discovered that the situation had changed, came forward slowly and bowed towards Gu Shengyin: “Younger generation of Xing Luojian Sect, Bai Xinya thanks senior for this life-saving grace.”

She looked at Zhao Ximing again, and her eyes quickly filled with tears: “Zhao shixiong, it’s good that nothing happened to you.”

Gu Shengyin did not look at her, but turned to Zhao Ximing and said: “When your friend cannot share your trials and tribulations, you should keep your eyes polished.

When she finished speaking, she transformed into a sword ray and disappeared in a blink of an eye regardless of the two’s facial expressions.

She had already said what she wanted to say. What Zhao Ximing would do afterwards had nothing to do with her.

Bai Xinya was angry and full of grievances in her heart. She did not know who this unknown woman dressed in white was. To speak of those words that would drive a wedge between her and Zhao shixiong feelings?

She thought of this, and suddenly, her expression became desperate. She faced towards Zhao Ximing and cried: “Zhao shixiong, previously, I merely left to go back to our Sect and get help. I wasn’t feeling for my life alone.”

Zhao Ximing looked uncertain and one could not tell what he was thinking. After listening to Bai Xinya, he suddenly smiled deeply: “I certainly believe that Bai shimei will not be this kind of person.”

Bai Xinya heard what he said and put down the worries in her heart. She softly nestled against Zhao Ximing’s chest and said in a causal manner: “I didn’t know that senior. Why must she say those sort of punishing words. Perhaps I offended her in some other place?”

Zhao Ximing did not speak, but his eyes gave a cold light because of her words.

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White lotus at its work!

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6 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 93”

  1. She seems… Innocent? No, what’s the word I’m looking for… Weak? Hmm… Well, after she finds out who MC is, she’ll probably go crazy with jealously…

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    1. She’s a weak chicken. The only reason she is still alive is thanks to the white lotus halo XD

      And I agree with you. She’ll go crying her eyes out to every single guy.

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  2. Welp. We’ll just have to chip away that white lotus armour one guy at a time lol. She’s such a petty person. Instead of reflecting on the fact that you basically abandoned your sect brother and are weak as f*ck, she resents the person who saved them and wants to drag that person down? Well, that’s basically white lotus. But still. Ugh.

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