HAWRR Chapter 91

Chapter 91 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (5)

Gu Shengyin was somewhat absent-minded. Compared to Gu Weixin, his appearance was genuine ice and snow.

She took one step back with a solemn expression and gave a ceremonious bow to the man in white clothes: “Disciple Gu Weixin pays respect to Master.”

The white-clothed man’s expression softened for a moment and nodded to Gu Shengyin: “Good. Remember, I am Ling Xiao. You are my first and last disciple.”

Gu Shengyin had lived in Ling Xiaofeng since then.

The longer she stayed there, the more she felt that her Master Ling Xiao was truly not like those mundane people.

In addition to teaching Gu Shengyin, he never communicated with outsiders and did not need to eat. Ling Xiaofeng had not allowed outsiders to step inside for thousands of years even before Gu Shengyin came.

It was really difficult to imagine how this man passed his days. Wouldn’t he be bored?

Six months after arriving at Ling Xiaofeng, Gu Shengyin finally asked this question.

Ling Xiao was stumped for words and stared blankly for a moment. He was a good master. Regarding his disciple’s questions, he always answered them to the best of his ability.

Looking at his young disciple’s clear eyes, Ling Xiao frowned and seriously thought about it: “Bored? The Sword Dao is broad and very profound. Even if I use my entire life, I am unable to thoroughly understand this Dao. How could I be bored?”

Gu Shengyin became silent.

Everyone said that Ling Xiaofeng’s ancestor was as cold as snow and unreasonable. He was innately a cold-hearted person without emotions and was a natural sword cultivator.

Gu Shengyin thought that he was not at all a cold-hearted person without any emotions. Rather, he put all his thoughts and feelings into studying Sword Dao.

If he did not know that he had reached the limit and needed to cultivate a new Sword Saint for the Xing Luojian Sect, Gu Shengyin was certain that he would absolutely not propose to receive her as his disciple.

Ling Xiao looked at his young disciple’s lowered head and didn’t speak. He pondered for a moment and suddenly had an epiphany.

“Is Weixin feeling bored?” He thought for a moment. A child at this age certainly loved liveliness. He, himself, did not like to deal with people since he was young, but he forgot that his disciple was not necessarily the same.

Gu Shengyin was stunned by this question. She did not communicate with outsiders in the past six months. However, this was not an unbearable thing. Ling Xiao was a good Master. He could impart his own understanding of the Sword Dao in the simplest way to his disciple. Gu Shengyin benefited a lot from him.

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“It’s Master’s fault for being thoughtless.” Without waiting for Gu Shengyin to react, Ling Xiao made a decision.

Gu Shengyin: What is this situation? Master, what did you decide on?

Soon, Gu Shengyin knew what decision Ling Xiao made.

Every few days, a child of the same age as Gu Shengyin was sent to Ling Xiaofeng.

They all had a common characteristic. That is, their sword heart order were all above the seventh order.

According to Ling Xiao’s acknowledgment, anything below sword heart seventh order was considered as poor talent.

Gu Shengyin did not know whether to laugh or cry. She knew that her Master did not mean to discriminate against them; rather, that was what he truly thought from the bottom of his heart.

However, he found out that his way of handling the problem did not get the corresponding results.

Those children held themselves in a proud and arrogant manner in their own mountain peak. When they arrived at Ling Xiaofeng, they did not speak. There was also this terrifying, cold-looking ancestor.

No child was willing to come back a second time after coming the first time.

After Ling Xiao had been worried for a while, he finally remembered a very suitable person.

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