A New Beginning (9)

The next few days, Altyria and Chrome followed a monotonous routine of training, eating delicious fish that Chrome grilled, taking a nap on the boulder, then sleeping at night. Once in a while, Chrome would take Altyria around the forest to find different types of ingredients and make a variety of food that Altyria had never tasted before.

Altyria also took the time to gather materials that she could use for setting spiritual arrays. Although she did not need to use spiritual arrays at the moment, it did not hurt to keep them stored in case she needed them urgently.

In a blink of an eye, a month passed. During this month, Altyria was able to raise her physical and agility traits thanks to her monotonous training routine and from consuming food that helped increase those traits. Her physical trait increased from E+ to D-. Her agility trait increased from E to E+.

Additionally, after a month of absorbing world essence every night during her sleep, her spiritual power also increased from F to F+.

Altyria had been immersed in the warmth of having a companion with her in this lonely world where she was all alone with no friend or family.

Chrome had noticed that Altyria seemed to have forgotten about the trial period. Seeing her happy appearance, he could not bear to pour cold water on her, but he had no choice but to do so. Thus, he brought up this topic one morning before they left the cave.

[Alti, have you made up your mind about soul bonding with me?] Chrome stopped Altyria just as she stepped outside of the cave.

Altyria looked stunned and stared blankly at him for a couple seconds before panicking.

[I…Um…] Altyria’s eyes started swimming.

[Do you enjoy being with me?] Chrome asked.

Altyria’s mind spun in circles before she nodded after a pause.

[I know you like trying new food.] Chrome paused, and then continued in a soft deep voice, [If you leave with me, I can bring you to various places to try out their specialties. I can also personally make dishes that you like to eat every day. Wouldn’t you rather go out and explore than stay here in the forest?]

Chrome unknowingly used the tactics of ‘an uncle trying to lure a kid into his car’.

Altyria thought carefully to herself about what Chrome had just said. She had experienced what it was like to have a companion and she did not want to go back to the days when she lived alone. She did not want to live alone in the forest like she had done in her previous life. What was worse than her previous life was that there were no materials that she could work with to do research. She couldn’t even enjoy her hobbies here!

If she followed Chrome and left the forest, then she might broaden her horizon and see new things. She might even find materials for her research or hobbies. Most importantly, she could eat delicious food…

At the thought of being able to eat delicious food, Altyria unconsciously started drooling a bit.

Chrome, who had been patiently waiting for a reply, saw the changing expressions in Altyria’s eyes. And then, she started drooling…

Chrome had a hunch about what made her drool and calmly wiped her drool off her mouth causing Altyria to snap out of her thoughts.

[Have you made up your mind?]

[Un. I decided to soul bond with you and leave this forest to find delicious food.] Altyria nodded to Chrome and her eyes shined when she mentioned ‘food’.

Chrome chuckled as he patted her head with his tail. His plan to bring his little wife home worked.

#4 from “Manual of How to Chase a Wife” – Conquer her stomach.

Although he mainly used grilled fish and a couple different snacks made from ingredients in the forest, he was able to quickly win Altyria’s stomach. It just showed how much she loved food. At the same time, Chrome was worried that she might run off with someone if they offered her food. He made a mental note to himself to remind her not to accept food from strangers.

Chrome collected his thoughts and said, [Are you ready to do it now?]

[I’m ready. What do I have to do?]

[You don’t have to do anything. Just close your eyes and do not reject the power when it enters your mind and soul.]

[Got it.] Altyria closed her eyes and waited for him to start.

Chrome raised a paw and seemingly ‘waved’ it around in the air, but Altyria did not notice his actions with her eyes closed.

[I’m going to start now.]

Chrome got close to Altyria and placed his forehead on her forehead.

Eno sa thea da efil. Deit yllanoitome da deknil yllanrete, eno emoceb ot sevlah owt.

Chrome chanted a spell and the air around them started swirling gently. Altyria felt a mysterious force enter her mind and soul. It slowly wrapped itself around her mind and soul before disappearing. The next second, she blacked out.

Altyria woke up and found herself in bed. She didn’t see Chrome, but she could feel him some distance away in the forest. Sitting up, she inspected her mind and soul. She felt a delicate, yet powerful link that connected her with Chrome. She slowly explored these new changed. Altyria got up and headed out of the cave towards the direction where Chrome was.

She trotted through the flower field and into the forest. After walking for a 4 minutes, she saw a tall figure causing her to freeze. She saw that figure turn and walk towards her. She stared wide eyed at this ‘human’ in front of her.


If she did not feel the bond between them, she would not have thought that this person was Chrome.

[Ah, it’s me.] Chrome had a gentle smile on his face as he knelt down before her.

Altyria carefully looked at him.

He had dark eyes that seemed to suck you in. His hair was black with traces of silver in the front. He wore a simple T-shirt with a black coat, jeans, and combat boots.

Through the soul bond, Chrome had shared information about this world to her. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even know what the clothes Chrome was wearing was called!

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