HAWRR Chapter 92

Chapter 92 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (6)

When Gu Shengyin was summoned by her Master, she was practicing with her sword at the top of Lin Xiaofeng’s peak.

She came to Master’s Dongfu and saw another man besides her Master.

Gu Shengyin saw the first person who was laugh so naturally in front of her Master.

“Weixin, this is your…” Ling Xiao apparently paused for a moment. “You can call him shixiong. Later, your shixiong will accompany you.”

The man turned around.

After a long time, Gu Shengyin remembered that one man who lowered his head, and a lotus fragrance rushed to her nose. His jade-like face was completely gentle and soft: “You’re called Weixin, right? I’m Xuan Ke, your shixiong.”

Gu Shengyin’s mind calmed down at the scent of the lotus fragrance.

Xuan Ke? If she did not remember incorrectly, this Xuan Ke was the other Sword Saint of Xing Luojian.

Unlike Ling Xiao, Xuan Ke was the youngest man among all the Sword Saints. He was still under the age of 1,000.

In terms of generations, Xuan Ke was the last disciple of Ling Xiao’s shixiong. Gu Shengyin calling him shixiong was proper and to be expected as a matter of course.

Let a Sword Saint accompany her to play?

Gu Shengyin expressed that he was worthy of being he Master. In the entire Tianlan Great World, the several people that were capable of reaching the peak in life could be counted on one hand.

Xuan Ke looked at the girl’s pink little face, who was looking at himself with a sparkling light in her eyes, and felt a trace of softness.

In the following days, Xuan Ke would come to visit Ling Xiaofeng from time to time and would occasionally give advice to Gu Shengyin. More often, he would bring her some gadgets from outside or speak of some interesting things about Xing Luojian Sect.

It had been a decade since then.

The only thing that made Gu Shengyin feel helpless was that her lover in this world appeared to have always treated her as a little girl who had not grown up yet. He did not have the slightest affection between men and women.

However, the future was long. Swordsmen, especially high-leveled swordsmen, lived for thousands of years. They had enough time to meet, didn’t they?

Gu Shengyin’s physical aptitude was truly amazing. In a short span of ten years, she had turned from an ordinary person, who had not practiced yet, into a Sword Emperor.

An 18 year old Sword Emperor!

During the time that Gu Shengyin entered Xing Luojian Sect, a large majority of people’s cultivation remained at the swordsman level, and a few people with outstanding talents became sword masters.

People with qualifications like Bai Xinya still struggled persistently with sword cultivation.

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Even Ling Xiao had lamented that the qualifications of his disciple were really the best that he could ever see. Even he, himself, was inferior.

“What I can teach you, you have already mastered. With your present cultivation, on the mainland of Tianlan, you could be regarded as a strong sword cultivator. You will have to depend on yourself on your Sword Dao later.”

After Ling Xiao said this to Gu Shengyin and gave her a long sword that he had personally refined, he began a long retreat.

Gu Shengyin was aware that his life expectancy had reached the limit.

If this was a retreat, and there was no breakthrough, Master estimated that there would be no time for him to wake up again.

Gu Shengyin asked the system: “Is there any immortality or medicinal herb that can prolong life?” For ten years, she had genuinely treated the man as her Master.

The system thought for a moment and replied: “In this world, there was a treasure made of heavenly materials called Taisui. A ten year old Taisui can extend his life for ten years. A hundred year old Taisui can prolong his life for a hundred years. The thousand year old Taisui would take too long to grow. However, in the original story, there was only a hundred year old Taisui, but was taken away by Bai Xinya.”

Gu Shengyin silently made a note in her mind.

Translator’s Corner:

Shixiong: senior male fellow student or apprentice

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