HAWRR Chapter 87

Chapter 87 – Legendary Genius Little Ancestor vs White Lotus Outer Gate Sister (1)

Gu Shengyin quietly sat in the main hall. Her face was calm and different than other children.

One child walked towards the front and stood in a specific place.

Gu Shengyin knew that there was a special formation. After people enter, they would display different reactions.

“Lin Yisheng, wood of the five elements, sword heart third order! May enter the outer gate.” There was a trace of drizzling green glow in the formation, and the elder at the side announced the results.

“Lan Yingyue, water of the five elements, sword heart fifth order! May enter the inner gate.”

Gu Shengyin quietly listened to the elder announce the results.

In this sword-respected world, sword heart determines whether a person could become a sword cultivator. It was also the basis for determining how far a sword cultivator could go in the way of the sword.

There were a total of three kinds of sword cultivation.

The inferior sword cultivation were the first, second, and third order in sword cultivation. The middle sword cultivation were the fourth, fifth, and sixth order in sword cultivation. The superior sword cultivation were the seventh and eighth order.

The higher the order of sword cultivation, the more talent one would have in Sword Dao, and the higher degree of aptitude to the origin of the sword.

The sword cultivation level was divided into: swordsman, sword master, sword monarch, sword emperor, sword zun, sword ancestor, as well as the heavenly sword saint.

However, although Tianlan Great World was a sword-respected world, every 1/10,000, there would be people who do not possess the heart sword, thus unable to become a sword cultivator.

Xing Luojian Sect was the largest sword sect in the world, and the criteria for accepting disciples were naturally much higher than those ordinary sects.

At this time, hundreds of children in the hall have passed the basic test, all of which possessed the sword heart.

At this time, a little girl stood up not far from Gu Shengyin.

She caught the attention of Gu Shengyin. The girl was Gu Shengyin’s task target in this world.

Bai Xinya was born in a middle class family of Tianlan Great World. Her mother was the concubine of one of the influential family master, but received a considerable amount of love and affection. Bai Xinya could also be considered to have experienced brocade garments and jade meals since childhood.

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The biggest blow she suffered was estimated to be the Xing Luojian’s acceptance of new disciples.

“Bai Xinya, water of the five elements, sword heart first order! May enter the outer gate.”

Bai Xinya’s eyes were very large. It seemed that she never imagined that her own sword heart was only first order!

She appeared to be overwhelmed, and her big eyes were filled with tears, looking very pitiful.

The elder beside her seemed to have rarely encountered such a situation. When he saw Bai Xinya like this, this strict sword cultivator unexpectedly softened his voice: “Don’t mind it too much. As long as you practice hard, your sword heart order would be low, but it isn’t impossible to eventually become a powerful sword cultivator.”

Gu Shengyin felt a little baffled when she saw this scene: “I already know the story. That Bai Xinya obviously had such a terrible talent and her appearance was neither considered to have magnificent style unmatched in this generation. Why were there so many men willing to hold up everything just to make her happy? And no matter how indifferent and merciless they were, there was no way to be brutal in front of her?”

The system was suspiciously silent and then replied: “Host may not know that there was something called the white lotus halo in this world.”

Gu Shengyin still did not know what this popular term ‘white lotus’ was.

“Gu Weixin.”

She slowly stood up and calmly walked to the center of the formation.

The elder who was responsible for the test looked at her very strangely. The children who were brought here were usually seven or eight years old. When they came to test, they were either restless or eager to try it out. Gu Shengyin being so calm was rare.

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9 thoughts on “HAWRR Chapter 87”

  1. One of the things that Im finding lately that isnt good about this story, is how she always lives well, and the focus of her story rarely gets any limelight… if I were to put it another way, the protag or villain or cannon fodder should be the focus right? while GS guides them to their ultimate goal. But what this ends up being, are short stories about her finding her soulmate repeatedly, the other cast of characters are a mere afterthought or a tool to get her to meet her soulmate, Im finding that rather tedious as this goes on…

    There is zero romance… that is because her soulmate is always basically the same, there is no need to move on from that just repeat the cycle of finding him and then living a happy life together, I dont find any satisfaction in reading that at all, Ive said earlier it leaves me feeling sour and jealous, Im not sure that I can live a life like that forever, what incentive would there be? Humans have a limited life span, its the way it is, you x amount of time to accomplish your goals, but I dont see that here at all, wouldnt I get bored with my lover? even though there are subtle differences in their characters and looks they are ultimately the same person… Im not sure I could spend an eternity that way, nor would I find her outlook realistic…

    Think about it… generations of your progeny are living and dying going on with their lives while you conveniently forget about them all but that one soulmate? how is that possible? my child… my grandchildren… to suddenly be cut off from them? remember them and know that they are long gone as my journey continues without end… Id be fucking depressed, not eager to go through it all again…


    1. The author does get better in writing the story and expanding the plot, but I don’t know if it would reach to the level of your expectations though.


      1. I didnt mean to rant and I wish I could put commas in places with editing hehe… I hope it does get better.

        Have you ever watched groundhog day? the very opposite was happening there than in this story.

        The world was standing still but our MC was moving slowly forward sometimes backwards then leaps forward again, he kept changing and developing himself, not all was positive some was self destructive and he went through everything, he probably spent a couple of lifetimes in that one day and you saw that… this constant struggle to free himself from this never ending day till that elusive goal was finally reached. The day moved forward and him with it. In this story the day moves forward but not the characters…


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